The Men's Fertility Study: understanding the fertility desires and intentions among HIV positive men living in Ontario

Published 17, Feb, 2017
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Interdisciplinary HIV Parenting Research Group (IHPREG) is looking for study participants.

The Men's Fertility Study: understanding the fertility desires and intentions among HIV positive men living in Ontario

Advances in HIV treatment have contributed to tremendous shifts in the lives of people with HIV in Canada. The prospect of HIV-positive individuals starting families is becoming increasingly accepted and supported among the medical community.

For many men living with HIV, the desire and intention to have children requires greater attention, education, research and support. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that HIV research concerning reproductive health and family planning has focused mainly on women. It is also evident that available studies on men have been disproportionately biased toward the perspective of heterosexual men.

Studies that focus on the needs and desires of homosexual and bisexual men are lacking in comparison to heterosexual males. By collecting information about the fertility desires and intentions of men living with HIV, this study will allow clinicians, AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and the HIV-positive community to become more aware of the desires, intentions and needs of men in regards to parenting. In addition, this data is fundamental in the development of services, support and resources in relation to fertility and fatherhood for men who are HIV-positive.

Who are the researchers?

This study is being conducted throughout Ontario by researchers from the St. Michaels Hospital, Maple Leaf Medical Clinic, Women and HIV Research Program, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, the University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto General Research Institute, Queens University and Ryerson University.

The principal investigators are Dr. Mark Yudin (St. Michaels Hospital), Dr. Mona Loufty (Maple Leaf Medical Clinic), Dr. Tony Antoniou (St. Michaels Hospital) Ms. Logan Kennedy (Women and HIV Research Program).

Who can participate?

Participants who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate: (a) 18 years of age or over; (b) adequate ability to read and communicate in English; (c) willingness and ability to provide informed consent; (d) living in the province of Ontario (e) identify as male (f) be HIV positive (g) must not have participated in the pilot study

What does the study involve?

Collect data on a diverse sample of 220 individuals (approx. 110 gay/bisexual and 110 straight). A pilot study has already been conducted so we will adjust our recruitment strategy to take into account the sexual orientation of those who have already been interviewed. The face-to-face interviews will be conducted by a local research associate and inputted on a Samsung Tablet. The interview will take approximately 45 minutes.

How will the study participants be compensated?

FacBar participants will receive $30 per interview. If the participant is interviewed for the pilot they cannot be interviewed again. However, their data will be rolled into the main study’s database. $25 will be offered to those participants who require childcare in order to attend the interview (under the age of 14)

If you are interested in participating in this study or want more information, please call our confidential phone line and leave a message: 1-866-301-2548 or 416-642-0181

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