Pill Handler

published: July, 20, 2011 Categories // Health, Treatment

In which Ken Monteith swallows, not spits, his pills. How do you do it?

Pill Handler

I always find it slightly amusing when I hear doctors or pharmaceutical reps talking about "pill burden", especially when the solution is to combine two or three pills into one. I had the same kind of reaction when I saw the Fully Sick Rapper (his YouTube channel is here ) take the last of the 4,500 pills involved in his treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis. "Wimp!" I thought. "I take more pills than that every 9 months, with no end in sight!" Now I will give the Fully Sick Rapper one thi

IAS Rome 2011 - Starting Treatment - a discussion with Dr Steven Deeks

published: July, 19, 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // International AIDS Conference , Events, Features and Interviews, Research, Treatment, Brian Finch

My first interview at the Rome IAS conference with Dr. Steven Deeks.

IAS Rome 2011 - Starting Treatment - a discussion with Dr Steven Deeks

My first days at the conference have been frustrating, and to be frank, there is not a lot of news coming out on the topic I'm interested in, and not really so much that would be interesting to the community.  Much of the information coming out I'm going to have to sift through once I am back home to properly analyse.  Thiere is much emphasis on treatment as prevention, hard core drug studies that are difficult to understand, and very few presentations that play to the needs of

The Moral Dilemma that is Treatment as Prevention

published: July, 11, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Treatment, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Will HIV treatment guidelines be thrown out in a rush to “vaccinate” all newly diagnosed HIVers, whatever their CD4 numbers. Bob Leahy says this seems to be happening already. But can we support it anyway?

The Moral Dilemma that is Treatment as Prevention

Press release from Medecins san Frontiers, June 7, 2011 At a time when HIV treatment has proven to reduce HIV transmission by 96 per cent, governments meeting for the UN Summit on AIDS must agree today to put nine million people on treatment over the next four years, despite strong opposition from several key funders, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said today. Over the last 10 years, we've watched treatment save lives, and now we know it can also protect entire communities, because treatment

Where is Treatment as Prevention Heading: Treatment Refusal = Criminal Behaviour?

published: June, 16, 2011 Categories // Health, Legal, Treatment, Guest Authors

An excerpt from the blog of Sean Strub, POZ Magazine founder, June 11, 2011.

Where is Treatment as Prevention Heading: Treatment Refusal = Criminal Behaviour?

PositiveLite says: the following is an excerpt from a recent blog post from long-time activist and POZ magazine founder/publisher Sean Strub.  The full text oif the post is here. Sean's welcome focus on the human rights issues raised by the seeming gallop towards treatment as prevention/"seek and treat", at least in Western Canada, is echoed by recent PositiveLite interviewee Michael Vonn, whose interview begins here. Here is what Sean Strub said . . A continuing disr

HIV Drug Research: One pill, two pills and the stock market

published: May, 04, 2011 Categories // Finances, Treatment, Opinion Pieces

Devan Nambiar looks at what drives pharmaceutical companies to develop new HIV drugs – and for treatment experienced patients, it isn’t always pretty

Many years before we had three anti-HIV pills (ARV) in one pill or two anti-HIV pills in one, HIVers were drowning in pill fatigue. HIVers took as many as 15 to 35 ARVs, including prophylaxis, in one day. In 2000, the light bulb went on for the medical community and pharmaceutical companies alike. They realized they could not expect HIVers to take these many drugs forever. Pill fatigue was affecting many HIVers.   Pharmaceuticals and the HIV community came up with creative metho

4 Pills Once Daily: Andrew Gayed’s Body Of Art

published: April, 07, 2011 Categories // Activism, Art, Arts and Entertainment, Treatment, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

Michael Burtch bares all - includes a NSFW link

Last month artist Andrew Gayed approached me about participating in a project addressing HIV-stigma and sex-positivity. Andrew’s goal was to explore HIV as something greater then a medical diagnoses, to look at how sex-negativity helped contribute to increasing HIV rates, and to examine the societal stigmatization of HIV positive people. The outcome of our two hour recorded interview and two hour long photo shoot has emerged, and it’s now available to view here. (A warning: this

Of Charts and Geekery: Following the progress of my treatment

published: March, 25, 2011 Categories // Health, Treatment, Living with HIV

Montreal HIVer Ken Monteith shows us his numbers, what they mean and how he tracks them

Of Charts and Geekery: Following the progress of my treatment

One of the biggest challenges in HIV treatment adherence is centred on how the meds can make you feel while they are doing their job on the virus within. If you have diabetes and need insulin, the effect of not having it is obviously negative, and the effect of having it is obviously positive. So what do you do when you can’t tell if your meds are working, especially if they actually come with side effects that make you feel worse? The answer I have found is to turn to a spreadsheet. But the

A Walk along the Himalayas, part two of three. My beating heart at 11, 200 feet

published: March, 09, 2011 Categories // Spirituality, Treatment


EDITOR’S NOTE: PART 1 & 3 LINKS ARE BELOW POST Our health is profoundly influenced by many aspects of our emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual and physical well being. In my experience, spiritual health seldom has a public forum for discussion in the HIV community. I would strongly encourage readers to explore your personal connections to your spiritual health. My trip to the mountains has had a resounding positive influence on my health.   My sister, brother-in-law and I had s

Sitting pretty - facial wasting (lipoatrophy) and what some HIVers are doing about it

published: February, 19, 2011 Written by // Mark S. King - My Fabulous Disease Categories // Health, Treatment, Mark S. King

Mark S. King shows us the way in a reprise of two video posts demonstrating treatment with facial fillers to counteract the effects of lipoatrophy. Does it work? You be the judge.

