The Theatre of the Absurd: UK Judge jails man for 14 months for passing on herpes infection

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Are the courts themselves guilty in aiding and abetting the spread of sexually transmitted dieseases . They certainly aren’t helping, says Bob Leahy, of the latest debacle in the criminalization saga. And, he says, perhaps it’s time to get angry.

The Theatre of the Absurd: UK Judge jails man for 14 months for passing on herpes infection

It's a bit of  a public health nightmare. We KNOW we have a problem with getting HIV infection rates under control. We KNOW we have a problem with STI’s generally. But are the courts helping the process  - or themselves contributing to new infection rates in sexually transmitted infections, meanwhile happily stigmatizing people coping with those diseases. I’d say yes on both counts. But I’m far from alone on this: read the comments which follow. But first let’s review the lat

A senior moment: sero-conversion late in life.

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John McCullagh on being diagnosed with HIV in later life.

A senior moment: sero-conversion late in life.

I’m a senior citizen and a gay man living with HIV. I’m not the only gay HIVer of my generation, of course, but I’m perhaps different from most in that I was diagnosed with HIV at an older age, rather than when I was in my 20s, 30s or 40s. Growing old gracefully while livinng with HIV is the issue that frames my life. Being diagnosed with HIV in later life was not as scary as it would have been if I’d received the news ten or more years earlier, as many of my friends had. That’s bec

Exercise Guidelines for People with HIV Over 50

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Don't just sit there. Read this. (This article first appeared on August 16, 2011)

Exercise Guidelines for People with HIV Over 50

A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises, three times a week for at least six weeks, is recommended to improve cardiovascular, metabolic and muscle function in people living with HIV older than 50 years of age, according to suggested guidelines published ahead of print by the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. A great deal has been written about the potential benefits of regular exercise, particularly for older individuals living with, or at risk for, various age-relat

Depression and anxiety – the ugly sisters

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Viral Load Warrior says he's always suffered from depression but his HIV diagnosis made it worse. Much, much worse. He’s much better now though. Find out why.

I’ve managed depression and anxiety since my late teens.  Throughout my twenties, and early thirties, I became skilled at using various techniques to challenge my negative thinking, coupling this with anti-depressants to kick-start and keep my brain juices flowing in the right direction.  Everything was going swimmingly... Until my HIV diagnosis.   When I was diagnosed with HIV, I started to feel what control I had slipping through my fingers.  HIV provided me with f

Did HIV take away my trim and youthful figure?

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Wayne Bristow says “In this picture of me I barely recognize myself. What the hell happened?

Did HIV take away my trim and youthful figure?

I've often made statements like, "I'm in shape, just not a popular shape", or "this is what a mature waist-line looks like" and then there was my infamous "this isn't a belly, it’s my six-pack abs protector". Now I have a newer one, "it’s not the jeans I'm wearing that make me look fat, it's the fat!" So enough of me joking around about my weight; it just might be time to find a way to control this weight gain/wasting thing. (How can they put me in that category of wasting when I am clearl


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Ken Monteith reports on a Quebec campaign addressing the Canadian lifetime ban on gay men donating blood. But Ken is wondering just how discriminatory is that ban? Like what benefits are we missing out on?


How do you feel about the lifetime ban on gay men giving blood? One young man in Montréal has mounted a campaign against this ban, which he sees as discriminatory, and the campaign is cheeky, clever, and quite well done. First the background (the short version). Thirty years ago, as we were just learning about HIV, it got into the blood supply, resulting in many infections of people receiving transfusions and other blood products, many billions of dollars in compensation and the removal of th

Evidence of trial effects in HIV clinical trials

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Does taking part in a clinical trail influence or change your behaviour enough to skew the outcomes?

A study published earlier this month by researchers at the University of North Carolina has confirmed the existence of trial effects in trials for the treatment of HIV. The researchers, led by Dr Prema Menezes, define trial effects as occurring ‘when study participants experience a benefit merely by the act of trial participation’. Trial effects may arise because of a number of factors. Treatment effect refers to when participants in a trial experience greater benefits because the treatmen

Dealing with that "HIV Look"

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Mark S King tackles facial wasting or lipodystrophy again with on-camera testing of a new facial filler product

Dealing with that

This is a an excerpt from an article first appearing in Mark’s regular blog, My Fabulous Disease, here. Several years ago, I told someone that I was HIV positive before I agreed to his invitation for a date. “Yeah, I know,” he casually replied, and then he looked a little embarrassed, as if he shouldn’t have said it. It was too late, of course; I knew exactly what he meant. He knew my HIV status because of the appearance of my face. I was crestfallen, and felt something close to shame

Kaleidoscopes and Stethoscopes

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Don Short says he likes to mix it up but “I have become fierce in protecting ME time to make sure my whole existence doesn’t revolve around HIV.”

