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Ed Wolf's journal of the Trump years for December: "What is it? Just everything."

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Ed Wolf: "It helps me to remember that though the tsunami was a terrible event, the story that’s most important is about people helping each other through Terrible Times."

Ed Wolf's journal of the Trump years for December:

Day 108. One Life, One Death Two years ago, after a sweet birthday dinner, I couldn’t return to my apartment because policemen blocked the street I lived on. I could see flashing lights in front of my building and a body in the street. I waited for hours, with many of my neighbors, before police lead us back to our apartments. When I got to my door the body was gone but the street was still wet with his blood. The following day I found out that the victim was our neighbor Amilcar Perez-Lop

Nothing Can Stop Me

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Daniel on Daniel: Strength Is More Than Physical Measurement

Nothing Can Stop Me

This article first appeared on the blog Socially Fit. Meet Daniel Uy. A yogi by trade and fun-loving guy by nature. Very funny and honest. There is one thing that makes him stand out (other than his awesome personality), and that is the fact that he is HIV+. He has been living with the virus for fifteen years. Through yoga, fitness, and overall well-being he has reclaimed his life and here he is sharing his story. I wasn’t an adult very long before HIV.  I was never the modicum of vital