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Goodbye #AIDS hello #YouGuys

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Part 11. Brian the Shochusucker continues his story of living with HIV in Japan. Here, post-earthquake, he's on the mend and reaching out to other people via Twitter.

Goodbye #AIDS hello #YouGuys

You can read Part 10 here.  The Spring of 2011 was a mixed bag for me. The March earthquake still kept me a bit on edge with every aftershock. At the same time, I was getting more jaded with every one of them, to the point where it was just a part of my daily routine. Wake up, coffee, shake, breakfast, lunch, shake, dinner, TV, shake, bed, and maybe another shaker in the night. However I was more upbeat than could be expected. I was more involved at the gym, my health and energy were way up

Coming out, Take Two

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Our new writer Michael Bouldin :"To my complete astonishment, after that positive test result, I found myself in a new closet, and guess what: it works just like the other one."

Coming out, Take Two

New York City, March 5, 2012 Hey there, PositiveLite readers. Hope your day is going well. Mine certainly is, and if you don’t terribly mind, I’d like to tell you why that is so, and how I came to write here. Many thanks, of course, to Bob Leahy, who’s given me the chance to do so, which is, you know, exciting. He’s also asked me to introduce myself, which seems only polite, so here goes. First, the basics. My name is Michael Bouldin, I’m a gay man living in New York City, forty-

Want to write for

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Hey, that rhymes , and so can you, if you want - but you don't have to . . . .

Want to write for is always looking for new writers of all stripes – people who like to write, know or are learning how to express themselves and have interesting things to say.  We can help you hone your writing skills if necessary – in fact that’s what I’m here for.  Here’s the thing.  I’d argue blogging is good for you. It’s good for each of us to grow by saying what’s on our mind in the best way we know how.  Writing, and regular blogging in particular, can be very ther

Get Connected via Social Media

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Denise Becker sings the praises of Pinterest, YouTube and a whole lot more

Do you think that social media is at the height of its popularity?  I had to wonder when Google+ was introduced if social media could take on yet another forum but I continue to be astounded at just how thirsty we all are for more ways of connecting in the virtual hemisphere. My recent favourite way of procrastinating is Pinterest. Pinterest is a unique forum that allows you to post, comment and file various images.  You make up your own filing system or you can use the suggestions Pintere

Odd Condom Campaign targets Catholic Church

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We don’t quite know what to make of this German HIV prevention campaign, which tries to drown the virgin mary in a sea of tears, in the hope of changing Catholic doctrine against the use of condoms

Odd  Condom Campaign targets Catholic Church

Thank God – Condoms Protect is a project of Jugend gegen AIDS from Germany. It sure is odd. One can't help but agree with the sentiments expressed in the video below, but their chances of achieving the desired effect  - getting the pope to change his mind on condoms because of a Facebook campaign - strike me as very slim indeed. Nice try though. From their Facbook page (translated from German) Youth against AIDS is involved in the fight against HIV / AIDS and is designed entirel

No longer just social

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In this report, written for those in the HIV community who are still not quite getting their feet wet, Bob Leahy says social media is redefining how people with HIV talk to one another and share information

No longer just social

There’s no doubt about it. Social media is one of THE hot topics in the HIV community. Quite apart from its popularity among individuals, our AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) are starting to explore how they might use it to jump on the bandwagon before it passes by them. I stumbled into social media myslef in late middle age, long before it was hot, and I’ve been swimming with the tide ever since. I started with Live Journal in 2003. I’m a big fan of blogging;  I do it becaus

Homeless youth, cell-phones and HIV. What's the connection?

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Social media and HIV prevention, connecting the dots. Bob Leahy interviews researcher Eric Rice at the North American Housing and HIV Research Summit in New Orleans.

Homeless youth, cell-phones and HIV.  What's the connection?

Eric Rice speaks about his research on homeless youth, how they use social media to stay conected and what impact this has on HIV prevention  - and the work that ASOs need to do to keep up. Filmed at  the North American Housing and HIV Research Summit on New Orleans, 2011 as part of a collabortion between the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) and

Behind the Lines

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Our London correspondent Denis Robinson meets Andrew Jukes from UK book retailing chain Waterstone’s Gower Street store whose quiet activism is putting HIV - and the company he works for – on the map this Worlds AIDS Week.

