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Let’s hear it for the neggies

published: October, 18, 2010 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

In an idea shamelessly borrowed (OK, stolen) from Mark S. King of My Fabulous Disease, Bob Leahy joins in singing the praises of our negative brothers.

I don’t know, so much time, so much energy is concentrated on us pozzies that negative guys (aka neggies) must sometimes feel left out, no? When we do acknowledge their existence, nine times out of ten it’s in the context of condom usage, sexual health or risk behaviours. Bleh. Neggies are, in fact, often looked on as statistics, as potential pozzies, and not much more, without acknowledging that the neggie identity is way more complicated, and more importantly praiseworthy, than that. Let

Roberto Alomar: is he still playing games?

published: October, 13, 2010 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

I’m no sports fan, but when an iconic baseball player, an ex-Toronto Blue Jay no less, is accused of doing the nasty nastily, I’m all ears. You too?

@font-face { font-family: "Calibri"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-size: 11pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Now it hasn’t been proven that Roberto Alomar is HIV-positive; in the story that follows, his lawyer has declined to comment.  Wouldn’t it do all of us a favour though, if Alomar came out one way or another?  In the past, talking specifically about AIDS, he has said that he does

Squashed out from receiving disability? The new realities . . .

published: September, 24, 2010 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

News from the States suggests it’s going to get much harder to qualify for HIV-related disability. In fact if you are newly diagnosed and your numbers look good . . .

 . . . , it sounds like it’s going to be pretty hard to get. It’s not yet clear what impact the suggested new guidelines for those already on disability will have, but it’s hard not to feel a little nervous about that. You can read the POZ story which talks about all this here.: I mentioned this is a US story. But what happens in the US in the world of HIV can ultimately affect us pozzies in Canada. (I know “pozzies” is hardly a technical term, but sometimes I just tire of the a

GRATITUDE: People who say they happy to be HIV+ Am I?

published: September, 17, 2010 Categories // Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

The subject of gratitude for this edition of my musings on Poz Prevention sparked a lively conversation with regard to those that will state that they are happy that they are HIV+

They are glad that HIV came into their lives.  At first glance you may think there is a typo; but no.  There are those that say that being diagnosed HIV+ changed their lives for the better. My own diagnosis came on the heels of my partners’ diagnosis and also the diagnosis of our children.  To embrace HIV as a positive thing in my life at that time one would think ludicrous. I loathe the fact that my partners and one son succumbed to AIDS.  I abhor the stigma that still

The Pope is in London - and the gloves are off

published: September, 19, 2010 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

The article which follows is by Ben Goldacre, a science writer and psychiatrist from the UK who has made a name for himself exposing bad science. The story, sharply criticizing the pope’s stand on condoms . . . .

The Pope is in London - and the gloves are off

 . . . . appeared in the Guardian September 11, 2010.  It doesn’t mince words. In it Goldacre challenges the current Pope’s claim  - Goldacre  calls it "ludicrous" - that “the most effective presence on the front in the battle against HIV/AIDS is the Catholic church and her institutions."   Instead he labels the Pope  “a serious global public health problem." So the gloves are off. I offer the story here without comment.  "Thi

Treatment as Prevention: Pulling the Wool?

published: September, 16, 2010 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

The debate over treatment as prevention is heating up. To quote last week’s news story in AIDSmap “Canadian researchers have published a large cohort study indicating that higher uptake of antiretroviral therapy might reduce HIV transmission

 . .  .  considerably  in some populations."  You can read the full article here.  Note that the headline is ”HIV Diagnoses fall as treatment expands in British Columbia”. Sounds like a cause-and-effect thing, doesn’t it? Sounds like that over on the west coast they’ve found the answer to halting the epidemic.  Or have they?   First I need to be upfront with my biases. I’m someone who finds the "treatment as prevention" issue problematic.

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