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on Wednesday, 04 April 2012. Posted in About Us, The Vision is the fresh alternative to other sites that deal with HIV and AIDS from the perspective solely of illness or disability.

Ours is a very personal view. Above all, we are by and for people living with HIV and our allies, service providers, advocates, friends and lovers. We take a holistic approach to HIV, recognizing that it is far from being just a medical condition, or even a continually developing news story of global proportions, but often a life-changing phenomenon for those who experience it.  For some of us, being HIV-positive is a big part of our lives, others not so much, but in each case we are never defined by our virus.  All of us lead complete lives and at we endeavour to reflect all aspects of those lives, including some facets that have nothing at all to do with illness or disability. honours and exemplifies the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV (GIPA) principle by giving people with HIV a place to express themselves, to develop their skills, to become empowered.

We have a strong commitment to the community we serve, to foster dialogue between community members and to forge strong and lasting relationships with global, national, local and individual partners, while remaining an independent entity .

We strive to reflect the diversity of our community in who we are, what we publish and the variety of opinions expressed.

We are not afraid to advocate for those things we believe in.

We are respectful always.

We have a sense of humour and you will see that reflected in often, but we take our work seriously and have a commitment to professional standards of journalism, responsible reporting, careful analysis and a desire to both inform and entertain.

We do this for love, not money. 

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