It’s a colourful life experience when you are juggling your health concerns with life’s simple pleasures. The weekly calendar should have room for fun activities to counteract the must-do of managing HIV. We juggle doctor appointments, short or long bouts of episodic illness, and moments when the get-up-and-go has got up and left! Yet, we press on, knowing life is more than dealing with this stuff. We have to have fun, enjoy hobbies and pastimes, and stay engaged with meeting people and be

Common Lab Tests for HIVers and Why You May Need Them

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Don’t understand why all those vials of blood are taken, what the tests are and what the results tell your doctor - and you? This will really help.

Common Lab Tests for HIVers and Why You May Need Them

This article by D. Gregory Smith first appeared in The Blierico Project . The Bilerico Project is the web's largest LGBTQ group blog with dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and genderqueer contributors.  Check ithe website out.  It's highly recommended.  HIV-infected persons have a lot to deal with. It can be hard to think about - and even harder to talk about. There's a lot to know about this disease and it can be overwhelming. Because it can be, we may

Continuing our spotlight on Pet Therapy: PositiveLite’s LA friend Kengi and pal Dodger

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“Dodger is a rescue, when he came to me he was pretty beat up. He had stitches all over. He looked a bit sad too. In many ways he reminded me of myself - homeless, scared, badly broken and in need of love.”

Continuing our spotlight on Pet Therapy: PositiveLite’s LA friend Kengi and pal Dodger

I have to be completely honest and say that I almost sent Bob an email letting him know that I would not be able to write this article. The very same day he asked me to write it turned out to be the very same day I lost someone very dear to me. Someone who was the inspiration behind my Unplugging HIV outreach. Someone who was my HIV peer support, but more than this, someone who I considered my friend. The very same day I said "yes I would write this article" is the same day about 6 hours later

Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged

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Viral Load Warrior has decided he wants to jump back in to the UK workforce. Here is how he got to that point.

At the time of my HIV diagnosis, I was finding my feet professionally and gaining success in my field. Independent, I was focused on the future and where I wanted to be. After my diagnosis and admission to hospital, I returned to work fairly soon after. I decided not to inform my manager, mainly because I was myself uncomfortable with the knowledge of my status, and came to the conclusion that informing my manager would lead to my becoming more paranoid than I already was. Over time, my ailing

Philippines warns against geckos as AIDS treatment

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Want to buy some genetly used geckos? (PositiveLIte brings you all the news that's fit to print. And then there is this.)

Philippines warns against geckos as AIDS treatment

(AP) – Jul 14, 2011  MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines warned Friday against using geckos to treat AIDS and impotence, saying the folkloric practice in parts of Asia may put patients at risk. Environmental officials have also expressed alarm about the growing trade in the wall-climbing lizards in the Philippines. An 11-ounce (300-gram) gecko reportedly sells for at least 50,000 pesos ($1,160). Geckos are reportedly exported to Malaysia, China and South Korea, where they are u

IAS ROME 2011: The Latest on Lipodystrophy

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A rapid review of a poster looking at trends in lipodystrophy.

IAS ROME 2011: The Latest on Lipodystrophy

Lipodystrophy is the fat accumulation around areas such as the belly, and the neck, where it is commonly known as "buffalo hump".  It is quite common in people living with HIV. This Brian Finch video relates to a 12-year cohort study in Australia which tracked the prevalence of liposystropohy over time.  It covers  prevalence (how common ther condition is) , weight gains, waist measuments, cholestreol levels, aging and many other factors.

Brian's first post from IAS2011 in Rome

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Day One

Brian's first post from IAS2011 in Rome

PositiveLite reports:  Pardon the late-posting.  This late post was a victim of the many communications snafus Brain experienced in Rome. It showed up only just now. First report out of the Rome IAS 2011. I have to admit this has been a very difficult conference, first with communications being next to impossible, I was not able to post in the way I wanted to.Then my subject at hand, when to start treatment, doesn't really have a lot of new things to add to the discussion. Basically

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