Why it is important to have HIV treatment guidelines

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Canada doesn’t have its own treatment guidelines, so there are no recommended standard treatments or start dates. Is this good? details Swiss research which identifies factors associated with the use of non-recommended HIV therapy

Why it is important to have HIV treatment guidelines

This article by Michael Carter first appeared on here.  New Swiss research shows the importance of observing antiretroviral treatment guidelines, even in people who have well-controlled HIV infection. Published in the online edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, the study demonstrated that toxicities and concerns about long-term side-effects were common reasons for switching to recommended treatment. CD4 cell count, viral load and adherence either remain

My HIV test

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Guest Elizabeth Parr, a local councillor in the UK, decided to take a home HIV test, the kind that is available there, where one sends off a blood specimen by mail to await notification of the result online. Here is her report

My HIV test

On the 1st of December (World AIDS Day) I decided to order a free HIV home test. I am heterosexual and have been in a monogamous relationship with my partner for 7 years. Even though I am in a low-risk group, I was shocked to read the latest news from the British HIV Association that new diagnoses of HIV in heterosexuals where the infection was probably acquired in the UK is around 50%, almost double 2002 levels.  I ordered my test from who was giving up to 100 a


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Only half of people on HIV treatment fit 'Swiss Statement' criteria for non-infectiousness in US study, reports


This article first appeared on here. Republished with permission.   A study of a sample of predominantly African-American people with HIV in the US has found that, in those taking antiretroviral therapy (ART), only 51% met the criteria for non-infectiousness set by the Swiss Statement of January 2008. This study (published in HIV Medicine), though small, underlines other findings that African Americans are missing out on the benefits of ART. The high proportion of people with d

Australia’s Grim Reaper campaign continues to disgust

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Bowling balls from hell: remembering the ultimate AIDS scare campaign from Australia in 1987, with Christopher Banks

The black décor of a bowling alley from hell.  Pins are mechanically lowered onto a platform, but they’re not bowling pins.   They are people: very specific kinds of people. White, middle-class heterosexual families – men, women, children. Especially children. A lingering close-up of a blond girl with pigtails, her eyes streaming with tears fill the screen and burns into our retinas with all the subtlety of a punch to the face.  A gloomy voiceover from Satan himself intones “A

Africa 420 (The Africa Diaries) Part Three

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Ed Wolf returns to Africa to follow-up with the counselors he helped trained earlier in 2011 for an HIV vaginal gel microbicide trial.

You can read part one and part two by clicking on the Related Articles links below.   November 3, 2011   I’m heading to SFO within the hour, returning to South Africa to follow-up with the counselors we trained in April & August. It’ll be summer there now, and I’ll be spending more time outside of the bigger cities, into the more rural areas. I’ll post my impressions and photos when I can. When I return, I’ll have a few days to rest up, and then into the hospital for a knee

MMK Reflections

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How Philippine TV celebrated World AIDS Day, with a special AIDS-themed episode which struck home with our young guest contributor Pinoy Positive

MMK Reflections

Maalaala Mo Kaya (Would You Remember) is the longest-running drama anthology series in Philippine television. It has been on air since 1991. The show accepts stories from letter writers, and picks exceptional ones to present in TV format. To mark World AIDS Day, their episode this  December 1 was entitled Pulang Laso (Red Ribbon). It is quite rare for a TV station in a conservative country like ours to present a story involving a sensitive topic such as HIV/AIDS. It presented the true stor

World AIDS Day 2012

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In a stunningly written piece, our senior writer Ed Wolf tells us he is recovering from surgery but he’s imagining where he would like to be on World AIDS Day if he could be out and about.

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November!” Thomas Hood 1844 Tamara sticks a needle in my arm and begins drawing four tubes of blood. I’m coming back to this hospital next week for a left knee replacement and there are a lot of tests that need to be done beforehand. Tamara speaks with an accent and I ask her if she’s from Russia. She says yes and I tell her I’ve just returned from Ukraine. We get into a discussion about gay r

Fixing Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime

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Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network on “What you need to know about Bill C-398”.

Fixing Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime

Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR) was a unanimous pledge by Parliament to help people dying in developing countries because they lack access to affordable medicines. So far, it has delivered only one medicine to one country since Parliament created it more than 8 years ago (in May 2004). CAMR is clearly not working; it needs to be reformed to address the unnecessary deficiencies and limitations that have rendered it cumbersome and user-unfriendly for both developing countries and th

Walking with Dab The AIDS Bear

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Danny Miller with a first-hand account, with photos, of what it was like taking part in the Washington D.C. AIDS Walk.

