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4 Pills Once Daily: Andrew Gayed’s Body Of Art

published: April, 07, 2011 Categories // Art, Activism, Arts and Entertainment, Treatment, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

Michael Burtch bares all - includes a NSFW link

Last month artist Andrew Gayed approached me about participating in a project addressing HIV-stigma and sex-positivity. Andrew’s goal was to explore HIV as something greater then a medical diagnoses, to look at how sex-negativity helped contribute to increasing HIV rates, and to examine the societal stigmatization of HIV positive people. The outcome of our two hour recorded interview and two hour long photo shoot has emerged, and it’s now available to view here. (A warning: this

My Sister

published: April, 04, 2011 Categories // Living with HIV

Ottawa poz guy Michael Burtch reveals that the ties that bind don't always bind when it comes to disclosing your status to family.

You brace yourself for the worst, to be hurt by poorly chosen words, insensitive questions, accusations, anger and blame. You hope for an embrace and compassion, you wonder if you’ll cry if she tells you she loves you, and is afraid of losing you. You weigh the outcomes and then wonder how, or if, you’ll even tell her. But when she does find out, you find yourself unprepared for her response.You never anticipated silence. It’s deafening. Made all the louder by others who do call, who e-m

One Day This Kid Will Get Larger - Updated March 21, 2011

published: March, 21, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces, Sex and Sexuality

Michael Burtch offers two visions of growing up in a hostile society

  No words from Michael today.  His message is in the two stark images which follow . . . .  Images by David Wojnarowicz and Conrad respectively, the work of ‘Velvet Rage’ author Alan Downs distilled.  

The Politics Of Dancing: Part 1 - Updated March 17, 2011

published: March, 17, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces

Michael Burtch asks “what does classicism, homophobia, sexism, racism and a bucket load of other social evils look like under the disco lights?”

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution”, attributed to Emma Goldman, is one of my favourite misquotes because, while dance might be the ultimate expression of freedom, and song the highest form of communication, she is warning us all, both can be politicized, and robbed of their joy. The medium of music and dance can be used to bolster social conservatism and capitalist values, instead of the anarchy, the “beautiful ideal”, and the “radiant thing”, that Goldman took po

Whores In The Media

published: March, 15, 2011 Categories // Sex and Sexuality

Michael Burtch says "The U.K.’s Attitude Magazine has long been my ’gay bible’, a progressive, sometimes satirical, politically relevant, health and wellness conscious read from the United Kingdom. However . . . .

. . . . December’s Sex Issue was one of the most whore-phobic, HIV-phobic, inaccurate, and infuriating reads of my life!""To start with, the cover features twelve sex workers, but inside each is given only a few sentences to comment on the struggles, joys, benefits, and love of their work. Instead primarily celebrities and  porn consumers are asked to comment, debate, and theorize on work they have never performed! Editor Mathew Todd sets the offensive tone earl

Hail to the chief: Two visions of a U.S. Presidency

published: February, 28, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces

Ottawa hottie Michael Burtch gets political: no words – just two pictures to make you think


Media Whore

published: February, 25, 2011 Categories // Media, Opinion Pieces

PositiveLite blogger Michael Burtch attracts fame, controversy and men, although not necessarily in that order

                         I’ve already written about the 116, 000 people who read my piece about Criminalization in the newspapers Xtra Vancouver and Toronto back in November. (Editors note: prior to being picked up by Xtra that piece previously appeared on PositiveLite here with a follow-up post here.) What I haven’t shared yet is all the negative reactions I received from service providers! One Executive Director from another AIDS Service Organization who shall remai

World AIDS Day - Ottawa Style

published: January, 18, 2011 Categories // Community Events, Events

It poured rain, non-stop, on World AIDS Day...

It poured rain, non-stop, on World AIDS Day. Despite the weather, I participated in a flash mob organized by my work, handing out AIDS Ribbons and information about the Ontario Working Group On Criminal Law + HIV Exposure on Parliament Hill and got soaked in the process! Even worse, so did most of our ribbons and posters!

Light for Rights

published: January, 12, 2011 Categories // Community Events, Events, Opinion Pieces

I worry that those close to me who are engaged in high risk behavior won’t get support or testing. I’m worried that I’ll end up in jail…..”

To mark the beginning of World AIDS Awareness Week and the approach of World AIDS Day on December the 1st, The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) hosted ‘Light For Rights’ at the Human Rights Monument in downtown Ottawa on November the 24th. Representatives from the Gatineau and Ottawa-area included the Bureau Régional D’action Sida, Bruce House, the AIDS Committee of Ottawa, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, and the African and Caribbean Health Network, as well as CAS, and the Canadian Asso

The 6th Annual Rainbow Youth Fair

published: January, 12, 2011 Categories // Youth, Events, Population Specific

The Youth present were amazing too, sex positive, and queer friendly, inquisitive and outgoing; they cleared me out of safer sex supplies....

On November 18th I hosted a kiosk promoting the AIDS Committee of Ottawa and our group for young gay positive men called Chatter during the 6th Annual Rainbow Youth Fair at the Confederation Learning Centre. This year’s theme was ‘Passion, Pride, and Prosperity’. Youth Service Bureau (YSB) organized over 200 students from surrounding schools to attend, with the help of some amazing teachers from the city of Ottawa, and hosted some amazing workshops created and given by Youth for Youth, a

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