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Dont Ask Don’t Tell (Just Drink Beer)

published: April, 27, 2011 Categories // Guest Authors

In a masterpeice of ambiguity, Budweiser unveils the first gay military-themed TV commercial. Or maybe not,

From the Huffington Post, Budweiser released a new military-themed ad on Tuesday, and some are speculating that it is aimed at the gay community. The ad, featured below, shows a soldier calling a man and saying, "it's me. I'm coming home." It then shows a split screen, with the soldier getting ready to go home and the man preparing a party for him. At the end of the ad, the man is at the front of a group of people welcoming the soldier home, and the two hug. All of this got the site After Elto

Tired of being tired?

published: April, 27, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Health, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy takes a look at one of the most common, under-reported and under-treated conditions out there. We don’t even talk about it much. It’s HIV-related fatigue.

Tired of being tired?

If there is one thing that gets to me about being HIV, a condition which I’ve otherwise learned to accept and adapt to, it’s that I’m tired of being tired. My common sense approaches to it, like taking naps in the afternoon or going to bed earlier, do in fact help, even if they don’t eliminate the condition. It’s a constant in my life, though.  I can’t even remember a time since my diagnosis in 1993 when I haven’t been tired. Of course aging hasn’t helped I had a cold this

One Pill A Day

published: April, 27, 2011 Categories // Health

Viral Load Warrior reports on the Psychiatric Side-effects of Efavirenz

A short time after my diagnosis, I was sold on the idea of Atripla, the one-pill-a-day treatment for HIV. Atripla contains efavirenz, which is associated with neuropsychiatric side-effects, i.e. side-effects concerning our moods and thoughts. The most common side-effects are decreased concentration, dizziness, insomnia and vivid dreams. Less common side-effects are listed in the package insert as follows: “A small number of patients may experience severe depression, strange thoughts, or angr

For twittering out loud

published: April, 26, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces

Tweeter Megan DePutter with commentary on how organizations in the world of HIV are using social media and Twitter in particular. Tips for newbies too!

For twittering out loud

On Saturday, April 16, Bob Leahy posted a piece on social media in the HIV field,  noting that slowly but surely, AIDS Service Organizations (ASO’s) are dipping their feet in the water and gradually getting comfortable enough to play in the social media pool. Some are doing it well and having a great time. Others are stumbling so awkwardly, it’s painful to watch. The way we use social media has to be adjusted according to our organizational goals. Social media strategies are not a one

Out west: the way the epidemic looks in Manitoba

published: April, 26, 2011 Categories // Guest Authors, Opinion Pieces

HIV infection rates are falling globally, but that's not the case in Manitoba or across Canada, says the Winnipeg Free press

Out west: the way the epidemic looks in Manitoba

Here's what the Winnipeg Fress Press reported earlier this month . The number of new cases in Manitoba rose to 102 in 2010, compared with 99 in 2009, according to the 2010 Manitoba HIV Program report released late Thursday. In 2007, there were 66 new cases of HIV in the province. Local health officials are troubled by the rising trend in Manitoba. It comes as the United Nations reported last month that new infection rates worldwide are falling. "It's still something to be concerned about.

Six Tips for Choosing your HIV Doctor

published: April, 25, 2011 Categories // Health, Living with HIV, Mark S. King

We get to meet Mark S King’s doctor, who walks us through what to look for in finding HIV and primary care

Six Tips for Choosing your HIV Doctor

I had to say goodbye to my doctor recently. I was moving out of state, and Dr. David Morris of Pride Medical Group in Atlanta had been nothing but a patient, supportive teacher to me. Over the years he’s seen me through Hepatitis C, a few crystal meth drug relapses and three boyfriends. I love him and what he’s done for me, and I hated the prospect of finding a replacement in Florida. Fortunately, Dr. Morris agreed to give me some tips to make the process easier, and in this video episode

My bumpy ride through internet dating

published: April, 25, 2011 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Wayne Bristow

Single guy Wayne Bristow documents the trials and tribulations of looking for love in all the wrong places

I recently started my twenty-first year being out of the closet. Yaaaay! It was a new start to my life, back on the dating scene, but where to look? Twenty-one years later, why am I still single?. Friends and family tell me I'm a really nice guy and many other positive things that I should feel great about. Always the friend, never the boyfriend, it seems. Before there were all these internet chat-rooms and dating sites, we had a telephone line that we could place an ad on and then wait for re

Does Twitter affect your sex life?

published: April, 25, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Shorter relationships? More frequent masturbating? Blame it on Twitter, survey says.

First off, I’m thinking all this data refers to heterosexuals, a reportedly fairly common sub-species of the human race we at PositiveLite aren’t experts on. But here’s the thing. OKtrends who do dating research for OKcupid,  the self-styled “best dating site on earth” just might be on to something. Their recent compendium of survey results “Ten Charts about Sex”  makes some surprising claims, but their sample sizes are quite large so they can’t be discounted. F


published: April, 24, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies

Louise Binder aka Dame Velveeta Peron brings you capsule reviews of what shows she's seen lately

More Fine Girls - Not Fine Enough   This play at the Tarragon is one of the unfunniest slpastick comedies I have ever seen. What was Anne-Marie MacDonald thinking of ? Avoid unless masochist.   Zero Hour - Felt more like Zero Week   This is a one man show at the Al Green Theatre. It is a monologue by an actor playing Zero Mostel. He was excellent. The show felt so dated. I know the McCarthy era was terrible but I must admit that it all pales in comparison to today's events

What really happened to the Easter Bunny

Danny Miller unloads a deep dark family secret

My family has been harboring a terrible skeleton in our closet for the past 21 years. It is a deep, very dark, evil secret, so shameful that not one of us has dared speak of it until now. It is a heinous truth so vile that it haunts my dreams to this day. But now it is time for this skeleton to come out of the closet. I cannot carry this burden any longer. It has just gotten far too heavy. Our much beloved family cat, Goofy, murdered the Easter Bunny. Yes, the Easter Bunny is dead. The adorabl

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