Food Fight

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HIVisHilarious with a not so hilarious tale of blueberry muffins, cancer, anger and true love – with true love, of course, triumphing in the end.

Coming to you live, and 5lbs lighter!!! It may even be more than that now...I haven't weighed myself in a couple of days but I keep getting compliments and my food baby seems to have miscarried.  Maybe it's all the wholesome nutrition and juicing, maybe it’s the fear the Conservative Right has instilled in the uterus of American Women everywhere....either way, I'm less puffy in the pooch. We are knee deep in chemo and it is kicking my Husband's ass and mine.  Watching him go through this

Talking about Women and HIV

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Bob Leahy and John McCullagh travelled to Oshawa to attend the 2012 Durham Regional HIV/AIDS Conference. Their mission was to report back on the women-and-HIV issues that were a prominent part of the program. Here is Bob’s report.

Talking about Women and HIV

Sometimes we worry here on PositiveLite.com that we are a bit gay-centric.  Our founder, publisher and editor are all gay men, and while we have three active women writers, we have far more male ones. But that’s not to say that, first, we don’t have a huge curiosity about women and HIV and secondly we aren’t committed to writing about women’s issues.  So when Publisher John McCullagh and myself travelled to Oshawa  recently to attend the 2012 Durham Regional HIV/AIDS Conference we d

The Death of the Pariah

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Writer Jeannie Wraight had this to say on her blog at HIV Haven about undetectable viral load "please, don't let anyone, including yourself, make you feel diseased or contagious or like a threat ever again."

The Death of the Pariah

Almost everyone with HIV has felt from time to time, or been made to feel, like a "pariah." We've all heard the word. Most of us know the feeling. As if other people need to be protected from us. We've heard people say "HIV is the new leprosy" or in our defence "HIV's not leprosy, you know." How about the ad with the scorpion in bed as if we were poison? Who hasn't been faced with stigma or rejection, or the fear of it when telling a new potential partner about our status? Or been in a relati

Waisting Away, My Ass

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“I'll admit it was a little ridiculous how excited I was the day we started meds because the glee I felt had nothing to do with our Viral Loads dropping so much as my waist size.”

Firstly, I want to apologize for my lapse in HIV Hilarity.  As many of my 'tweeps' are aware, my Husband was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. So I'm balancing full-time job, writer, HIV, chemo and cancer caregiver.  Sometimes  I'm so busy making sure he is eating the right food, reading the right books, getting enough rest, I forget that I'm also sick. Twice I've realized, late at night, that I've gone an entire day without taking my own meds. Needless to say, sometimes be

UK lesbian music artists band together to combat homophobic bullying.

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The L-Project has brought together the UK's most talented lesbian artists to record and release a single 'It Does Get Better' which helps raise awareness and money for charities which work to prevent LGBT bullying among young people.

UK lesbian music artists band together to combat homophobic bullying.

The Song 'It Does Get Better', written by Georgey Payne (below right) , is set to be a positive message to anyone who experiences the struggles that can come with being different. Georgey herself was moved to action by the experiences of a young gay friend: "I noticed one night he was worried about going home after working an evening, and when I asked him what was wrong he told me he was being bullied at school. I then listened while he explained everything that had been happening, and just r

Criminal Sex? Women, HIV and the Injustice of the Law.

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A documentary film screening with expert panel discussion in Ottawa, hosted by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Canadian AIDS Society

Criminal Sex? Women, HIV and the Injustice of the Law.

In less than 15 years, more than 130 people living with HIV in Canada have been charged with not disclosing their HIV-positive status to their sexual partners, including many cases where there was no significant risk of HIV transmission.  The over-use of the criminal law has contributed to a climate of anxiety, fear and misinformation that undermines HIV counselling, education and prevention efforts — and puts all Canadians at greater risk. Women’s voices have rarely been heard on th

Teaching kids about HIV

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Denise Becker "When I first found out I had HIV, I wanted to read as much as possible on the subject. I was reading mostly about children because I was more concerned with my baby, who had just been diagnosed with AIDS."

 I was given several small books, which I still have to this day and I keep them as a reminder of what was going on then for children versus the improvements in North America now. Upon reading books, I found that I quickly had to stop because reading about the possible infections was extremely frightening and the thought of Katie getting any of them was just sickening.  Among those listed were blindness and possible club hands and feet.  At that time, when a baby got HIV and ha

Are you there, Dame Elizabeth?

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Introducing our talented new writer, 26 year-old HIVisHilarious from Philadelphia, PA. She was diagnosed with HIV on November 1st, 2011, along with her husband. She wrote this first post five days later.

