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Cough, cold and flu prevention and treatment

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Tips and tricks from Toronto naturopath Timothy Swift on how to stay healthy this winter

Cough, cold and flu prevention and treatment

  Hand washing:  Hand washing is the first line of defense against the cold and flu season.  Watch the video below to see how it is done correctly.  Coughing/sneezing into your sleeve:  This technique does a few things:  It keeps your hands from absorbing all the germs and it reduces your spray circle significantly. Sneezes can be propelled at between 20 and 100 mph (150km/hr). What this means is that when someone sneezes, people within 30 feet of them

Morning Wood

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Danny Miller and the joys – or not – of post-op pleasuring.

Well it’s been a while but I’m back. As most of you may know from past posts I have been fighting some big health issues most of this year. I think I have actually spent more time in the hospital than at home since January. But finally all of that is coming to an end. At the end of August I had a major surgery that is going to put an end to all that has been causing so many issues and interrupting my life. For the last 4 years I have been battling major chronic pancreatitis due to two p

"Premature aging" and HIV: Dispelling myths and calculating risk

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Here's the bottom line on "accelerated aging" among people with HIV: It's probably not as bad as you think.

This article by Myles Helfand first appeared in here.   Plenty of scary headlines have made their way across the Internet in recent years, decrying the body-decaying effects of getting older and portraying the sense that HIV (or HIV meds) causes people to suffer these problems at far higher rates far earlier in their lives. And by "far earlier," some experts felt we were talking as many as 20 years earlier, according to some of the first research that explored the issue.

Starting your journey with HIV

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A Video Blog by Nelson Vergel, living with HIV since 1983, with advice for the newly diagnosed.

Starting your journey with HIV

This article by Nelson Vergel first appeared on here.  Finding out that one is HIV positive is an overwhelming and scary experience. Unless you know empowered HIV-positive people who can help you navigate the next steps to gain control of HIV, searching for information on the Internet and at support groups can be a daunting experience. And most HIV primary care clinics are so burdened that they have limited time to educate someone about how to stay healthy with HIV. As fundi

How to live well with HIV

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John McCullagh talks with Robin Rhodes of ACT about his agency’s monthly educational workshops for people living with HIV - workshops that are now webcast across Canada and around the world.

How to live well with HIV

For those of us who work or volunteer in the HIV sector, there are often opportunities to attend workshops and conferences about new developments in HIV prevention and treatment and, for those of us living with HIV, on managing our heath in all of its dimensions - physical, emotional and spiritual. For most other HIVers though, such opportunities are not as readily available, due to cost, time, location or inclination. This is where the Community Health Forums put on by the AIDS Committee of

Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs

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Daniel Uy on popping pills, doing acid, and drinking back big gulps of chemical delights.

Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs

Since Sex was such a popular column, I thought perhaps drugs may be appealing too.  There was a time in my life when I had to recognize that food was not enough for me.  I’m not the best cook, nutritionist or dietitian in the world, or probably even on my block, but I would like to say I that I have some basic idea of how to get food into me.  But never enough of the right stuff, it seems.  And when that included juggling medications and two hours before or one hour after and with food

The Evil and the Underhanded

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It’s official: HIV is a danger to public health which means that HIV drugs for refugee claimants will be covered. But there's a catch. Ken Monteith says the new Canadian regulations mix the good and the very, very bad.

The Evil and the Underhanded

I'm writing this on the first day of the application of new rules for the (Canadian) Federal Interim Health Program and I am saddened by what has become of this country. "Happy Canada Day! You no longer have health care, refugee claimants!"  Just to be clear and not to be accused of exaggeration, let me outline my understanding of the changes that have come into force. Some refugee claimants will be entitled to certain kinds of doctor visits, while others will not have those covered (if they

I’m sure you mean well…

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Denis Robinson on well meaning people who offer advice but know very little . .

