Forging Ahead to Different Journeys

Published 28, Jan, 2013

Devan Nambiar has been writing for since day one. But it’s time for him to move on, he says. Here is his final post in which he charts a new path

Hello readers.

In 2013 I have made a decision to move on to other writing assignments as I am forging ahead to chart a different paradigm and journey for myself. I was offered a spot to write for the blog at  After much mental processing I have accepted the offer to write for them. Secondly I have also set up my own personal blog. The title is called: Follow Your Bliss and it’s here.

I’ve been with since its conception in 2008-2009. Through most of my life experiences I view events and social discourses in a different light. As an individual who has always analysed many issues from a global and international critical analysis I have never understood some of the navel gazing that happens in the HIV or gay/queer communities in Toronto. From a critical analysis, I have little tolerance for the whining, doom and gloom of new infected persons in Canada - a resource rich setting. Get a grip. It is 2013!   

My perspectives in life stem from a different lens. It includes my upbringing, country of origin, religion, culture, values, goals and how and if, it integrates with the “Canadian” culture, values and goals. As a racialized and queer person, I am always negotiating my space in this city, country and world as I travel.  

Right now I am in the thick of my M.Sc. dissertation on the Effect of Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Quality of Life for HIV-Infected Individuals on HAART: A Mixed Methods Research. I realize I will be one of the few graduates and people living with HIV who is researching CAM use within the HIV infected peer population.

In forging ahead, I am planning a few goals in the near future such as post graduate studies. My writing at the two sites will focus on global LGBT issues, cultural norms and dichotomy, environmental and animal rights and controversial issues such as the misogyny in gay culture and hyper-masculine obsession in gay men’s culture. My blogs will not be on HIV per se as I have always believed my life does not revolve about HIV or around HIV. HIV is one part of my being, not all of me. In my opinion, it is not good health promotion technique to be immersed in HIV 24/7. HIV is not going anywhere; I chose to minimize the co-independent relationship.

You can always connect with me via the or my personal blog. Or you can Google me and get hold of me.  Many blessings stay well and healthy. All the best in 2013 and the future!