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The Antinous Cult: The Story Of The First Gay Superstar

published: October, 26, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Population Specific

Dave R writes . . Love, romance, sex and death, are the classic ingredients of a good soap opera. Combine them with empire, power and political machinations and you have Hadrian and Antinous; a 2,000 year old story of the making of a global gay icon.

The Antinous Cult: The Story Of The First Gay Superstar

Two crocodiles approached slowly, only eyes and snout above water. A farmer beat the water with a stick to distract the predators while his slave dragged the corpse onto the bank. It was a youth at the end of his teens, not long dead but clearly drowned. At first glance there was no evidence of injury or attack, therefore probably ruling out violence. However, this was no ordinary youth; clearly not Egyptian but probably Roman by the robes he was draped in. He couldn’t be a slave but possibl

Coming up: Totally outRIGHT in Toronto: Register by November 4

published: October, 22, 2012 Categories // Community Events, Dating, Gay Men, Youth, Events, Health, Sexual Health, Events, Lifestyle, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

Totally outRIGHT is a sexual health leadership program for young gay/bi/trans/queer guys who are 18-29 years old.

Coming up: Totally outRIGHT in Toronto: Register by November 4

Another session of Totally outRIGHT is starting soon in Toronto. It’s a sexual health leadership program for young men aged 18-29. Sponsored by ACT, it’s for guys who are HIV-negative and HIV-positive, trans guys and guys from different ethnic backgrounds who like guys. Its purpose is to prepare men to be leaders in their communities by providing them with information about love, life, sexuality and sexual health.  Totally outRIGHT consists of 17 modules over four days that build resilie

Medal Winner Denise Becker

published: October, 17, 2012 Categories // Activism, Current Affairs, Women, Living with HIV, Population Specific writer Denise Becker with her thoughts on what it means to be honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Medal Winner Denise Becker

This year has been full of festivities marking the 60th year of the Queen’s succession to the throne. One of the ways that the Government of Canada decided to honour the Queen for her years of service was to mint 60,000 Diamond Jubilee Medals that honoured significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. I was honoured and extremely surprised to be named a recipient.  When you live in England, the value of the monarchy is instilled in you at an early age. I remember sitting on a st

Medal Winner Bob Leahy

published: October, 17, 2012 Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Current Affairs, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Bob Leahy - Publisher editor Bob Leahy with his thoughts on what it means to be honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Medal Winner Bob Leahy

Awards like this  - trust me - inevitably cause us to think back and wonder how we got to this point . My life has been an odd one.  Pre-HIV it was mostly boring, lacking in direction, meaning  or reward.  These were the banking years, stuck in a high-flying job that I disliked immensely, one whose only merit was that it paid well. But, as I’ve often remarked, all seemed to change for the better once I was diagnosed.  True, it didn’t happen right away, but after a few months of

Tea and Transplants

published: October, 17, 2012 Categories // Living with HIV

Danny Miller needed strong painkilling drugs after his recent operation. “It appears that not long after the drug took effect, the Mad Hatter joined me in my room for tea . .” he says.

We are all born with instincts, instincts that tell us when we are safe and when we are in danger. You know how sometimes you just get a feeling in your gut that tells you something is amiss, or that following someone’s well-meaning advice may not be the best idea? Yes,  those are our instincts. Sometimes we listen to our instincts and sometimes we don’t. Well here is a little story about instincts, and why it is wise to hear them out before making some of the decisions we make. It’s a


published: October, 16, 2012 Categories // Current Affairs, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

Megan DePutter on people with disabilities as heroes: “Rarely is it that someone is portrayed as a full, complex human being, with strengths and weaknesses, and with a sexuality to boot.”


During my summer vacation, I spent a couple of days to spend in London, England. The Paralympics were still going on at that time, and there was an abundance of advertising for the games. Apparently there were some changes this year. Advertising was really ramped up and for the first time, tickets were being sold, not just given away. Perhaps you’ve seen the video advertising the games.  Take a look. Even if you’ve watched it before, ask yourself, “What does this say about people with

Going Freelance

published: October, 15, 2012 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Hobbies, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow contemplates taking his photography to the next level, meanwhile giving us a colourful selection of his latest images.

Going Freelance

As my plans to venture into "freelance" photography progress, this time of year is the best to put together a colourful portfolio.  Ahhhhh, Fall is finally here again in all its colourful glory. My absolute favourite time of the year, hands down. The humidity and excessive heat is finally gone. We're one step away from winter, I'm hoping it will be a slow progression. It's back to dressing in layers. I got my flu shot; I think I'm ready if it makes an early appearance, so bring it on.  I h

More Relentlessly Speaking About Music

published: October, 14, 2012 Categories // DJ Relentless, Arts and Entertainment, Music

Another blog by DJ Relentless

More  Relentlessly Speaking About Music

I recently started getting requests for a track called “Cry” by the Bingo Players. At first (being that I am that old) I thought of “Cry”by Godley & Creme and part of me felt that it would have been brilliant to have dug up this 80’s classic and update it for the kids today. So, when I finally got it through my digital pool, I was surprised to find that it is a filtered track that samples a couple of lines from Brenda Russell’s “Piano In The Dark” on a loop. It’s a catc

Morning Wood

published: October, 10, 2012 Categories // General Health, Health, Living with HIV

Danny Miller and the joys – or not – of post-op pleasuring.

Well it’s been a while but I’m back. As most of you may know from past posts I have been fighting some big health issues most of this year. I think I have actually spent more time in the hospital than at home since January. But finally all of that is coming to an end. At the end of August I had a major surgery that is going to put an end to all that has been causing so many issues and interrupting my life. For the last 4 years I have been battling major chronic pancreatitis due to two p

Two Poems

published: October, 10, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Revolving Door, Living with HIV, Guest Authors, Population Specific

We get mail. New York poz guy Felix Garmendia submitted some of his poetry to us. We liked it. Take a read.

Two Poems

My Path My journey begin in 1987 The dreaded diagnosis that everyone feared the most I  was devastated, defeated, terrified at the news on the phone      it was the dark ages of HIV and AIDS            A death sentence            The music stopped I was decorating my Christmas tree. I never put up another one.    The whole idea of god died in me and my journey had just begun… on my own, like it always should have been The man I loved stayed by my side, bu

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