Are you there, Dame Elizabeth?

I could think of a million other ways I’d rather lose weight than this. Possible methods would include vomiting, letting midgets urinate on me, killing a goat…I’m not saying these are actual, proven weight loss methods. I’m just thinking about things that would be really bad but still not as bad as when a small Indian man sits across from you and tells you, “You are hiv positive; There is nothing I can say to console you.” No shit, Sabu. Then I went home and googled, “hiv posit

Louise Binder in the Toronto Sun: HIV treatment in Canada lacking.

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PositiveLIte.Com writer and activist Louise Binder talks to reporter Kevin Connor about the state of #HIV treatment in 2011

Louise Binder, seen Nov. 28, 2011, has had HIV since 1993. (Dave Thomas/Toronto Sun) PositiveLite.Com says: we were delighted to see our Louise Binder made the Toronto Sun December 1, 2011, World AIDS Day, albeit surrounded by ads for Pizzaville (two medium pizzas, six toppings for $18.99?  Not bad!), The Sun story story goes on to take a lightning tour of a host of HIV-related issues, which will likely never be referred to again in the pages of the Sun, at least until World AIDS Da

Glamping on PEI

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Activist Shari Margolese continues her exploration of places she’d like to retire to. “Body surfing, digging clams and beach bonfires - for me, Prince Edward Island conjures up images of summers past.”

This year I had two opportunities to revisit Prince Edward Island. Native Islanders, my newly-wed hosts, were excellent tour guides. They ensured that I had a chance to experience the scenery, food, art, culture (we even went to the drive in!)  and people of their beloved PEI. There are many things to see and do on PEI. I particularly enjoyed driving along country roads where quaint cottages and fishing villages seem to turn up around every corner.  North Rustico, St. Peters Bay and

The times: are they a-changing?

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Denise Becker on Ryan White, the power of words, HIV stigma, fear and signs she sees that the tide is turning in B.C.

A LOOK BACK Elton John, right, is joined by Ryan White, left, and Jason Robertson, both suffering from AIDS, as he performs at “For the Love of Children” benefit for children with AIDS and other serious illnesses in 1988. (Alan Greth/Associated Press) The 2011 World AIDS Day highlighted how far we have come with treatment for HIV and the words “Count down to an AIDS-free generation” made headlines.  Focus was placed on the decline of mother-to-child transmission through HIV medic

Retirement Planning Road Trip

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New PositiveLite.com signee Shari Margolese says “as I creep closer to my 50th birthday, big 5 -0 next year folks, I am beginning to think about where I would like to spend my retirement years.”

Of course for the most part this is a good thing especially since nineteen years ago when I was diagnosed with HIV I didn’t expect to hit 40. The downside is that i also didn’t really plan for retirement.I haven’t really saved any money or thought about where i might like to spend my twilight years. So I decided that a) better start to look around for a nice place to settle once my nest is empty - could be almost anytime and b)I'd better start to save a bit of money . I quickly rea

Keeping up with keying

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Denise Becker: Recently, with the death of Steve Jobs, I have reflected on all the technological changes to communication that I have seen in my life and it has left me feeling a little old.

When I was 18 and living in England, my mother and father had recently divorced. My mother's family was keen for her to move back to Canada and my older siblings and I encouraged her to start a new life back in the place where she had grown up. After much worrying about us, my mother decided to act on the opportunity and a year later we were waving farewell to her at Heathrow Airport. For me, I knew it would be a short farewell because I intended joining her in a year or two, after I had found

INTERVIEW: Brian Finch talks to Photographer Caitlin M. Kelly

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Caitlin M. Kelly talks about photographing HIV+ Argentina women. Interview in English & women's stories also is Spanish

INTERVIEW: Brian Finch talks to Photographer Caitlin M. Kelly

Brian Finch: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. You first caught my eye while on Facebook in a group run by another woman we have interviewed, Maria Mejia where you had posted a message.  There are a few things I found interesting. First the photographic project you are working on called, "I am" and that you are living in Argentina, but have a connection to Colorado. What brought you out to Argentina? Are you an American transplant, or do you have connections to

Moments in Time

published: October, 17, 2011 Categories // Women, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Denise Becker recalls those moments on her HIV journey – some good some bad – that have coloured her life.

Recently, I was watching a TED talk on how beautiful things make you feel. I realized there are those moments in my HIV life when I have had acute feelings about HIV, good or bad and I would just like to share some of those with you. What I would like you to do is to imagine each situation and see if a part of your body feels something. Here are ten that I have thought of. 10. Seeing children and babies and knowing mine died of AIDS when she was nine months old. First of all, I LOVE children

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