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Great News! The spring GAP Give and Get campaign begins - Updated March 11, 2011

published: March, 11, 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Events, Events

From March 17 to 20, 2011, revamp your spring wardrobe at one of your favourite stores: The Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic

Great News!  The spring GAP Give and Get campaign begins -  Updated March 11, 2011

From March 17 to20, 2011, revamp your spring wardrobe at one of your favourite stores:  The Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic. Use the coupon link to save 30% off your purchase, while donating 5% back to the Canadian AIDS Society. The money donated will support important programs and services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Canada. Share this message with your friends, family and colleagues: post it on Facebook, tweet it, or e-mail it. We need your

Getting Engaged? Part I

published: March, 11, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy isn’t contemplating marriage but rather talking about engaging the HIV community. Like marriage it can be a life-long struggle.

Getting Engaged? Part I

I feel a bit rejected. Once again I’m denied a scholarship to a major HIV conference. This time it’s the upcoming CAHR (Canadian Association for HIV Research) conference in Toronto. The organisers describe it as “the main venue for HIV researchers in this country to present the results of their work and engage in vibrant knowledge exchange activities with their peers as well as with investigators in other disciplines and with the HIV/AIDS community”. (My underline). I guess it’s

If it takes a village... then I need a mid-sized city: reflections on community - Updated March 10, 2011

published: March, 10, 2011 Categories // Events, Brian Finch

Isolation equals destruction. It was going on disability, losing my work community, and that was when it all went to hell in a hand basket.

If it takes a village... then I need a mid-sized city: reflections on community - Updated March 10, 2011

While attending Opening Doors Toronto this week, I was struck by how much the subject of community came up. As mentioned in Bob Leahy’s interview with Chicago’s Jim Pickett here on PositiveLite, the trend seems to be these days to focus on what we have versus what we don’t have, in other words: an asset-base approach. Within that approach, time and time again "community" is brought to the forefront of the discussions.  It’s not that we don’t know this, so I had to ask myself,

Danny Miller reports in – and has he got a story to tell! Strip searches, anybody?

So as I stood there naked in front of the extremely hot young Officer Roberts he says to me, “Now turn around and bend over”

Before your imaginations stray too far into porno land (not that having a hot cop tell you to bend over doesn't have erotic allure) tet me go to the real beginning of this tale. October 28, just three days before Halloween, I had an appointment with my doctor for my regular three month check-up and blood work. The doc had nothing but good news, numbers were all good, my weight was up to 152lbs and the doc said I looked better than he had ever seen me look. Later that evening I got a

Your Intensity Level Just May Be Your Downfall In Trying to Hook Mr. Wonderful

Greg Halpen, The Gay Guys Love Coach, tells you how to cool things down just a wee bit!

Sometimes life can suddenly become very full. So full in fact, that we often forget to stop and take a breath of fresh air; reconnect with our peaceful side. That side of you that is calm, cool AND collected. You're just doing your life, right? You're in a career you've worked hard for and you're pretty successful. Maybe you are a successful business owner, and social pitfalls of being a business owner have set in. THE PRESSURES! Also, you've done a lot of work on yourself emotionally and even

A Walk along the Himalayas, part two of three. My beating heart at 11, 200 feet

published: March, 09, 2011 Categories // Spirituality, Treatment


EDITOR’S NOTE: PART 1 & 3 LINKS ARE BELOW POST Our health is profoundly influenced by many aspects of our emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual and physical well being. In my experience, spiritual health seldom has a public forum for discussion in the HIV community. I would strongly encourage readers to explore your personal connections to your spiritual health. My trip to the mountains has had a resounding positive influence on my health.   My sister, brother-in-law and I had s

DEBI does Montréal

published: March, 09, 2011 Categories // Gay Men, Research

Ken Monteith reports that AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) has embarked on an innovative strategy to encourage HIV testing among gay men. It's called the ATOMc Project.

DEBI does Montréal

The ATOMcproject trains volunteers in techniques to recruit gay men from their social circles to encourage them to be tested, and the project is currently recruiting volunteers. (I’ll explain DEBI later on.) Allow me to let the project’s promotional video explain the project: (see first video below).  There is general recognition in the HIV movement that knowing one’s status is key to maintaining one’s own health and in raising awareness to prevent transmission to others. The prob

Lady Gaga delivers the Goods and more

published: March, 08, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

Louise Binder left her poker face at home, saying no to bad romance. She gets off the telephone long enough to say she was born this way, baby!

I went to see Lady Gaga last week. True confessions: I knew little about her before then (Editor's note WTF?) except that I coveted her shoes immensely and youth love her. Now youth and I love her. I was prepared to be very critical when she started the show an hour and a half late, but that melted away quickly. This showman gives it her all. She has an amazing voice and swears she has never lip-synced in any performance of any kind. She has the most astonishing dancing and acting talent. She

Free leadership and wellness retreat for poz youth. Free! - Updated March 7, 2011

published: March, 07, 2011 Categories // Events, Events

A free 2-Day leadership & wellness retreat open to all HIV+ Youth ages 13 - 29.

Free leadership and wellness retreat for poz youth. Free! - Updated March 7, 2011

Pain in the…foot? Peripheral Neuropathy (le français suit)

published: March, 07, 2011 Written by // CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource Categories // CATIE, Health, CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource

le français suit...

Pain in the…foot? Peripheral Neuropathy (le français suit)

Pain in the…foot? Peripheral Neuropathy With the advent of effective anti-HIV therapy, people with HIV are healthier than ever before. Some of the old skool health problems—such as Kaposi’s sarcoma and wasting—have become much less of an issue than they were 15 years ago. In the world of HIV, they are often eclipsed by newer, trendier concerns such as diabetes and heart disease. Peripheral neuropathy—nerve damage that affects the extremities of the body, mostly the feet—is one of t

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