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Making Breast Cancer Ads Hot

published: October, 21, 2011 Categories // Health, Revolving Door

Manly guys strip off to get womens attention – and perhaps a few gay eyes too - in funny but effective new video campaign .

Making Breast Cancer Ads Hot contributor Devan Nambiar sent us the link to this one and although breast cancer is outside our beat normally, we just had to share it. Click on the video below and you’ll see why. Even the credits are a hoot! calls it "the hottest breast examination video ever." Did you watch this one?  I mean REALLY watch it?  When was the last time you watched an HIV prevention ad this closely? Are the breast cancer peeps on to something?  You be the judge.  

When money issues threaten to shut down agencies

published: October, 13, 2011 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Revolving Door, Guest Authors

Guest writer Iain Murtagh is seeing his agency – the Crescent, in Hertfordshire, England – squeezed out as funding cuts lead to unwanted mergers. Where will his clients go?

When money issues threaten to shut down agencies

The Herts Advertizer.  July 2, 2011: The HIV clinic threatened with closure after losing the majority of its funding has vowed to stay open after committed staff pledged to remain with the St Albans centre.The Crescent lost most of its funding from the county council when a decision was made to offer a single county-wide service which was awarded to HertsAid, whose headquarters are in Ware. The Crescent, which provides those living with HIV and their families with support and advice, was shoc

Can freedom of speech go too far?

published: October, 12, 2011 Categories // Revolving Door, Opinion Pieces

Guest writer Randy Verdone is all for free speech but finds offence in ultra-right wing ads which claim to represent “Canadian values”. And what about when those “values” stigmatize minorities?

Can freedom of speech go too far?

Free speech is the right to say what we want. The right to voice our own opinions through any medium we may so choose. But can free speech go too far? Many people have many different views on that subject.   Some believe that if it encroaches on an individuals’ basic human rights then it has passed the line.   Others believe it doesn’t matter; there are no lines that exist. These are very different ideologies and the possible grey area between is quit extensive as well.

Back to School

published: October, 11, 2011 Categories // Revolving Door

In this guest post, Editor Brad Crelia revisits his old school, remembers starting a gay-straight alliance there and checks in on how that group looks today.

Back to School

Originally posted by Brad Crelia on on September 22, 2011. Brad Crelia is the Editor/Publisher of Check out their site here. Back in 2000 I started a GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance] called Spectrum at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, WA; it wasn’t easy. There was a divide between the Principal and Mr. Roberts, the school’s drama teacher, Dr. Dupper, my school counsellor and myself. The three of us against him. GSAs were still fairly new and Spokane was and stil

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