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Attention Sale Shoppers !!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Lifestyle, Philip Minaker

There are more bargains than just on aisle six at the moment. Fashion retailers everywhere are clearing out their winter merchandise to make way for their new spring arrivals.

Attention Sale Shoppers!!!

There are more bargains than just on aisle six at the moment. Fashion retailers everywhere are clearing out their winter merchandise to make way for their new spring arrivals. The seasons and the fashion deliveries are not always in sync so you can capitalize on this in-congruency quite nicely during end of season sales. Now is a “cents”able time to take stock of your current winter wardrobe and consider replenishing. Remember there are a still a few more months of winter in the forecast for most of us.

Those tried and true pieces could be showing signs of wear and tear. Investing now in new quality pieces won’t hurt as much at the check out counter as opposed to the start of the season. Last February, I scored a new down parka for $79.99 that was originally $450.00.

It got me through the rest of last winter and will probably serve me well for the next few to come. When sale-shopping make sure you are equipped with at least a mental list of what you need or you may succumb to buying things just because they are such a bargain. Save the frivolity until you have replenished the key items that need replacing. Buy what you need first and then if your budget permits buy what you want.



Case out your regular shopping destinations and also investigate stores that sell higher priced items and labels. This is an affordable way to upgrade and invest in your wardrobe without the usual added expense. Focus on simplicity in design and on colors that work best for you. There are a few key reasons things go on sale: over stocked, fit or someone’s poor judgment. Don’t be suckered into purchasing the “duds” by a slick salesperson. Try things on and also consider how they will integrate into your wardrobe and lifestyle before you make any purchase as sale items are non refundable. 

If you are looking for sweaters, shirts and/or trousers go for natural fabrics. For example, sweaters made of natural fibers rather than synthetics not only last longer, they don’t pill as readily and you can also avoid costly dry-cleaning fees. A bottle of “Woolite” will go a long way whether you hand wash or delicate cycle your knits. Natural drying is also a better way to maintain longevity. Items that are lined with a second fabric are still best dry-cleaned. For shoes and boots, I strongly recommend purchasing a bottle of delicate leather cleaner when scooping up footwear. It not only cleans stains away but moisturizes your leather items that may get assaulted by water, salt and general wear and tear. Leather is a skin so replenishing moisture is crucial to keeping those puppies looking fresh. Taking care of your clothing and footwear is another great way to save on your wardrobe expenses.

Style is more important than trend when sale-shopping as it adds versatility and endurance to your wardrobe for years to come. You may have to invest a little more time in shopping around but the savings are well worth it. You will reap the rewards by looking better and saving on expenses.