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The Most Effective Anti–Cholesterol Drugs

published: January, 19, 2011 Categories // General Health, Health, Treatment

Devan Nambiar tells us HIVers how to have healthy cardio-vascular systems

High cholesterol and an increase in triglyceride level (fat in the blood) is a concern for many poz folks. Cardiovascular disease is a high risk factor for HIVers too. Many factors can cause an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides, including HIV infection. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels are treated with statin drugs, such as Lipitor (atorvastatin), Pravachol ( pravastatin) and Crestor (rosuvastatin). The statin drugs help to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good choleste


In which DJ Relentless looks back over 2010 – and pronounces it EXCELLENT!


It was a year ago that I arrived in Toronto with what belongings I could carry across the border. I was coming to a completely new land where the possibilities seemed endless. I was booked at Gladaman's Den as the guest DJ for New Year's Eve. I was a little scared and worried because no one knew me or had heard of me.  The few DJ's that I had met here sort of ridiculed me for working at Gladaman's Den. How was I to know that it had a reputation for being a hustler bar. I even had one DJ t


published: January, 18, 2011 Categories // Brian Finch

What is funny is that people hang on to those images when my life has always been about transformation. "I've seen you before..."

Despite my adventures in scooterland, I’ve shied away from being too personal on this blog, the very same blog I started five-years ago where I let it all hang out. Hence the name, Acid Reflux, a side effect of my meds I was dealing with far too much of. It was Dame Edna who gave me the idea for the name.  The image of Dame Edna, after having seen her show four times (once in New York in my escort days of the past, and three times in Toronto), whose face repeatedly grimaced when a bout

Safer Sex Japanese-style

published: January, 18, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Health, Bob Leahy - Publisher

In which Bob Leahy looks at Little Taiko Boy, a classy, homo-erotic and sex-positive HIV prevention video replete with references to Christmas, Shinto mythology and Japanese gay culture. How’s that for a mash-up?

Safer Sex Japanese-style

This HIV prevention video shown below seems to be getting good reviews, particularly when compared to the NYC Public Health Authority’s scare-tactics video which nobody seems to like, that came out about the same time. This one's extremely clever, extremely well done too. I think it’s a winner. If you're puzzled by the imagery contained in it, though, as I initially was, here’s what the producers, All Out Attack Films have to say about it. "Little Taiko Boy combines Western holiday

World AIDS Day - Ottawa Style

published: January, 18, 2011 Categories // Community Events, Events

It poured rain, non-stop, on World AIDS Day...

It poured rain, non-stop, on World AIDS Day. Despite the weather, I participated in a flash mob organized by my work, handing out AIDS Ribbons and information about the Ontario Working Group On Criminal Law + HIV Exposure on Parliament Hill and got soaked in the process! Even worse, so did most of our ribbons and posters!

Testing One’s Limits

published: January, 15, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

In which Bob Leahy travels to the big city to have his memory and other bits tested for the OHTN Cohort Study and finds himself questioning his limits.

Testing One’s Limits

I don’t have enough hands and feet to count how many studies I’ve been in since being diagnosed in 1993. But there have been lots.  For starters, I was an enrolee in the first clinical trial of saquinavir, the very first protease inhibitor, which later turned our collective prognosis on its head. I remember another study at St Mike's back in those days which was trying to do something like test the impact of high fever on - well I can’t exactly remember. But I do remember lying on a

More on The Greying of the Epidemic

published: January, 12, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Health, Bob Leahy - Publisher

In which the beyond greying Bob Leahy delves more in to what else is out there on the subject of HIV and Aging

More on The Greying of the Epidemic

Sorry for those not all that much in to the topic of HIV and aging. If I was younger, I probably wouldn’t be either. But it seems that HIV and Aging has developed in to one of THE causes of the day, which is why I write about it often here. As more and more folks join the over-fifty set and find the HIV care they need is suddenly more complicated than it used to be, I can’t see us letting up on this story. So PositiveLite will continue to give aging issues a prominent place in these column


published: January, 10, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Health, Bob Leahy - Publisher

In which Bob Leahy cuts to the chase and looks at circumcision and whether it still has any relevance at all to HIV transmission in gay men.


Boy, this is a murky topic, but I’ll do my best to wade through the last four years of facts, fiction, opinion and debate on the impact of circumcision on HIV transmission between men who have sex with men (MSM). Let’s start in 2006. That’s when large scale research studies conducted in Africa were telling us that circumcision is indeed effective in substantially reducing HIV infection rates. BUT the study referred only to heterosexual boinking. Bill Clinton jumps in to the fray at the I

Will you be my valentine?

My dating life is low on my to do list, but I do manage the occasional trip to the coffee bar with an online interest…a

Once again the day that separates the single from the hitched is upon us. I for one will not be venturing out to dine on Feb 14th with anyone in particular; instead I will be hosting a work event. Regardless; there is no one in my life at this time that I would refer to as my valentine. I’m OK with that…really I am…honest! My dating life is low on my to do list, but I do manage the occasional trip to the coffee bar with an online interest…and that’s usually where it ends.  The

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