U=U: a stigma-smashing new song from Love to Love Organization!

Published 04, Jan, 2018
Author // Rob Olver - Editor

The only things infectious here are the grooves and the grins as Danny and Wiiliam of Love to Love Organization pump up the volume and drive home the message that undetectable really does equal untransmittable: U=U!

U=U: a stigma-smashing new song from Love to Love Organization!

Frequenters of the U=U page and some other influential Face Book pages got a treat last weekend when Danny Ssemuli and William Matovu of Uganda’s Love To Love Organization presented the final audio mix of their new song, “U=U”.

LISTEN HERE to the final mix

Readers of PositiveLite.com will remember that Love to Love Organization is a Ugandan NGO providing support for orphans, children and others infected and/or affected by HIV, especially through educational programs designed to allow children “to develop their God-given talent,” particularly in music.

The song is remarkable for managing to encapsulate much of the U=U movement's motive force and history to date in just a few words. It is writtten and sung by Danny Ssemuli and William Matovu and lovingly produced by Moses Rain (all of Love to Love Organization) as a means of advocating against HIV stigma and in favor of testing and treatment access for all.

The song immediately drew a strong positive response on social media.

Said Davina Connner: “Their advocacy speaks volumes to me because of the terrible stigma there. These men and their organization continue to fight for their country to hear the words U=U.”

And the Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) had this to say: “Brilliant and powerful! We're proud of our partners Danny Ssemuli Moses Supercharger and William Matovu in Uganda for their nonstop advocacy to bring the #UequalsU message to people with HIV and the public in Uganda!”

The HIV world is changing quickly and much has happened in the year since PositiveLite.com first wrote about Love to Love Organization. In the next few days we’ll be interviewing peer advocate and HIV educator William Matovu in depth about Love to Love Organization, the work they do and what it means to do HIV advocacy in a place where HIV stigma runs so high.

Meanwhile, enjoy the gorgeous final mix -- and as an added bonus, here's some video of the team gettting a rough mix in the studio. 

About the Author

Rob Olver - Editor

Rob Olver - Editor

Robert W. Olver is a former education worker with an alternative life in experimental music. Currently retired and living in Peterborough, Ontario, he is a gentleman of leisure and the friend of all cats everywhere.

On October 14 2015 Robert  celebrated the first anniversary of his HIV diagnosis. Yes, that’s right. Celebrated.

“It was given to me just after my birthday and just a few days before I was to retire. I felt a bit overwhelmed initially but there’s nothing like a crisis to help you sort out what’s important to you. Let’s just say I found myself needing to revise some of my plans.

A year on, I find much to celebrate and I’ll be blogging to explain just what I mean by that and lots of other things as I navigate this journey".