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Dear HIV, just to let you know...

Thursday, 27 April 2017 Written by // Kimutai Kemboi, Categories // Activism, Mental Health

Dear HIV, just to let you know...

Dear HIV, 

Just to remind you that you are a failure despite the efforts you are putting in place. You had succeeded in others long time ago but am a wrong target in a different generation.

You have always tried to take me down by destroying and weakening my immune system but unfortunately I have a dearest friend who always stands by me: ARV, giving me strength to fight diseases and build my immunity.

I know after realizing that I have an inner friend, you never slept and thought of attacking me from outside my body. This bore no fruits and resulted as a total failure again. The sense of stigmatization you wanted to bring against me never succeeded,my family members and friends love me more than ever and are very supportive.

You also tried to shutter away my dreams about my future but that was not a success either. The discouragement you tried to plant in my soul wilted as soon as you planted and it paved way for thoughts about my destiny. Right now I am in campus pursuing one of the most coveted courses. I pray for you to live long so that you witness how your discouragement will fail terribly.

Sorry to say this but bear with the truth. I am HIV-positive but can still marry an HIV-negative woman and have HIV-negative kids with none of them testing positive in future . Thanks to the pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) that will ensure my family stay safe at all times. I'm gonna get married sooner than later and should you dare touch them, they will blow you up with PEP/PrEP.

Shyness of talking about HIV or even disclosing status was your talk of the day but right now it's something you are ashamed to be associated with. I never knew I would one day reveal you or talk about you in my life, but that's what happened. I can now talk about you in public, warning them about how bad and evil you are without fear or shame because I wanna ensure in the near future, you will be a story of the past.

Getting tested and starting medication have been some key areas you have turned into a battle field but a remedy has been put in place. A vigorous awareness has been enhanced to mobilize people to get tested and on the other hand, the government has invested a lot to ensure people get access to medication.

I'm sorry to have threatened you but I wanted to keep you informed. My life will never be miserable again!

Your friend and host, 
Kimutai Kemboi.