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Let's Talk About Sex

published: September, 23, 2011 Categories // Louis "Kengi" Carr

Kengi has a new love interest who tells him “I love your smile, your laugh is contagious and they way you've handled all that has gone wrong in your life is sexy to me.” Yowza!

Let's Talk About Sex

I wasn't going to talk about sex, dicks or ass here, but since so many have asked and it keeps coming pun intended, backed by the fact that I recently had some mind blowing sex, I feel now is the best time to talk about. That's right I had so “mind blowing sex” and I loved it. It was long over due and man was it good. And you don’t know good sex, like I know good sex. It was so damn good I was speaking in tongues and jumping all over the place afterwards. So I met this guy a wh

Ptown Preening Problems

It's embarrassing. But that doesn’t stop Positively Dating talking about it in this aftermath to his Provincetown Vacation Post

  After my trip to Provincetown, I decided to send Dr. Perfect Hair a text. He wouldn't have given me his number if he didn't want me to contact him, right? The text was witty and pithy but I could tell with the curt reply that my fears were confirmed. My HIV proved to be a bit too much for him. Or could it have been something else? Let me explain: Like every good gay I like to make myself presentable. This includes the intricate art of manscaping. If you have the blessing/curse to grow b

It is what it is.

published: September, 17, 2011 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Social Media, Sex and Sexuality , Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker says “some people post their HIV status onto their profile and others do not. It’s a personal decision that eventually does need to be addressed but there are plenty of superficial hurdles to overcome first.”

It is what it is.

Denise Becker, a.k.a. Ms. Crimson Lips, posted a great piece on Positive Lite regarding online dating and disclosure which I recommend reading. Though she tackled it from a female perspective, I tend to agree with her point of view. Some people post their HIV status onto their profile and others do not. It’s a personal decision that eventually does need to be addressed but there are plenty of superficial hurdles to overcome first. Regardless of the cruising grounds, people tend to yeah or na

Dating with HIV: My Experience and Thoughts

published: September, 14, 2011 Categories // Guest Authors

Guest contributor Kevin Maloney who blogs on Rise up to HIV let us have this poignant post. “Why am I having such difficulty meeting people”, he asks. “But as alone as I feel with my diagnosis; I hold out hope”.

Dating with HIV: My Experience and Thoughts

I am now 18 months post my dual diagnosis of HIV and hepatitis C, and nine months post successful hepatitis C treatment. I thought it was time to meet someone; no, not just for sex, but for something more. You see since my dual diagnosis I have felt completely asexual, and I'll admit, feeling a bit "tainted" too. Even HIV+ guys are hesitant to meet me when I tell them I also "had" hepatitis C. So, wonderful, where does that put me in the dating scene? Someone would really have to be desperate

This Bed is Too Soft. This Bed is Too Hard.

A new chapter in Positively Dating’s saga of finding the right man in the very big city.. And the latest news is – Asher gets a second chance!

Sitting on my couch, incapacitated by a summer cold and watching more Jane Austen than any gay can handle, I received a couple text messages from Asher.               "How are you?"              "We should hang out again. Possibly a date?" At first I didn't answer them. I don't know why. Really, the only thing that I gave me pause about Asher, outside of his name, was th

Joplin, Missouri: Finding Adam

published: August, 05, 2011 Categories // Guest Authors

A guest post by poz hipster, Seattle-iite Ian Awesome of about finding love in the most unexpected places.

Joplin, Missouri: Finding Adam

First Posted by Ian Awesome on July 19,2011. Ian previously contributed to here. I’m in Joplin today, writing this column in a house just a block from the devastation caused by the EF-5 tornado that struck just weeks ago, cutting a swath of destruction through the town.  I never thought I would end up in this wounded town in far-flung corner of Missouri, but I came here for very good reason. Meet Adam I first met Adam in March of 2009 in Seattle.  I h

On the Same Page

The continuing adventures of Positively Dating, looking for love in New York City. In this new episode both he and new pal Josh come to the same conclusion. Namely, that it’s not working.

Josh and I were trucking along. We brought our friends together for a group outings We had our own inside jokes, like naming my apartment Auschwitz  and dubbing his apartment Philadelphia (and not because I used to live there). As we spent more and more time together, I hoped that my complete admiration for him would turn into something more substantial. Alas, it did not. I wish I could blame not having that head over heels feeling on not enjoying my heels over my head with him, but it wa


Our NYC guy, Positively Dating, says “the first time we have sex with someone we have expectations”. Find out what Positively Dating’s are in the continuing story of dating a boy called Josh.

Sex·pec·ta·tion                        /sekspek'tāSHən/ n    1. the act or state of expecting sex or the state of being expected for sex.     2. (usually plural) the expectations that you place on the abilities of new sexual partner: something looked forward to: whether feared or hoped for.     3. an attitude of expectanc

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