Over the last few weeks I have been talking to people I consider heroes within the HIV community in London. It has truly been the most humbling experience. I have cried, I have laughed and I have realised that no matter what I do to raise awareness and try and break down walls, it will never be enough. You see, a hero is ultimately someone who selflessly tries to make life better for others. Yesterday I met with Andrew Jukes from Waterstones, Gower Street, (seen above) for the last of my "Her

Sharing Our Experiences

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Our Montreal guy Ken Monteith talks about blogging and why its important to share our stories – and not just on blogs, either.

Sharing Our Experiences

When I started blogging almost five years ago, it was following the stellar example of founder Brian Finch. At an annual general meeting of the Canadian AIDS Society, Brian spoke about his reasons for blogging and about being visible to the broader community. That's when I decided I needed to do that, too, to share my own experiences of living with HIV as the best way to help to destigmatize HIV/AIDS and make more familiar the realities of my own little life. Once you've star

The Shawn Decker Interview:

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Bob Leahy talks to HIV-positive speaker, writer and social media superstar Shawn Decker about life, love and Depeche Mode.

The Shawn Decker Interview:

Despite being born with mild hemophilia, Shawn Decker enjoyed a pretty normal childhood. At the age of 11, he was infected with HIV through the use of tainted blood products and expelled from public school. He was re-admiitted “because his mother would eventuallyhave killed someone had they not let him back in.” For the next ten years, Shawn kept his HIV status to himself, barely talking to his parents or doctors and never mentioning his pet virus by name, though he did jump at the chanc

Celebrating's 2-year anniversary early.

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Only a few weeks before our second anniversary I'm happy to launch the new and improved

Celebrating's 2-year anniversary early.

Welcome, everyone, to the new site redesign. For those who may have been following us since the very beginning, started off as a little blogging site that was scraped together by someone who didn’t know a thing about working with this particular content management system. It was amazing he could figure out what he did, but nonetheless, it was a bit of a crack house. Soon thereafter I got a new design up, and the story continues to today where we are now on our fourth de

How to stay on top of your social media

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A lot has been made of the benefits of social media. But how easy is for organizations like ASOs’ to staff, manage and create content? This edited version of an article which first appeared in The Globe and Mail, written by Mia Pearson, helps.

How to stay on top of your social media

PositiveLite says: While it was originally written with small business in mind, the comments and suggestions made here are uncannily transferable to non-profits, particularly AIDS Service Organizations either wishing to get in to social media or manage it more effectively A lot has been made of the benefits of social media. It can be a cost-effective way to reach large audiences, and it gives people a new way to interact with your agency. While most small agencies worry about the initial steps

Blogging 101. Part Four: Dealing with Writers Block.

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At a loss for words? Bob Leahy, with the help of his Singapore sources, guides you through the process of what to do when the creative juices dry up.

Blogging 101. Part Four: Dealing with Writers Block.

I'm kind of unusual.  I hardly ever suffer from writers’ block. On LiveJournal, before defecting to here, I wrote 3,000 posts, one a day for - well, you work it out. On the campaign I wrote about HIV Stigma and nothing else for six months. That’s a lot of stigma! Here on I write much less often, but that’s because the Editor’s job keeps me busy. So writers’ block is a problem for me more in that I sometimes hear about it from fellow bloggers.

Patients take the lead: the internet - and blogging - are changing the way people learn about health.

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Mark S King and the social media revolution where patients seek info, help and support online and we hear from bloggers/advocates at the forefront of this paradigm shift in health care delivery.

Patients take the lead: the internet  - and blogging - are changing the way people learn about health.

You’re part of a healthcare revolution in cyberspace, my friends. It’s changing the way people find treatment information, relate to their doctor, and support one another. And you’re about to meet some of the marvellous people who are leading the charge. Did you know that 80% of internet users spend time gathering health information  That makes it the third most popular online pursuit, following only e-mail and using a search engine (and yes, that means more than porn. Is your mind

Blogging for HIVers. Part III Want to become a blogger with PositiveLite?

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Ever thought about joining the PositiveLite team of bloggers ? We want people who will join with us to tell more stories, share more thoughts, entertain, be everywhere HIVers go. So we’re recruiting. Contributing Editor Bob Leahy says “talk to us."

Blogging for HIVers. Part III  Want to become a blogger with PositiveLite?

PositiveLite is looking for new bloggers. Ever considered joining our team? We'd like you to think aboiut it of you're HIV-positive yourseld, but we also welcome enquiries from those who work with people living with HIV or have some other major connection to them. Experience required? We are looking for both experienced bloggers and those entirely new to the blogging scene. If you are in the latter category, we can help you along; we are used to working with bloggers with little initial experi

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