Welcome back

Published 30, Nov, 2017
Author // Daniel Uy

The PositiveLite.com team is happy to welcome Daniel Uy back as a regular contributor. Here, Daniel shares what he's been up to since 2015.

Welcome back

After two years, I have decided to come back to writing. So, the biggest question I have been asked by my editor is, “What have you been up to?”

Wow. When I look over that, it is pretty amazing to share. At the time, I was finishing up a Certificate Program in Project Management at Ryerson University and in an open relationship with someone. Life was full and busy. In the spring of 2016, I was at a crossroad. I had broken up with someone, had also completed some goals of mine, and was sort of stuck and didn't know what to do next.

I needed some sort of plan. It didn't have to be a long-term plan, but just something I could focus on in the short-term until a bigger idea came about. So, inspired by a friend, I decided to get myself a Pride body. I knew it'd keep me busy enough, and while doing it, I hoped my next idea would arrive. I met up with another inspiring gay male friend in my life and bounced my ideas off him. I then got to work, trying to eat better and work out more.

While at the gym one day, I had an idea about gender ratios and thought about what it would have been like at other times in history. I immediately texted my friend and yoga teacher Emma O’Neil. When I got home, I really explained my ideas more in-depth to her with a passion I was unaware of. She then said a phrase that struck me: "Sounds like you've got yourself a good thesis".

When we got off the phone I had to look up what area or field of specialty that would fall under. Anthropology. It was a surprise as I had previously tried to apply to do a degree at Ryerson in August 2015 but was too late into the game. So later that evening, I applied again. And was accepted.

While doing life and my whole Pride Weekend itinerary, G (aka the new boyfriend, or simply “the boyfriend”) came into my life in a more real and intimate way. I had already known him for over a decade but this was different (and incredibly hot).

That September in school at Ryerson, I met another mature student who had also made some huge life changes to go back to school and so we bonded. She made me feel like I was not alone in this. We both saw this idea to study the Renaissance in Florence, and I sat most mornings pondering what that would look like but was afraid to get excited or try. Everyone, including my mentor kept telling me to do it, and timidly, I did.

Flash forward to the spring of 2017, I was living in Florence for several weeks a block away from the Duomo. I took a leap of faith in life and the ground did not give way. A wise friend told me once that 'Fear Means Go'. I have never forgotten that. I stepped out this year and this is where it's led me.

Flash forward to right now. I am almost all the way through my first semester of second year. I am deep within anthropology, biological anthropology and intercultural relations. I am still teaching yoga and practicing and trying to work out consistently. I am juggling the roles of teacher/student/boyfriend and hoping to share this new leg of my journey in life with you.

About the Author

Daniel Uy

Daniel Uy

Daniel Uy is a Toronto-based Yoga Teacher. He teaches several different styles of yoga throughout the city and more information about his work can be found on www.danieluy.com. He is also a full-time anthropology student.  He has been HIV+ since 1997 at the ripe old age of 21yrs old. He has a light-hearted approach to life. 

He shares stories and information on health, wellness, spirituality and humanity.