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Does Twitter affect your sex life?

published: April, 25, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Shorter relationships? More frequent masturbating? Blame it on Twitter, survey says.

First off, I’m thinking all this data refers to heterosexuals, a reportedly fairly common sub-species of the human race we at PositiveLite aren’t experts on. But here’s the thing. OKtrends who do dating research for OKcupid,  the self-styled “best dating site on earth” just might be on to something. Their recent compendium of survey results “Ten Charts about Sex”  makes some surprising claims, but their sample sizes are quite large so they can’t be discounted. F


published: April, 24, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies

Louise Binder aka Dame Velveeta Peron brings you capsule reviews of what shows she's seen lately

More Fine Girls - Not Fine Enough   This play at the Tarragon is one of the unfunniest slpastick comedies I have ever seen. What was Anne-Marie MacDonald thinking of ? Avoid unless masochist.   Zero Hour - Felt more like Zero Week   This is a one man show at the Al Green Theatre. It is a monologue by an actor playing Zero Mostel. He was excellent. The show felt so dated. I know the McCarthy era was terrible but I must admit that it all pales in comparison to today's events

What really happened to the Easter Bunny

Danny Miller unloads a deep dark family secret

My family has been harboring a terrible skeleton in our closet for the past 21 years. It is a deep, very dark, evil secret, so shameful that not one of us has dared speak of it until now. It is a heinous truth so vile that it haunts my dreams to this day. But now it is time for this skeleton to come out of the closet. I cannot carry this burden any longer. It has just gotten far too heavy. Our much beloved family cat, Goofy, murdered the Easter Bunny. Yes, the Easter Bunny is dead. The adorabl

When Are You Going To Stop Making Excuses?

Hi, it's Greg Halpen, The Gay Guys Love Coach. You're probably all wondering why I wrote such an intrusive title to my post

There is something about excuses that gets us all in a cycle of pattern repeats. "If it wasn't so hard to meet men, I wouldn't hook up so much." or " I have too many issues." or even the clever excuse disguised with humor, "The way I meet men? I bring all of my crazy to the table, and if he stays, I know he's a keeper." For a long time now, I have been one of the leading advice experts and dating coaches for single gay men. My job isn't to find you a date, but to show you how to approach datin

Billy Elliott in Toronto - The Musical

published: April, 21, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Because it’s been playing in Toronto for several months, a “straight “review would be all but redundant. So Bob Leahy does a gay review instead.

Billy Elliott in Toronto - The Musical

Sorry, it has taken so long to review this one. Normally, I’m very prompt; reviews I post here are often published the day after opening night. But these particular tickets were a Christmas present, bought not for opening night, but for when better seats were available. As in this past Tuesday. Before sizing up its gay content, let me review the show first in more general terms. Let me say right up front that I was not quite as gaga about it as some reviewers, famously the Dai

I have HIV, HIV doesn't have me.

published: April, 21, 2011 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow looks back to the day he heard the news that he was HIV-positive, and how he has coped since

On April 21st 2003, I was on my way out the door to see my dentist when the phone rang. It was my doctor wanting me to go in and get the results of my blood-work. I asked him "can you just give them to me over the phone because this damn tooth has to come!" He told me he isn't allowed to give them to me over the phone but if I couldn't make it, then, "your HIV test, it came back positive." All I could say was, "oh!" but in my mind, I was saying, "at least he didn't say cancer."

Summer is coming, and so is the dating game

published: April, 21, 2011 Categories // Dating

Devan Nambiar looks at the myriad of options for gay men and HIVers who want to try internet dating sites

In the era of internet, there is a dating site for just about everyone from the comfort of your desk. As the weather warms up, so does the libido, and the desire for human companionship. Many dating sites for gay men are usually littered with naked bodies or body parts, and it has its perks but it can be an inhibiting factor for some. Most the sites listed below tend to cater to the more fully clothed and focusing on other attributes. Here is an overview of a few new sites that might cater to

Assimilation in the Land of Cows - Part Two

published: April, 20, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Drawn from life: a photo-essay in which Bob Leahy continues his exploration of the role of minorities, including gay men and people with HIV in particular, in his and other rural communities

Assimilation in the Land of Cows - Part Two

(Part One appears here) The notion that rural Canada is unwelcoming of minorities may in fact be true in some places, I don’t know. It certainly prevents some queer rural folks proclaiming they’re gay. It certainly inhibits HIV positive folks from disclosing their status more often than not. When I first moved to the country thirteen years ago, I met another guy who was out as a gay man, but not ready to announce his positive status to the world. “People will burn your house down if you

Wonder Vag vs the Sperminator

published: April, 20, 2011 Categories // Health

Adventures in Sex City: a foray into sex education gaming from our Viral Load Warrior

‘In the dark of the night, Sex City is in panic because of the terrible Sperminator whose sole mission it is to infect all citizens with various sexually transmitted infections... who do you call?’ Well, you’d call the Sex Squad of course! In Adventures in Sex City, the  fun sex-education cartoon game from the Middlesex-London Health Unit in Ontario, you play one of four members of the sex squad in their attempts to rid the city of the Sperminator. These four superheroes go by the n


published: April, 20, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

Louise Binder aka Dame Velveeta Peron has been busy. Here’s a bumper bundle of reviews of what movies she’s seen lately

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls Very touching: Very touchable This documentary is a pure delight. These two New Zealand lesbian activist singers are a complete joy. They have an amazing life story and they use their music and characters for fun and education about many causes. You cannot help but be engaged by these women; you will learn much about how to have a full, satisfying and emotionally healthy life. Told with humour and happiness. Warning: Don’t expect great fashion tips from

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