The return of Furry Friends Friday

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Olate Dogs win over national audience – and me, says Bob Leahy.

The return of Furry Friends Friday

If you’ve been with us since the VERY early days of (anyone have bragging rights to that much stamina/tolerance/patience?) you may remember we had a regular feature called Furry Friends Friday This reflected that a) we  - or at least your editor – like(s) dogs.  b) by the end of the week we had absolutely nothing to say, so we turned to posting cute animal pics. Some things never change. But seriously,  I’d hate to see our long standing tradition of regularly hon

Chatty CATIE: Best In Show

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From CATIE’s The Positive Side, five people with HIV tell the truth about cats and dogs.

Chatty CATIE: Best In Show

This article first appeared in The Positive Side, a publication of CATIE. Une version française est disponible ici.  Interviews by RonniLyn Pustil Mark Lipton, 43, Toronto, HIV+: 17 years Dog: Bingo Falafel Lipton, 14 Breed: Rat terrier Nicknames: Bingus, Bakalaka, Mr. Handsome. What made you decide to get a pet? I didn’t. My ex-boyfriend came home one day in 1998 and said: “I got you a present. This will save your life.” And he presented me with this crazy puppy he had resc

PHA Diary

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A full life. John Henry Rombough-Davie with excerpts from his recent daily diary

May 07, 2012 CAT BITE FOLLOW-UP Well, I got a good bill of health from the hospital this morning, my wound is healing quite quickly…………but I’m being put on one more bout of oral antibiotics just to be safe, because of me being HIV+.  It was an extremely long week waiting in emergency four hours per day for the first three days.  I was then given home care for the rest of the week.  While I was there this morning to be reassessed, our lovely Karaoke Host sat beside me.  She was

Life goes on . . .

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John Henry Rombough-Davie is picking up the pieces after a life-changing experience acting in The Laramie Project – Ten Years Later.

Hello again everyone.  I’m so angry with myself………………2 days following the performances I found myself on the wrong end of a cat fight. A week ago I woke up early  - it was 7:30 am  - and headed outside with my coffee and cig, and of course the two cats for their morning feeding on grass in the front yard. Yes, this would be Digby and JD that I spoke about in one of my previous blogs.  They both immediately went over to one spot along the fence and I thought they were checki

Heavy Petting

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Bob Leahy takes a look at the importance of pets in our lives – why and how they work to make us healthier - and drags out his three pooches to illustrate his point.

Heavy Petting

Bob Leahy with (left to right), Dudley, Dougall and Peggy Many people living with HIV have written about the importance of the pets in their life.  But we tend to talk about that comfort, that support they provide in general terms.  Exactly how does that support work, though?  And are some pets better at it than others?  Today, I’m going to drag my three critters in to the picture to help me out. I’ve actually had a long history with pet therapy. Our black lab Baxter, now gone to pet

Things that help us through life

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John Henry Rombough-Davie thinks back to the animal friends who have made a difference in his HIV journey.

Wow, next year will mark the 20th anniversary with respect to being one of many long time survivors of this debilitating disease we call HIV/AIDS.  If you told me the day that I was diagnosed that I’d be here writing about it today, I would have had to laugh through the tears. I loved an article written by guest Philip Solanki that emphasized 10 reasons why he was OK with being HIV+.  I suppose I could list 10, maybe even 20, reasons myself but like I said before there i

Clever dogs!

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When editors have a slow news day - this is what happens. Meet Uggie the dog, but first the also-rans……..

Clever dogs!

I have three dogs (above, in party mode) and they can do lots of tricks - well, if "sit", "stay" (sometimes), and root around the garbage looking for food count. They are good at sleeping too. One of them – Dougall our chocolate lab – is  actually quite smart; labs are like that.  Sometimes  I think they are wiser than I am.  Our two basset hounds Dudley and Peggy?  Not so much.  Bassets are not known for their intelligence, more for their nasty breath. 

Continuing our spotlight on Pet Therapy: PositiveLite’s LA friend Kengi and pal Dodger

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“Dodger is a rescue, when he came to me he was pretty beat up. He had stitches all over. He looked a bit sad too. In many ways he reminded me of myself - homeless, scared, badly broken and in need of love.”

Continuing our spotlight on Pet Therapy: PositiveLite’s LA friend Kengi and pal Dodger

I have to be completely honest and say that I almost sent Bob an email letting him know that I would not be able to write this article. The very same day he asked me to write it turned out to be the very same day I lost someone very dear to me. Someone who was the inspiration behind my Unplugging HIV outreach. Someone who was my HIV peer support, but more than this, someone who I considered my friend. The very same day I said "yes I would write this article" is the same day about 6 hours later

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