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Fighting Hep C in the Waterloo Region of Ontario and beyond.

published: March, 30, 2011 Categories // Health, Guest Authors

Guest writer, AIDS Committe of Guelph volunteer Wayne Bristow has, like many HIVers, become a workshop regular . When he feels that something is working well, he says it deserves a shout-out.

Fighting Hep C in the Waterloo Region of Ontario and beyond.

by Wayne Bristrow - March 30, 2011 Last week, I attended a workshop on Hepatitis C in Waterloo Region put on by ACCKWA (AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Area) and the Sanguen Health Centre.  Brendan McCallum, the Hep C Worker for ACCKWA. delivered his Hep C 101 course. Leah Boelhouwer from Toronto Public Works did a presentation on Harm Reduction Initiatives and Dr. Chris Steingart, Medical Director of the Sanguen Health Centre, spoke on Expanded Hepatitis C Support &am

What’s the harm?

published: March, 30, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Features and Interviews, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Updated March 30, 2011 Bob Leahy goes to a harm reduction conference and speaks with one of its organizers, Chris Mallais, from the AIDS Committee of Durham.

What’s the harm?

Nobody working in the HIV field can know everything. The subject, in all its infinite variety, is just too huge to grapple with. Ot at least it is for me.  But that’s surely why AIDS Service Organizations essentially distribute pieces of the pie amongst a bevy of workers, each one an expert in his/her field.  Or why there are separate organizations which each deal with just one piece of the HIV pie. Me,  I’m not really an expert in ANY field, although some subjects, like gay

Are YOU over it?

published: March, 28, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy looks at the Post-AIDs phenomenon of the 1990’s, whether it is still alive and kicking and whether he, or anyone, still buys in to that notion that we are living in a Post-AIDS era

Are YOU over it?

I don’t think we’ve ever talked about being in a Post-AIDS era here before, even though that term has probably more relevance today than when people first started using it.  That was around 1996. The recently diagnosed may not even recognize the term, so here's a little history. The term "Post AIDS" seems to have first seen the light of day not long after protease inhibitors became generally available. The 1996 International AIDS Conference in Vancouver has in fact gained some notorie

The Long and Winding Road – Part 2

Danny Miller continues his inspirational story of how he never gave up fighting for a healthy and happy future.

Now I have repeatedly admonished you, constant readers, to keep pushing forward, to keep fighting this common enemy we share, to keep giving HIV/AIDS the middle finger. I’ve offered my opinions and insights as to why I want you to keep fighting, from “no surrender” to “quitting is not an option”, to “together we can win this battle”. More simply it’s because I want you to be happy and healthy and live long rich lives. I know fighting is not easy, and I know it can often se

Inflammation in HIV Disease

published: March, 26, 2011 Categories // Aging, General Health, Health, Living with HIV

Devan Nambiar says the bottom line is that the cause of inflammation is unclear and is likely multifactorial. Further research is needed to improve quality of life, minimize degenerative diseases and co-morbidity in HIVers on HAART

Inflammation is a hot topic and of much concern for many PHAs. However the findings from various research do not provide specific answers but have at least started to look beyond HIV viral load and CD4+. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD): Research in ongoing HIV disease has found many factors that cause inflammation on a cellular level in the body. We know untreated HIV infection causes a state of intense chronic inflammation, which co-relates with early onset of cardiovascular disease in HIV infec

Info for people just diagnosed with HIV (le français suit)

published: March, 25, 2011 Written by // CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource Categories // CATIE, Newly Diagnosed, CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource

Getting the news that you are HIV positive is big, very big - (le français suit)

Info for people just diagnosed with HIV (le français suit)

Getting the news that you are HIV positive is big, very big. Even if you’ve been HIV positive for years, you likely remember what life was like during the months after receiving your diagnosis. It’s a time when some simple, but reliable information can go a long way to making it all seem a little less confusing. If you know someone who has just found out they have HIV—or maybe you just found out yourself—and you’re looking for some basic info to share with them, CATIE can help. Just

Unasked Questions

published: March, 25, 2011 Categories // Health

Megan dePutter talks about what her doctor should be asking but isn’t.

A few weeks ago I had a physical with my GP, and naturally the question of sexual activity arose. Whenever the question of sex comes up in the doctor’s office, the usual protocol is for the doctor to ask if you are taking birth control pills, and if you’re not, they will offer to prescribe them. It never fails; this is the go-to response when doctors hear “yes” to the question, “are you sexually active?” What is never, ever asked, are any of the following questions: Do you know you

Of Charts and Geekery: Following the progress of my treatment

published: March, 25, 2011 Categories // Health, Treatment, Living with HIV

Montreal HIVer Ken Monteith shows us his numbers, what they mean and how he tracks them

Of Charts and Geekery: Following the progress of my treatment

One of the biggest challenges in HIV treatment adherence is centred on how the meds can make you feel while they are doing their job on the virus within. If you have diabetes and need insulin, the effect of not having it is obviously negative, and the effect of having it is obviously positive. So what do you do when you can’t tell if your meds are working, especially if they actually come with side effects that make you feel worse? The answer I have found is to turn to a spreadsheet. But the

Danny Miller interviews Zoe E. Whitten, author of Zombie Punter, a novel about a gay zombie

published: March, 24, 2011 Categories // Features and Interviews

“As most of you know by now, I am a hardcore horror junkie! Spooks, monsters, ghouls, demons, vampires, psycho killers, whatever I love them all . . “

 . . . And right on the top of my list of favorite creepy crawlers are of course ZOMBIES! I mean who doesn't love zombies? Stumbling around, moaning, trying to eat your flesh? And there is no shortage of zombie-filled media out there. Seriously, George Romero has been making zombie movies hand-over-fist since Night of the Living Dead premiered in 1968. And for the most part zombies are pretty cookie cutter. Of course they have got more gruesome and graphic since 1968; a perfect example is

Funny how we HIVers compartmentalize our lives, isn’t it?

published: March, 24, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy brings his three dogs out of the shadows and features them front and centre with twelve favourites from the hundreds of photos he’s taken of them.

Funny how we HIVers compartmentalize our lives, isn’t it?

Funny how we HIVers compartmentalize our lives, isn’t it? On here I’m mostly about HIV and not much else. At home, I’m anything but. True, the creeping peripheral neuropathy in my feet is a constant reminder that something is wrong with my body chemistry. But other than that, and the pills of course, which by now I could take in my sleep, I’m absolutely NOT all about the virus. I'm kind of over it.  Are you? In the grand scheme of things where we unconsciously prioritize what’s

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