Yen Uyir Shakthi - My life is Shakti.

Published 11, Sep, 2012

Devan Nambiar with a Tamil short film on same sex marriage. A love story!

I love this beautiful short video (5 mins).  Very simple and straight from the heart, powerful!

The docu-video is about same sex marriage from Chennai, India.  It embraces the cultural nuances of love, commitment, family and acceptance.  It is in Tamil and here is the translation. I will not inform the reader as to the ending as it is an awesome surprise.   Here we go.....

Yen Uyir Shakti means – My life is Shakti.  Shakti can be a gender neutral name. Most often Shakti is referred as the divine female energy in juxtaposition to Shiva (the male energy). So when the character in the video refers to Shakti –one automatically assumes he is speaking about a female until the end of the video comes up.  Appa in Tamil is an affectionate and respectful term for dad.   

Translation verbatim:

Beginning: “Today is the one year anniversary of my marriage. We are celebrating one year of our bliss and love for each other.  But like all love stories, for me and Shakti there were many obstacles and challenges to overcome before we got married.   

“It is my dad who helped us be together. My dad’s name is Arunachalam. He is a very loving person. Even though I was adopted my dad loved me as his own son. But as far back as I can remember my mom was always suspicious of my dad's activities.  Over the course of time, they divorced and I lived with my dad.” 

Son: Appa

Dad: You are up early on a Sunday.  

Son: I want to discuss an important matter with you.

Dad: Okay what is it?

Son: Appa, I am in love.

Dad: With whom?

Son: Shakti, appa.

Dad: Which Shakti?” 

Son: Our neighbour.

Dad: What!  Are you mad?

Son: Yes appa, I am madly in love with Shakti. Only you can help us if you put your mind to it.

Dad: Shakti is your friend. Our families will not agree. Have you discussed this with Shakti?

Son: Shakti and I have mutually agreed to this decision.

Dad: Shakti’s father is difficult to speak to. What will people say? I cannot hold my head up and walk in public if I agree to your idea or if you marry Shakti.

Son: Appa, Shakti and I have been childhood friends for 24 years; we went to the same school, college. Appa why are we living for society?  I am determined to marry Shakti and no one can separate us.

Dad: Just because you grew up together you are now marrying?  This is ridiculous. How dare you oppose me? I cannot agree to this marriage. So many problems are going to arise out of this marriage.

Son goes to sit by his appa. 

Dad: I do not know what else you want me to say. But you are also important to me, son. Don’t go away and I do not want to lose you.  

Son: Appa I want you and Shakti. I can’t live without either of you. I cannot see a life without both of you.

Dad:  Well if it is this marriage that will give you happiness, I will not prevent it or stand in its way. I will actually help you realize it and make it happen. I will deal with the problems. You take care of what needs to be done.

Son: Thank you Pa. I love you.

Son: And that’s how I made my appa agree to my marriage.  Shakti will be here soon.  Oh, wait I think I hear Shakti coming in. 

Shakti walks in and calls his partner macchan meaning husband in Tamil.  Shakti is about to kiss his husband when he is informed the camera is on. As culturally appropriate, physical intimacy in public is not cool, they hug.

Shakti: What are you doing with the camera?

Husband: I am telling our story.

Shakti: Oh, lovely!  

The couple: It is too bad appa is not here to celebrate with us. Appa went to the US for business and is settled in the US. Here is a letter from him.  Last week he sent some photos.    

They open the letter with a picture of appa and his new partner - a delightful surprise!.