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Festivals, Summits, and Conferences!

published: April, 01, 2012 Categories // Activism, Living with HIV

The Tattooed Activist talks about his busy work schedule in February and updates his readers on where he’s been hiding.

February has always been a busy time. During the shortest, coldest, month of the year the AIDS Committee of Ottawa hosts its annual health and wellness festival called Snowblower  which aims to decrease social isolation, build agency, and increase queer men’s knowledge around safer sex practices. I helped to organize, promote, and facilitate five specific events, even as I tried to manage my regular work commitments, which included hosting a HIV+ young men’s group called Chatter, and part

Not Alone!

published: March, 29, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Youth, Newly Diagnosed, Revolving Door, Living with HIV, Guest Authors, Population Specific

Guest writer Phillip Fournier writes about getting diagnozed with HIV, his life as a positive young half-black gay man and what he feels others like him need to overcome the adversity in their lives.

Not Alone!

Bio: My name is Phillip Jeffrey Fournier. Activist name Fox Silver or Foxy. Born and raised in Toronto. I live life by living not just by breathing. Only child of a white mother who loved and supports me ever since I disclosed my sexuality, and now through disclosing my HIV-positive status. I have always fought haters and oppressors because this world is for everyone and that's what i believe and will continue to believe. I am an Activist and I act because the next generation is worth it, just

New Study Highlights Condom Use in the U.S. among Gay and Bisexual Men Ages 18-87

published: March, 26, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Gay Men, Health, Sexual Health, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Population Specific

Large sample study says one in three acts of anal intercourse between men are condom protected in the U.S.

New Study Highlights Condom Use in the U.S. among Gay and Bisexual Men Ages 18-87

Originally published in George Mason University News, Fairfax, Virginia  A new study by researchers at George Mason University and Indiana University provides a large-scale assessment of condom use during the most recent anal intercourse among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States. Findings from this study highlight diversity in condom use behaviors and demonstrate varying degrees of potential risk for HIV and other STIs, regardless of sexual orientati

Dealing with Shame can be a Drag

published: March, 25, 2012 Written by // Mark S. King - My Fabulous Disease Categories // Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Performances, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Mark S. King

Mark S. King says “Being a drag queen, even for a night, terrified and delighted me. But the performer in me won out, wouldn’t you know, and Anita Mann was born.” The rest is history!

Dealing with Shame can be a Drag

We’re born naked… and the rest is drag.” — RuPaul When I was nine years old, I took my parents’ album of the Broadway musical “Damn Yankees” and memorized every syllable of Gwen Verdon’s show stopper, “Who’s Got the Pain When They Do the Mambo?” Once I was satisfied with my lip-synching and choreography (I decided that a mambo was a dance in which young boys gyrated and flung themselves on and off the living room sofa), the number was ready for public display. The premi

Dear Scott

published: March, 15, 2012 Categories // International

New immigrant Scott Foley is applying for refugee status in Canada. Here he recounts a story – a letter he received from his home country in the Caribbean - that is symbolic of the reasons he’s seeking refugee status.

The beginning of a new week. Optimistic and full of life, especially after a sunny, almost summer-like weekend spent rollerblading on Cherry Beach (Toronto). I was happy. Until I received an email entitled “HELP” from a close friend in my home country in the Caribbean.  At first I thought it was one of those forwarded emails asking you to sponsor a child inAfrica or one instructing you to send it to 10 people and your dreams will come through  - but I was sadly mistaken. This was a genui

Gay for Pay. Straight or gay - does it matter?

published: March, 13, 2012 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Gay Men, Movies, Population Specific

Devan Nambiar says "Dakota Cochrane is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion who disclosed his controversial past before venturing into the fight for Ultimate Fight Club (UFC). His “controversial” past was a brief stint in gay porn."

Dakota Cochrane  was a favourite of the Sean Cody gay porn studio, performing under the stage name of "Danny". Cody’s porn mostly features straight men who act ‘gay for pay.’  I looked up Danny. He is adorable, sexy, a sculptured body, butt and dick.  Totally yummy!  As I looked up Danny’s performance at Cody’s site,  I had to keep my own biases in check.  Is he really straight?   What is so controversial about porn? It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many people of all

My Desire to Educate

published: March, 13, 2012 Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Our new writer, John Henry Rombough-Davie shares a speech written for his Speakers Bureau. one which tells his story and his views about living with HIV.

I’d like to share with you all my speech that I presented just a couple of days ago, for a facilitator's training exam, you might call it.  This was through the local AIDS organization, to test how prepared I am now to go out on my own, and speak in public about living with HIV.  i realize some of the dialogue has already been voiced, however, i hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. *************************** Good afternoon everyone:   I’m here today representing both myself and our l

Swimming along in the winter that wasn't.

published: March, 04, 2012 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Fitness and Exercise, Mental Health, Brian Finch

I’m off to Hamilton this next week for another set before my big performance coming up at the end of the month for the Downtown Swim Club’s 25th anniversary event.

Swimming along in the winter that wasn't.

Every year I dread winter. This year is no different, especially because this winter I’m not able to get away at all. The SADS sets in, and all goes to hell for a while. Mother nature had different plans this year. In Toronto it has been the winter that wasn’t. Never in my life have I experienced such a mild Canadian winter. It’s kind of freakish. If this is global warming, I’m buying a car. I don’t need to drive, I’ll just let it sit and idle all day. I could get used to this.

The Gay/Queer Mystics of our Times

published: February, 15, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Spirituality, Lifestyle, Population Specific

Devan Nambiar delves deeper in to spirituality and the gay/queer expereince.

As we stride into 2012, it’s time to reflect on our connections to the world.  Deep within the psyche our thoughts transcend to the conscious, sub-consciousness and super- conscious mind.  In some circles it is known as the divine incarnate within us. There is a saying in Sanskirt, “Tat tvam asi.”  It means “That art thou,” or "You are that, I am that." It means we all are of the one source; we are of everything and nothing. Tat tvam asiis found in the Upanishads, and refers to o

Black History Month continues: Scott Foley Salutes James Baldwin

published: February, 13, 2012 Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Population Specific

James Arthur Baldwin was an American literary icon. Born in Harlem New York 1924, Baldwin was a renowned novelist, playwright, essayist, poet and social critic . .

He was a gay man. His work has influenced many, including famed writer/poet Maya Angelo and producer/filmmaker Spike Lee. Raised by his mother, Emma Berdis Jones and abusive stepfather, preacher David Baldwin, he was the oldest of several siblings. Though the family was poor, he attended the prestigious and mostly Jewish DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx and then The New School, a university primarily located in theGreenwich Village. At age 14 he became a preacher in the Pentecostal Chu

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