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Toronto Pride 2010

Monday, 05 July 2010 Categories // Events, Brian Finch

July 4th marked several events. First and the most  important one to me, is the 2nd birthday of my dear little Hildy. And of course the 4th of July. The next time I'm south of the border

July 4th marked several events. First and the most  important one to me, is the 2nd birthday of my dear little Hildy. And of course the 4th of July. The next time I'm south of the border I'll pick her up a little star-bangled outfit to celebrate the dual significance of the day. It's a terrible photo of me. You can tell it's "before" soft lift as my forehead can't move like that right now.

Of course, and for those who don't know the background story, these are the twitter-version of the Coles Notes.

The group "Queers Against Apartheid in Israel," who had been in the parade yes prior almost but unnoticed, until the right-wing, and other groups on the Israeli side of things started kicking up a fuss. The Pride board decided not to have the word apartheid in the march, and the reversed the decision. I didn't follow it closely, so no flaming comments about how I've gotten it wrong.


Personally I fall on the side of free speech, and I consider myself a semi-Semite with my Kabbalah studies. I really can't stand it when the two sides of this issue use events (and university campuses) to battle it out. And, I'm not about to weigh in about what I think about the group, its message or any of that. I can not invest in it, especially for a Pride event. My priority is to take care of myself and simply make it through the annual event sober, and not fall back into old ways. In the process new communities have been formed and I'd rather focus on them.

Politics aside, it was a day of fun. Honestly I tend to avoid pride (this year was a turning point for me - as all the partying usually a big trigger for me, as a photographer I discovered I really like covering events). With a new found sense of purpose I very much enjoyed the day. Now I just need a better camera. This one was hell to work with, and at times with the 32 degree weather out and full sun, I couldn't even see what the hell I was taking. I just pointed, shot, and hoped for the best.



Now tell me, which one of the two below is better? I couldn't make up my mind, so I thought I'd solicite opinion on this two, as I will with a couple others below.





These guys were DYING from the heat. But they were the loviest wedding party I've seen in a really long time.




Can't I just take my crystal meth, party and not have to think about politics?



All I can say on this shot is, "I'm really bitter!" I really wanted to be with the guy I've been seeing walking around and taking photos. It doesn't matter how many drugs I do or don't do, I'm always left with the feeling of being on the outside. However this year it wasn't as strong as past years. But I did want to be holding hands watching what was going on.


 I love all three shots, but which one would you have chosen if you have to make the cut?



I use a type of auto-focus which is really tricky. I would have preferred having the foreground in focus, reverse from what it is now. This dance troupe was amazing and were moving FAST!



These guys fascinated me more than anyone else in the parade as their visuals were not just about pink balloons and glitter. I loved it. I don't think these photos do them justice but I tried.


Notice the "I like Dick" which I never noticed until I went into photoshop to watermark and re-size the imags. None of these have been cropped by the way. I'm proud of the fact my composition is during taking the shot and not after.


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