The dogs in his life

Published 28, Sep, 2015
Author // Louis "Kengi" Carr - L.A. Correspondent

Pets can be super important to people living with HIV. Our LA guy Kengi loves His Dodger and Daisy and asks “why can’t humans be more like dogs?”

The dogs in his life

For as long as I can remember there has been a dog in my life. It’s just that they were much bigger dogs. To say that I’m a dog lover would be a huge understatement. I’ve had some pretty awesome dogs in my lifetime, but Dodger and Daisy are far different from the others dogs I’ve had the honor of owning.

From the first day I met Dodger over five years ago there was something special about him. As I’ve written about before Dodger was a foster dog, I wanted a boxer, but this little man needed a place for a week or so, so I said yes to fostering him. He was pretty beaten up when he arrived and had these sad eyes. But after a few hours he warmed up to me and this is when I started to fall for the little devil.

Daisy was pretty much the same. After I returned from Burning Man in 2013 I thought it would be cool for Dodger to have a playmate for the times he could not be with me. The hunt to find a dog was crazy, but a friend who helps with my homeless outreach had a friend who found this dog that really needed a new home. This is how Daisy came into our life. She’s been amazing for both Dodger and myself and has ushered in new energy into our space.

Together Dodger and Daisy bring me so much joy and laughter. When I’m sick it’s like they know it. For example I recently split a tooth and it took a few days before I could get to the dentist. I thought it was just one tooth, but I had to have two additional teeth pulled, plus oral surgery. 

I was in lots of pain and Dodger and Daisy seemed to know this from the very first day. They sat next to me on the sofa, snuggling next to me doing everything they could to distract me from the pain and get me to feel better. Once I was able to get to sleep they stayed even closer.

One day I thought taking a hot bath was just what I needed. It felt great to sit in the tub of hot water and just relax. The pain seemed to go away, but my head was still killing me. Dodger and Daisy would take turns coming into the bathroom to check on me. Not too close though, because they know this is the same place they get their weekly baths. Twice Daisy barked at me as if to say “why would you do this to yourself.”

They even made certain not to pull as much while we were out for our walks. They walked right by me and went to the bathroom right away so I could go back inside and rest. A couple of days I slept on the floor in from of the sofa. It’s been so hot here in LA and my air conditioner broke, so being on the floor was much more comfortable then sleeping on my small bed or on the sofa.

As I sit and type this entry Dodger is at my feet and Daisy is snuggled right up against me and if I make a move for the bathroom or kitchen, they both are right there with me.

I love these two dogs like they are my kids. I guess I’m one of those people who love my dogs so much it makes some look twice. Yes, they kiss me on the mouth and from time to time, especially when I’m sick. they eat from my plate.

I love my little babies so much and it’s times like these when they show me that they love me just as much.

Why can’t humans be more like dogs?

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Louis "Kengi" Carr - L.A. Correspondent

Louis "Kengi" Carr is a California native, born and raised in Santa Monica. He is a published photographer, writer and guest speaker. Formerly a private chef and events caterer, this formerly homeless, HIV positive, proud Angelino is now a activist and advocate for people with HIV and homeless individuals. He is the creator/founder of Project Kengikat, Do Something Saturday, Unplugging HIV and the author of 29 Months.

A lover of photography, blogging and vlogging and USC Football, Kengi has been rediscovering his love for Los Angeles, ceramics, painting and cooking while elevating the conversations of HIV and homelessness. He enjoys being outdoors, spending quality time with his friends and his amazing rescue dog Dodger.