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Humor Disclaimer

Humour Disclaimer: Funny or not, some of the above may be intended as humour. No offense is ever intended, but if offended please accept this disclaimer as a blanket apology.

If you remain offended, you’re on your own. Ask your doctor if this humour is right for you. Common side effects include a sudden urge to write a letter to the editor, eye rolling, and the occasional gastric symptoms. If such bad reactions persist, you may have been exposed to HDV, the Humour Deficiency Virus. Please consult a specialist.

We are an equal opportunity and inclusive offender. If Positive Lite has left anyone out, please contact us with a description. No federal stimulus funds were used for this disclaimer.

Medical Disclaimer

Information accessed through or published or provided by this presentation and/ or website , is not to be considered medical advice.

Decisions about particular medical treatments should always be made in consultation with a
qualified medical practitioner knowledgeable about the medication(s), HIV-related illness and treatment questions. PositiveLite.Com does not recommend or advocate particular treatments and urge users to consult as broad a range of sources as possible

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