Sitting pretty - facial wasting (lipoatrophy) and what some HIVers are doing about it

Treating My Facial Wasting is the first video below. After dealing with facial lipoatrophy (wasting) and seeing it so evident in my videos, I decided to do something about it by visiting Dr. Gerald Pierone in Vero Beach, FL and being treated with injections of facial fillers. Facial wasting and fat displacement are common side effects of both HIV infection and the medications used to treat it (originally appeared on The Body, March 25, 2009) Treating My Facial Wasting: An Update is the second

New 2011 HIV Treatment Guidelines

published: January, 31, 2011 Categories // Treatment Guidelines -including when to start, Health, Treatment

Devan Nambiar looks at recent changes in standards of care for people living with HIV

The US Dept. of Health and Humans Services updated the HIV treatment guidelines in January 2011. The review and clinical updates is conducted twice a year as science understands more of the intricacies of HART and the immune health. What has changed? 1. The guidelines state that CD4 + cells /mm3 only need to be monitored every 6 to 12 months for most HIV positive persons who are successful on HART and does not have another concomitant illness. Concomitant illness such as kidney disease, liver

The Most Effective Anti–Cholesterol Drugs

published: January, 19, 2011 Categories // General Health, Health, Treatment

Devan Nambiar tells us HIVers how to have healthy cardio-vascular systems

High cholesterol and an increase in triglyceride level (fat in the blood) is a concern for many poz folks. Cardiovascular disease is a high risk factor for HIVers too. Many factors can cause an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides, including HIV infection. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels are treated with statin drugs, such as Lipitor (atorvastatin), Pravachol ( pravastatin) and Crestor (rosuvastatin). The statin drugs help to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good choleste

All New Practical Guide to HIV Drug Treatment/Tout beau, tout nouveau, le dernier Guide pratique du traitement antirétroviral

published: January, 04, 2011 Written by // CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource Categories // Health, CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource, Treatment

All New Practical Guide to HIV Drug Treatment

All New Practical Guide to HIV Drug Treatment/Tout beau, tout nouveau, le dernier Guide pratique du traitement antirétroviral

All New Practical Guide to HIV Drug Treatment (le français suit) Happy New Year to all you readers of! May 2011 be full of health and happiness (and a good adventure or two—we all need adventures).  As Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information, CATIE can certainly help you with the first one—health, so get in touch  whenever you have a question about HIV or hepatitis C. We’re starting the year with a bang as big as a firecracker: Our all new Pract

Treating Influenza Naturally with Homeopathic Medicine

published: November, 17, 2010 Categories // Alternative Therapies, General Health, Health, Treatment

I do not get flu vaccine as I believe there are many ways to boost our immune system versus getting the shot. For years, I have used complementary therapies to keep the flu bug away

As many of us folks living in this colder climate are approaching the flu season and health providers are recommending we get our flu vaccines.  I do not get flu vaccine as I believe there are many ways to boost our immune system versus getting the shot.  For years, I have used complementary therapies to keep the flu bug away.  It is very important to take adequate vitamin D3 from 1000 I.U. to 4000 I.U. daily as our gorgeous sun tends to disappear.   One of the effecti

A closer clue to understanding why HIV cures have been ineffective

published: November, 03, 2010 Categories // Health, Treatment

My interest lies in learning of the eradication of HIV from the human body or on the purging of contaminated HIV cells. Hence any research that looks at elimination of HIV holds my interest.

 As we know the current anti-HIV medication, do not kill HIV but only block the replication of the virus.   However the onslaught of living with a chronic virus and the ongoing inflammation in the immune system is not easy on the body.  At infection, HIV spreads through the human body after the viral DNA of HIV is incorporated into the genome of human cells. I do not get excited on how many new HART drugs are being churned out by the pharmaceuticals because it does the same

Tenofovir and kidney function

published: September, 16, 2010 Categories // Health, Treatment

We all know HIV drugs affect various organs – but one anti HIV drug in particular is processed by the kidneys.

That drug is tenofovir (Viread). It is also in the combination pill called Truvada and in Atripla. Tenofovir has been in the news off and on.  Does it have an adverse impact on kidney function or not?  The clinical impact is said to be minimal and it is considered a safe drug.  But it has been implicated in the loss of bone mineral density, increases the risk of fractures and/or may affect calcium absorption. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by an internati

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