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Old chestnuts: views on the generation gap

published: August, 19, 2013 Categories // Youth, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces

Dave R: Like all generation gaps, the one between younger and older gay people can be a gulf of misunderstanding. What have well-known voices said about it in the past and what do you think?

Old chestnuts: views on the generation gap

 “The world today for gay 20-year-olds is almost unrecognizable turf for those who came out in the 1970s. If one had any expectation of offering them advice, or being a father or mother figure, or even feeling that your experiences are relevant, forget it.” Kelvin Browne: The Globe and the Mail  Apologies in advance are probably in order here. At the risk of inducing much yawning and site-switching from the under 25s who just want us to f…ing change the record; this is another article

The future/now for queer/trans* health

published: July, 17, 2013 Categories // Activism, Youth, Sexual Health, Health, Population Specific

Robert Birch goes to British Columbia’s CampOUT!, a program of workshops and activities in a camp setting for queer and trans youth to discover their community, themselves and their health needs

The future/now for queer/trans* health

 “I’ve gone from being the butt of everyone’s jokes to being everyone’s friend until proven otherwise.”  This gentle fifteen-year-old trans* youth needs allies but lives in a culture of bullies. As a middle aged cisgender gay man who has survived his bullies, I continue to learn how to become a more effective ally. On a small west coast gulf island during the Canada Day weekend a new world opened up for 58 queer and trans* youth and two young straight identified allies. Thirty on-

Getting involved nationally

published: July, 01, 2013 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Activism, Conferences, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow recently made his first foray in to activism at the national level, by attending the Canadian AIDS Society’s recent AGM and Forum for People Living with HIV. Here’s his report.

Getting involved nationally

Over the past three to four years I’ve been attending every conference, workshop or training session I could to learn all there is to know about this virus I live with – and to find ways to get involved. There are few things locally or around the province of Ontario that I haven’t already been involved in. I've been volunteering with two local AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs), doing some public speaking, trying my hand at facilitating peer led workshops, getting involved in community-

Young gay and bi men — your time to lead is now!

published: April, 04, 2013 Categories // Dating, Community Events, Gay Men, Youth, Events, Sexual Health, Revolving Door, Lifestyle, Guest Authors, Sex and Sexuality

Do you have four days to be smarter, healthier and sexier? Totally outRIGHT may be for you or someone you know!

Young gay and bi men — your time to lead is now!

Totally outRIGHT is a free leadership workshop series for young gay and bi guys in the Toronto area interested in sexual health. Sponsored by ACT, these workshops are for a cross-section of young gay and bi guys (ages 18-29). They are open to HIV-negative and HIV-positive guys, trans guys and guys from different ethnic backgrounds.  The workshops consist of 17 modules over four days that build resilience and community. They are based on the success of the Totally outRIGHT program that was pi

Art for AIDS

published: February, 26, 2013 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door

Nadia Varallo and Art for AIDS International, a charity based in London Ontario that is dedicated to raising awareness about the global AIDS epidemic by encouraging young people to play an active and creative role in the global AIDS response through art.

Art for AIDS

The challenge. Over the last decade, tremendous progress has been made in the global response to HIV and AIDS. In some countries, overwhelming epidemics have begun to slow, and even reverse, governments have begun to overturn discriminatory laws and policies, and medical advances continue to remove barriers for people living with HIV or AIDS. Despite this progress, however, obstacles still remain when it comes to delivering effective HIV and AIDS education in our classrooms despite the impor

Dealing with homophobia? There’s an app for that!

published: January, 29, 2013 Categories // Youth, Events, Sexual Health, Health, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

Olivia Kijewski and an innovative approach by her agency to addressing homophobia – they designed an iPhone app!

As you may recall from a recent post of mine, I've been quite surprised by the strength and resilience among our community to challenge homophobia. After delivering a series of workshops on homophobia to youth, I was shocked at how willing these youth were to engage with issues surrounding homophobia and how able they were to understand the connections between experiencing homophobia and HIV risk. At AIDS Service Organizations like ours, we are now seeing this connection more and more in our

The day my life began, Part 1

published: January, 16, 2013 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Gay Men, Youth, Newly Diagnosed, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Living with HIV, Population Specific

It’s never easy. Young guest writer HIV Poz Guy shares the story of how he found out he was HIV-Positive

The day my life began,  Part 1

This post originally appeared October 28, 2012 on the blog  of HIV Poz Guy here.  Nothing in this world will ever prepare you for that dreaded moment a stranger you hardly know says the words ‘you are HIV positive’. At that one moment, time slows down, your head implodes, suddenly you think death is all you have to look forward to. The last place you want to be is sat in a tiny hospital room, on your own in that moment, with a man who is probably the same age as you, well educated, goo

Young, GIFTED and POZ

published: November, 11, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Gay Men, Newly Diagnosed, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Living with HIV, Population Specific

A guest post from Sawyer (Poz Boy PH) in the Philippines who was recently diagnosed and tells the story of how he reacted to the news in a highly original and engaging way.

Editor’s note; This post first appeared on the blog Beyoncé is Real ...and so is HIV. The writer is POZ Boy PH, also known as Sawyer, from the Philippines. This is how he describes himself. “Tall and dark in mid 20s. Flamboyant and carefree. A former blogger making his way back to the virtual world to expose his life after HIV diagnosis. He loves GIFs.” We love how he used GIFs too, so we asked Sawyer if we could republish this. Sure, he said. Thanks Sawyer! ******************* H

Hands up

published: October, 04, 2012 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Social Media, Activism, International AIDS Conference , Conferences, Arts and Entertainment, Youth, International , Population Specific , Bob Leahy - Publisher

YAHAnet pulls of an impressive show of hands at IAS 2012 and follows it up with a lively virtual exhibit.

Hands up

The photo mosaic above (created by the YAHAnet team using AndreaMosaic) is made up of all the scanned hand photo messages of the people who participated in this project at the IAS 2012 YAHAnet booth! What do the hands of 313 people visiting Washington DC tell you?  A lot if they were visitors to the YAHAnet booth at the International AIDS Society's conference in July 2012. But you don’t have to have been there to see the evidence, because the good folks at YAHAnet brought it all h

Pinoy Positive’s Story

published: September, 17, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Youth, Revolving Door, International , Guest Authors, Living with HIV, Population Specific

A young man from the Philipinnes, on the eve of a new life, was recently diagnosed with HIV. Here is the first part of his story.

Pinoy Positive’s Story

I am Pinoy Positive, a young man from the Philippines living with HIV. Aside from running the halls of the hospital for more than 3 years as an ICU nurse, I also run half-marathons in road and trail races. I was diagnosed March 2012 just as my career in the healthcare industry was about to take off. I was set to work abroad, but HIV did not permit me to do so. In January of this year, I was informed by my manager in the hospital that she would process my promotion as assistant nurse unit mana

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