Kenya at the forefront in tackling HIV

Published 13, Sep, 2017
Author // Kimutai Kemboi,

From Kenya, HIV activist and stigma fighter Kimutai Kemboi on the initiatives the Kenyan government has taken together with other stakeholders in the struggle against HIV.

Kenya at the forefront in tackling HIV

Kenya, as a developing country, is among the African countries on the forefront in tackling HIV as well as investing personnel and resources. The government and the stake holders have done a lot though more needs to be done.

The Kenyan government has given a favourable environment to stakeholders who wish to partake in this battle. Many organizations have set up facilities that offer HIV related services to people from the marginalised classes of life such as rural and slum populations. The services offered include HIV counseling and testing, prevention services (PrEP, condoms) as well as provision of ARVs.

Late last year year, the government, through the Ministry of Health launched a programme dubbed 'ANZA SASA ' which was to ensure that any person tested to be positive should be initiated to medication as soon as possible. This has reduced cases of HIV infection advancing to delicate stages.

Just recently, self testing kits and PrEP were officially launched. The self testing kits have ensured that everyone has access, even at their own homes and also those with tight schedules, who cannot get to the testing centers can now do it at their own convenience.

Introduction of PrEP, though statistics have not been released, has seen many people at risk of exposure being put out of risk as they are initiated to these drugs. With this pace that the government through the ministry of health and the stakeholders are moving, cases of HIV infection and deaths will greatly decline.

Our wish is that they continue to work together to see this come true.

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About the Author

Kimutai Kemboi,

Kimutai Kemboi,

"I am Kimutai Kemboi, turning 26 on 9th of April 2017. Currently I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science at Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. 

"I’m HIV positive and under medication but doing well health wise since I have accepted to live positively, adhere to medication and practice a healthy lifestyle so that HIV does not overwhelm me. Besides my studies, I work as a volunteer to create HIV awareness and sensitivity in the community, both face to face and through social media platforms, especially Facebook.

"I opted to do this awareness-raising because I want to have an HIV-free society and save my generation from perishing."