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Living with HIV, positively

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People living with HIV are living long, strong, positive lives. From MalayMail, Audrey Edwards speaks to some of them to gain insights into their lives.

Living with HIV, positively

 Jamaliah Sulaiman and Marhalem Mansor will soon be opening another shelter in Cheras for PLHIV. — Malay Mail pix KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — Not victims. Not sufferers. Although some in society still choose to label people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) with those terms, this perception is the furthest from the truth. With access to treatment readily available and in some cases free, because of government policies, PLHIV are living longer, and definitely contributing to society and the eco

Jingle bells, personal days and Christmas

published: January, 01, 2013 Categories // Spirituality, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces

Devan Nambiar on what Christmas looks like though the lens of a non-Christian thinker

It’s Christmas season; the lights are lit, and the incessant Christmas songs, music, sales and glitter are on like a forest fire. Now I am no Grinch; I partake much of the glitter and glamour that comes with the birth of Christ. I even put on Christmas lights on my front porch. The real reason for that is I hate winter -anything to add some colour to the cold, dark, barren, frozen landscape is a treat. As a non-Christian, I even take part in its gift buying. My younger sister Shanthy and I g