Greg Louganis video draws AIDS-phobic comments

Published 07, Aug, 2012
Author // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Everyone knows who HIV-positive athlete Greg Louganis is. But what kind of comments did his appearance on CNN draw last week - and what do they say about the state of AIDS in 2012. Bob Leahy reports.

Greg Louganis video draws AIDS-phobic comments

This interview  - you can see it below - appeared on CNN last week. Louganis comes across as a really nice, easy-going guy who is open about his gay/HIV-positive status.

What’s interesting  are  the comments on YouTube this video has garnered. I’ve reproduced some of them below also.

Our own (HIV) community can't be held responsible for shaping the discourse on HIV/AIDS, however hard we try  If we were, we would have failed miserably, if the following is indeed how the topic plays out in middle America in 2012.  Or is it just  the banality  - and rampant homophobia – of YouTube-land at play here – or of any public site, for that matter, where HIV-positive individuals are brave enough to discuss their lives. 


Jesus Christ loves you! As a matter of fact He loved you soooo much that He came to Earth and lived a sinless life and died on the Cross for your sins and if you Repent of your sins and accept Him as Lord and Savior, then you will be saved. Jesus loves you! 

Everybody at the Olympics loves Louganis, until he bleeds in the pool ! LMAO

Greg 's blood wouldn't infect anyone unless you had sex with him. Viruses don't thrive well in a large chlorinated pool. Would people treat people with diabetes or epilepsy as an example in the same way as Mr. Louganis with HIV? No they do not for the most part because many people have very little scientific education and believe what they hear second and third hand disinformation. Intellect is even scoffed at in my country it seems at times while athleticism is upheld as the be and end all.

You actually believe this? How old are you? Do you still believe in Santa Clause as well?  I just want to know.

You're an idiot! The stories that you Christians are capable of believing should qualify you as clinically crazy individuals. It's ridiculous what you believe in. Grow up!

Boo hoo hoo, crybaby. Louganis got what he deserved for being a Homo. And I hope you will too! Marriage isn't a right buttboy.

It sure wasn't for the bitch & manbeast that spawned you. Meanwhile he's famous enough for you to be commenting on HIS life - while you're just some insignificant, anonymous NOBODY with a "hobo" screenname, typing shit from the public library's computer that my tax dollars paid for. Time to head back to that park bench, sport.  The library's closing. Try not to feed the morons.

Meanwhile man pussies like you keep trying to get accepted as a normal person. There is nothing normal about taking another man’s dick in your mouth or ass. Plain simple fact Homo. BTW since the lower half of the country pays no taxes, my guess is that you haven't paid a dime in taxes! Time to head back to your YMCA chump


John McCullagh, publisher of said this of the nature of AIDS-phobic comments in the Canadian media: 

"This type of hate speech is everywhere, including in the online versions of the gay newspaper Xtra! and The Globe and Mail, the country's leading English-language newspaper. It seems that being able to comment anonymously, as one can online, brings out the inner bigot in people who would never dream of expressing such opinions publicly if their name was attached to them. Unfortunately, the poisoned rhetoric around same-sex issues by Mitt Romney and other Tea Party types in the US, and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's barely disguised homophobia here at home, just seem to give people permission to spew their hatred.

"Just look at the ignorant, hateful comments after any story regarding HIV in Xtra! Here's part of one comment about Xtra's current story on Toronto's shelter system being at risk of closure and therefore affecting the housing needs of HIV-positive homeless people:

For the HIV positive homeless we'll soon have them in prisons. You know criminalization of HIV and all. That should suffice as far as their stable housing needs are concerned.

"You can read these kind of comments, if you wish (I don't - they upset me too much), after any story on HIV criminalization be it in the gay press or the mainstream press."

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Bob Leahy - Publisher

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