Movie Review: The Black Swan

Published 07, Dec, 2010

Hot and very cute dancers, is that enough for this movie?

This film was not an unreserved hit with me but it wasn't an abject failure either. On the plus side, the dancing was great and so were the cute dancers. So were the costumes and sets. Nathalie Portman did a great acting job and it was nice to see the cameo by Winona Ryder, who was great.

On the minus side, the story was obvious and I had a strong feeling of being manipulated by the director Daniel Aronofsky into liking it and finding it clever, which I didn't.

The characters were one dimensional and ultimately unlikeable but not to the point of abhorence, just indifference. I wasn't sure what the point of the story was - that ballet dancers are obsessed; that the search for fame can drive you mad . Not big news there.

There are better options out there. Take them.

Dame Velveeta Peron