 . . . And everything you say is meant with good intentions and not in any way meant to upset or undermine, however there are times it just comes across as presumptuous and patronizing. I am talking about people who when entering discussions with people who on a daily basis manage chronic conditions decide that it’s wise to enlighten us or question our methods of managing these conditions.  The actual condition that the person being lectured has is almost irrelevant; it could range from

Turning a Blind Eye to Smoking No Longer

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Smoking, common in our community, harms HIVers' health more than any other factor. So Bob Leahy comes out swinging against ASOs who don’t help HIVers stop smoking

Turning a Blind Eye to Smoking No Longer

This article first appeared in Bob’s column on The Body here. It's time, I'm afraid, to turn a critical gaze on those with HIV who smoke -- but more importantly those service providers who ignore that life-threatening issue. Because where we are now as a community on this issue, a community who should be leaders in promoting healthy choices is, frankly, third-rate. There, I've said it. Stop reading, unfriend me. Call me a bore. But no matter, I'm joining the painfully thin ranks of those w

Faith in Numbers

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Denis Robinson: “I got some amazing news yesterday. News I wasn’t expecting. In fact I was expecting quite the reverse of what I in fact heard.”

If you read my post ‘Higher Ground’  on the site a few weeks back you will know I have been going through a difficult time of late, mired with feelings of depression, followed up by some health problems which have been a nuisance more than anything else but unfortunately there is still to be a diagnosis on what has been the cause of them. And until there is, it is causing me a certain amount of concern.  Also been dealing with some emotional stuff the last couple of weeks that seems lik

My doctor

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Denise Becker has a famous doctor, a former head of the International AIDS Society and one of the world’s most respected HIV researchers. We have featured him on before. His name is Dr Julio Montaner.

I first met Dr. Julio Montaner around 1996.  He was giving a talk at the International AIDS conference in Vancouver; a few of my friends had told me it would be worth my while to attend his HIV “Up-Date”.  I listened and soon realized that he was an incredible leader in the scientific fight against HIV.  What I discovered over the next few years took me by surprise, a side of Dr. Montaner I had not suspected - that of a humanitarian and a doctor who cared deeply about his patients.  W

Tribulations on a Trial

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Denis Robinson with news of a recent heath scare.

A few weeks back I developed a strange numbness and tingling sensation, located mid-back. It wrapped itself around my torso and caused a little discomfort. Although there were no topical signs of inflammation I at first thought I might be developing shingles, but having witnessed this on other people, after a while of waiting for a rash to appear, I realized that it wasn’t.  This sensation went on with various levels of discomfort for about two weeks. T he best way I have to describe it is

Million-Dollar Smile

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Ron Rosenes knows that good dental care is critical for people with HIV, but the cost has him grimacing.

Million-Dollar Smile

This article first appeared in The Positive Side, a publication of CATIE.   Une version française est disponible ici.  AS IF TRYING to age gracefully with HIV — at 63, I have lived with the virus for 29 years now — weren’t a sufficient challenge, I find myself facing a growing effort and cost to maintain the health of my teeth and gums. And there is good reason to put my money where my mouth is: Good oral health is integral to our overall health and well-being. A case in point: At

Sober – The New Danny

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Danny Miller says ``Sometimes I could get my drink on and be fine, no sick, no pain, and no hospital. But that was all just luck of the draw. When it all came down to hard facts, for me, drinking was a stupid, irresponsible thing to be doing.``

So for the last four years my doctor has been badgering me about drinking. Telling me that I REALLY need to quit doing it. That all my problems concerning my pancreas and it’s cyst all come back to drinking. That drinking causes my pancreas to produce extreme excess amounts of the enzyme lipase which then lands me in the hospital with pancreatitis, unable to eat anything but small amounts of ice chips and consume no beverages of any kind, not even water. (Ice chips are made of water so I’m

HIV and the Older Patient

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New US HIV Treatment Guidelines which discuss when to start antiretroviral therapy also include an important new section on HIV and the older patient.

HIV and the Older Patient

Editor’s note:  The most eye-catching piece of information here – and this is new - is the statement that if you’re living with HIV, over 50 years of age and haven’t yet started antiretroviral (ARV) therapy, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services now recommend HIV treatment, regardless of your CD4 cell count. discussed the guidelines relating to the general  HIV-positive population here. