Upcoming Events at Positive Youth Outreach

Published 09, Jun, 2010

elow is an updated list of upcoming activities at PYO Drop In...

Thursday, June 10th -  Movie Night! What better to go along with a good film then some pizza, pop and chips!

Thursday, June 17th -  PYO will be involved in a GNP+ Youth Consultation in Amsterdam June 7-9. If you want to know what actually happens at these international meetings, what people talk about and how to get involved, then perhaps you might want to drop on by to chat with us.

Thursday, June 24th -  Positive Lite Blogging Workshop

Wednesday, June 30th -  Canada Day Picnic in the Park!  ACT will be closed on July 1st, so we will be having our Drop-In a day early from 3-6pm. Come hang out with us and throw around a frisbee and suck down some cold delicious freezies and other picnic goodies.

Thursday, July 8th -  Stitch n' Bitch - Talk about meds, disclosure, holistic treatment options, healthy eating, or whatever you like with CATIE's very own Sugandhi as she teaches us how to knit. We love her and so will you!

Thursday, July 15th -  What time is it you ask? 4:20! Yes friends it is weed'o'clock at PYO Drop-In this week. We will be having Adam Busch, one of Toronto's leading harm reduction educators. Visit us to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly about one of our favourite substances. Join us to talk about using pot as well as the floor will be open to talk about other substances that you might want to know a thing or two about.
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