On October 27th 2012 thousands and thousands of people all gathered together in Memorial Plaza, Washington DC for the annual AIDS Walk DC which benefits Whitman-Walker Clinic, one of the best HIV treatment centers on the east coast. This blogger was there with four of my closest friends as well as my Dab the AIDS Bear Darby as “Team Special” (don’t ask, we had already had way too much coffee when we came up with the team name). It was a beautiful fall day, perfect weather for so ma

Africa 420 (The Africa Diaries) Part Two

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Follow along on the second part of the journey as Ed Wolf arrives in Uganda, part of a mission to provide training tools for counseling women participating in HIV microbicide (vaginal gels) trials. He used Facebook to keep a record of his experiences.

Part One saw Ed leave his native San Francisco and fly to Johannesburg and then on to Durban and Kampala, Uganda. You can read that episode here. April 18  On the flight to Uganda yesterday I got up to stretch my legs. I stood back in the galley area, near the toilets, looking out the window. We were flying over a vast confluence. Two mighty rivers, flowing into a delta, all merging together to form a magnificent waterway. There were no roads or houses as far as I could see. Just mile after

Not Cheering Over Here

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Ken Monteith like the recent gains in same sex marriage status in some states in the USA, but the process leaves him cold. “Human rights protection is not something that you submit to a popular vote” he says.

Not Cheering Over Here

To many, it must seem like the recent US elections were a great victory for the LGBT community. Not only did they bring a victory for Obama, responsible for removing a number of impediments to equality, albeit after a great deal of pushing by the community, but also a number of remarkable victories for other openly gay or lesbian candidates.  Your mind might have gone directly to the marriage votes when I brought up those elections. Maine voters decided to allow the state to issue marriage l

Know the risk

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What’s the risk when gay men fuck and don’t use condoms? A new campaign looks at the ways gay men use to reduce the risk of HIV transmission, with a Risk Calculator anyone can use that comes up with results that may surprise. Bob Leahy checks it out.

Know the risk

It’s sexy on the surface – and that’s good - but scratch below the skin and you’ll find there’s much that’s new – and controversial -  in an Australian campaign designed to help gay men seriously understand the risks associated with unprotected sex and the strategies they can use to reduce the risk. That approach isn’t new in itself, but the risk assessments are. They’ll challenge what you thought you knew. Is fucking without a condom ALWAYS high risk, for instance?  Think

Armageddon, averted: America votes

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Michael Bouldin: “One thing, however, is clear: the sound defeat of Republican presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney is enormously important to this country for quite a few reasons.” Including HIV.

Armageddon, averted: America votes

As you may have heard, the U.S. Presidential election is over at last, after an epic two-year slog. Now, because our Byzantine system of governance baffles even many Americans, and given the stakes – for us, our friends and our neighbors – I thought I’d explain some of the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the system to readers. Key to understanding it is that America is not actually a democracy, it is a republic substantially devised at the end of the Eighteenth Century

Big day

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Danny Miller is happy that his home state, Maryland, has finally adopted same-sex marriage. But for Danny, it’s a bittersweet victory.

So November 6th was our big election day here in The States. Americans went out in record numbers to vote! On the ballot? President, Senate, local government, legalizing marijuana, gambling and same-sex marriage. Well, Barack Obama was re-elected president; we have our first openly gay congress woman.  Two states legalized marijuana, but the big news is we now have three more states in which gay marriage is legal! WHOOP WHOOP! Maryland has the distinction of being one of those states; we

Africa 420 (The Africa Diaries) Part One

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Ed Wolf travelled to Africa in 2011 to provide training tools for staff who were engaged in counseling women participating in HIV microbicide trails. He used Facebook to keep a record of his experiences.

May 4, 2011. I was hired last year, April 2011, to be a training consultant for the MTN (Microbicide Treatment Network) to help create and facilitate a series of trainings for their clinical trial staff in South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The trials were trying to assess the effectiveness of microbicidal vaginal gels, products that could someday help women protect themselves from HIV in situations where condoms were not an option. My colleague R and I were asked to deliver trainings that f

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