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Say hello to Positively Dating!

Introducing our new PositiveLite correspondent from New York City, Positively Dating

Say hello to Positively Dating!

Let’s get one thing straight, dating is hard. Hard for everyone. Uncomfortable, agonizing, unpleasant, awkward, and well…just plain hard. Imagine, if you will, going on a first date. It is the most amazing date that you have had in some time. He is sweet, charming, smart, funny, attractive, and most importantly, he has biceps the size of cantaloupes. At the end of the date he reaches over, grabs your chin and pulls you in for a gentle kiss. Your hearts starts racing and immediately you pic

Greg Halpen and 4 Powerful Ways You Can Put Yourself First

He’s at it again. The Gay Guys Love coach wants to make you happy.

We're taught to put others' needs before our own. It's supposed to teach us how to become thoughtful and unselfish. It's better to give than to receive and think of others before thinking of ourselves; the list goes on. So, when do you cross your own line between pleasing everyone and taking care of yourself first? It doesn't mean you have to become this self-centered egotistical person for the sake of putting yourself first, but understanding that being selfish isn't as negative as we were ta

My bumpy ride through internet dating

published: April, 25, 2011 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Wayne Bristow

Single guy Wayne Bristow documents the trials and tribulations of looking for love in all the wrong places

I recently started my twenty-first year being out of the closet. Yaaaay! It was a new start to my life, back on the dating scene, but where to look? Twenty-one years later, why am I still single?. Friends and family tell me I'm a really nice guy and many other positive things that I should feel great about. Always the friend, never the boyfriend, it seems. Before there were all these internet chat-rooms and dating sites, we had a telephone line that we could place an ad on and then wait for re

Does Twitter affect your sex life?

published: April, 25, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Shorter relationships? More frequent masturbating? Blame it on Twitter, survey says.

First off, I’m thinking all this data refers to heterosexuals, a reportedly fairly common sub-species of the human race we at PositiveLite aren’t experts on. But here’s the thing. OKtrends who do dating research for OKcupid,  the self-styled “best dating site on earth” just might be on to something. Their recent compendium of survey results “Ten Charts about Sex”  makes some surprising claims, but their sample sizes are quite large so they can’t be discounted. F

Clues to where HIV prevention in young gay men should go?

published: September, 04, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Health, Sexual Health, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Ever notice that HIV prevention aimed at gay men seems to be mostly about casual sex, less about relationships. But some data suggests, at least in the US, that most new infections in youth occur between primary partners?

Clues to where HIV prevention in young gay men should go?

Lets's start with a news article from POZ on-line posted August 29, 2011 Young Gay Men Less Likely to Use Condoms With “Serious” Partners Young gay men were eight times more likely to have unprotected sex when they're in a "serious" relationship than during a casual sexual encounter, according to a study conducted by Northwestern University in Illinois and reported by aidsmap. Study participants were ages 16 to 20, and half were African American. Previous findings have indicated that two t

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