Happy new year

Published 07, Jan, 2013
Author // Louis "Kengi" Carr - L.A. Correspondent

Our LA guy Kengi looks forward to a new year filled with blessings and a renewed focus. "In 2013 I’m going to fall head over hills, madly and deeper in love with ME. I’m going to let go of my insecurities and explore the passion in all my possibilities."

Happy new year

Well the sun has set on another awesome year in our lives. I don’t know about you, but as the sun dipped into the beautiful Pacific Ocean for the very last time in 2012, I was very thankful, blessed and humbled. My soul is joyful for all that God has blessed my life with in 2012 and I’m looking forward to celebrating more awesome days and watching many more beautiful sunsets in 2013. I trust you are as well.

Welcome to 2013! I just want to take this time to thank everyone who has been reading my articles here on PositiveLite.com as well as those of you who read my blog postings on Project KengiKat.  Your kind comments have all been so welcome and very much appreciated.

Dodger and I had a very fun filled, peaceful and joyous December which happened to usher in my 44th birthday which was filled with close friends over dinner and drinks at a local eatery here in Hollywood. It was a perfect way for me to be thankful for my life and health from 2012 and usher in the start to my new year. My new year’s begins on my birthday, not January first like everyone else.

2012 was a very blessed year for me. More than 95% of the goals I set for myself I was able to accomplish  and I’m so looking forward to moving forward into 2013 like I’m sure so many of us are. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions or set myself up for failure with pipe dreams and grand ideas that many fail on the first week of the New Year. Instead I use my birthday to reflect on the past year and set S.M.A.R.T (Smart, meaningful, attainable, realistic, triumphs) goals for the coming year.

One of these S.M.A.R.T goals is focusing more on my photography and taking it to the next level. I’m already well on my way to accomplishing this goal because on New Year’s Day I booked two events that were very successful and I’m already planning to be a part of a show next month. However my big goal for the year is to have my own solo photography/art show.

Another thing I’m going to be working on over the next year is being less social on social media and more social in my everyday life. I think social media is a very powerful tool and for me has provided a way to help raise awareness for issues such as homelessness, Sickle Cell, cancer, HIV and AIDS, but I think it is also very important to make sure my “in life” presence is greater than my “online” presence.

I’m also going to spend more time saying “no” to people, places and things who only seek to use me, my ideas, thoughts, gifts and talents to further their own personal interest only to have them disregard me once they’ve used me up. I’m going to spend more time doing things that I want to do. Things that make me smile or bring me joy and things that I’m passionate about. Get ready because I’m going to be very selfish when it comes to who I will spend time with, what people, places and things I will entertain, who I will align myself with, what battles I will fight and who I will allow to be in my circle. But please don’t be alarmed, upset or angry because this has nothing to do with you. It’s all about me.

I guess what I’m really saying is that I’m taking time out for ME. To be honest so much needed time out for me. Hell long overdue time out for me. I’m going to buy my own flowers, be my own valentine, whisper how sexy I am to myself. In the words of an old Gospel song I’m going to “speak over myself and encourage myself”.

In 2013 I’m going to fall head over hills, madly and deeper in love with ME. I’m going to let go of my insecurities and explore the passion in all my possibilities. I’m going to write myself love letters and love songs to myself.

Last year the one thing I prayed for and meditated on was “abundance” and God supplied that in so many ways and as a result my life is so richly blessed with people, places and things that matter. So this year my constant prayer, the one thing I will meditate on is “NIA” which means purpose.

A couple of months ago I said I felt a shift taking place and that my life was about to change. Well now it is taking place and I'm welcoming it and allowing God to guide me, protect me and keep me as only he can do.

I hope you all are well and already well on your way to an awesome new year filled with smiles, love, respect, laughter, joy, peace and friendship that starts and comes from you to you and then extends towards humanity.

Blessings for the New Year!


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Louis "Kengi" Carr - L.A. Correspondent

Louis "Kengi" Carr is a California native, born and raised in Santa Monica. He is a published photographer, writer and guest speaker. Formerly a private chef and events caterer, this formerly homeless, HIV positive, proud Angelino is now a activist and advocate for people with HIV and homeless individuals. He is the creator/founder of Project Kengikat, Do Something Saturday, Unplugging HIV and the author of 29 Months.

A lover of photography, blogging and vlogging and USC Football, Kengi has been rediscovering his love for Los Angeles, ceramics, painting and cooking while elevating the conversations of HIV and homelessness. He enjoys being outdoors, spending quality time with his friends and his amazing rescue dog Dodger.