When tanning goes wild...

Published 13, Jun, 2011

He’s not faking it. Viral Load Warrior embraces his paleness while saying no to the George Hamilton look.

Summer is here, and I’ve just stocked up on sunscreen to protect my fair skin from being roasted to a crisp. I’ve never been able to tan without at first experiencing excruciating burns. Now, I embrace my paleness!  

A tan looks nice in moderation, but some people don’t know when to stop.


This week I saw a man in town with his face tanned to the extent where it looked fashioned from an old leather handbag. Then there are the fake tanners, who in their over-eagerness to tan, end up looking like oompa-loompas (Editor's note: or George Hamiltons) with white necks and streaky legs. The website Pale Is The New Tan has some pretty shocking tanning-disasters on show....      

This got me thinking, why are people so obsessed with tanning? I think in the gay community, there is that stereotype of the bronzed, gay hunk... perhaps that is why I used to see so many people on the gay scene trying to transform themselves into walking walnuts.    

So, please, if you are bronzing over the summertime, be careful not to overdo it!

And for your viewing amusement: