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Open to everyone, UB2?

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Matt Thomas writes in fab magazine on racism and other self-defeating traits accepted in our community.

Open to everyone, UB2? says : The following editorial by Matt Thomas (below, left) first appeared in fab magazine’s October 12, 2011 edition. We liked it a lot, so we wanted to give it another airing.  It speaks eloquently to the casual racism that sometimes exists in how we relate to others different to ourselves. For HIV-negative guys  - and those who think they are  – sometimes people living with HIV are outsiders in UB2-land too.,  For UB2-land can be a place where b

An urgent call: click to support anti-criminalization measures

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The Ontario Working Group on Criminal Law and HIV Exposure again needs your help in convincing the Ontario Attorney General that prosecutorial guidelines are needed to reduce the number of HIV criminalization charges.

An urgent call: click to support anti-criminalization measures

Thank you for endorsing the Ontario Working Group on Criminal Law and HIV Exposure (CLHE) campaign urging Ontario’s Attorney General to develop prosecutorial guidelines for Crown prosecutors handling allegations of HIV non-disclosure. We now need your urgent help once again – please re-sign the guideline call today at In December 2010, Chris Bentley, the former Attorney General, promised to develop guidelines. Since then, the Ministry of the Attorney Gen

Hello Work, Hello Parents

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Part 5 of American Brian the Shochusucker’s tale of the trials and tribulations of navigating the Japanese health care system – and life – after being diagnosed with HIV while living in Japan.

Hello Work, Hello Parents

It was late October, 2010 and Fall was in the air. The days were warm, with a bit of a chill at night. I had already been put on meds, for PCP pneumonia and to combat other types of infections. One I would only take once a week. I asked my Doctor about side effects. He thought I might be fine, but the mac might affect my stomach. I was thinking nausea, but as it turned out, after an hour of taking it, I felt as if I had been kicked in the stomach. I found that ginger ale helped. Every time I

Ask Andrew Sullivan Anything: Longevity

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He credits sleep, exercise, prayer, testosterone--and coconut M&M's.

Ask Andrew  Sullivan Anything: Longevity

The article "Longevity With HIV" By Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr. first appeared in AIDSmeds on October 27, 2011 Blogger extraordinaire and POZ cover boy Andrew Sullivan has posted another HIV-related video in his "Ask Me Anything" series on his blog, The Daily Dish. These videos give him an opportunity to personally respond to reader inquiries. Click here to watch his previous HIV-related video, in which he was asked: "When did you find out you had HIV?" In his

Cum Inside

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Interactive gay sex report from Manhunt sheds light on what gay men did when they last had sex

Cum Inside

  Did you know that 25% of gay men did not kiss their man on the mouth during their last sexual encounter? That 75% gave oral sex? That most men engaged in 5-9 sexual behaviours? Did you know that 61.3% of men like the taste of cum in their mouth? Or that 80.8% of men report they’ve swallowed cum? Did you know that 50.8% of men like the feel of cum inside them? That 58.9% of men have fantasized about a man cumming inside them. Or that 69.5% agree they would “only receive cum inside them

White House announcement: Ellen DeGeneres named new global AIDS envoy

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Says DeGeneres “I’m honoured. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go look up what "envoy" means.”

White House announcement: Ellen DeGeneres named new global AIDS envoy

  This story first appeared on the Oval (Tracking the Obama Presidency) website November 8, 2011. The Obama administration has a new face for its effort to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS around the world: Ellen DeGeneres. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made the surprise announcement Tuesday during a speech at the National Institute of Health. "Ellen is going to bring not only her sharp wit and her big heart, but her impressive TV audience and more than 8 million followers on Twitte

When to start HIV Treatment? New study suggests early isn’t better.

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Cohort Study: No AIDS-Free Survival Benefit to Starting HIV Treatment at CD4s of 500 or More

When to start HIV Treatment?  New study suggests early isn’t better.

  This article first appeared in unedited form in AIDSMeds October 11, 2011 Starting antiretroviral (ARV) therapy with a CD4 count above 500 doesn’t decrease the risk of AIDS or death from any cause—at least over an average follow-up period that approached five years—according to a new report from a large cohort study published in the September 26 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. For people living with HIV with CD4s below 350, the Concerted Action on SeroConversion to AIDS and

Canadian AIDS Society : call for participants

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Advisory Committee Members Needed for a Curriculum Support Project Targeted to Canadian High Schools

Canadian AIDS Society : call for participants

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is looking for individuals and organizations to sit on an advisory committee for a new HIV prevention technologies curriculum project. New HIV prevention technologies include microbicides, vaccines, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), medical male circumcision, and treatment as prevention. As this is an amendment to an already existing project, this is a six month commitment, with the project end date scheduled for March 31, 2012. A

Lack of clarity in law causing chill for those with HIV reports Toronto Professor

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A York University study is the first of its kind to examine the chilling consequences of criminalizing HIV non-disclosure for public health in Canada.

Lack of clarity in law causing chill for those with HIV reports Toronto Professor

Eric Mykhalovskiy (left), a sociology professor in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, is the author of “The problem of ‘significant risk’: Exploring the public health impact of criminalizing HIV non-disclosure", published in the journal Social Science & Medicine. For his study, Mykhalovskiy conducted interviews with 28 health-care and HIV service providers, and 28 people who are HIV-positive in the province of Ontario. He found there is a significant disconnect b

Making Breast Cancer Ads Hot

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Manly guys strip off to get womens attention – and perhaps a few gay eyes too - in funny but effective new video campaign .

Making Breast Cancer Ads Hot contributor Devan Nambiar sent us the link to this one and although breast cancer is outside our beat normally, we just had to share it. Click on the video below and you’ll see why. Even the credits are a hoot! calls it "the hottest breast examination video ever." Did you watch this one?  I mean REALLY watch it?  When was the last time you watched an HIV prevention ad this closely? Are the breast cancer peeps on to something?  You be the judge.  

When money issues threaten to shut down agencies

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Guest writer Iain Murtagh is seeing his agency – the Crescent, in Hertfordshire, England – squeezed out as funding cuts lead to unwanted mergers. Where will his clients go?

When money issues threaten to shut down agencies

The Herts Advertizer.  July 2, 2011: The HIV clinic threatened with closure after losing the majority of its funding has vowed to stay open after committed staff pledged to remain with the St Albans centre.The Crescent lost most of its funding from the county council when a decision was made to offer a single county-wide service which was awarded to HertsAid, whose headquarters are in Ware. The Crescent, which provides those living with HIV and their families with support and advice, was shoc

Can freedom of speech go too far?

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Guest writer Randy Verdone is all for free speech but finds offence in ultra-right wing ads which claim to represent “Canadian values”. And what about when those “values” stigmatize minorities?

Can freedom of speech go too far?

Free speech is the right to say what we want. The right to voice our own opinions through any medium we may so choose. But can free speech go too far? Many people have many different views on that subject.   Some believe that if it encroaches on an individuals’ basic human rights then it has passed the line.   Others believe it doesn’t matter; there are no lines that exist. These are very different ideologies and the possible grey area between is quit extensive as well.

Back to School

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In this guest post, Editor Brad Crelia revisits his old school, remembers starting a gay-straight alliance there and checks in on how that group looks today.

Back to School

Originally posted by Brad Crelia on on September 22, 2011. Brad Crelia is the Editor/Publisher of Check out their site here. Back in 2000 I started a GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance] called Spectrum at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, WA; it wasn’t easy. There was a divide between the Principal and Mr. Roberts, the school’s drama teacher, Dr. Dupper, my school counsellor and myself. The three of us against him. GSAs were still fairly new and Spokane was and stil

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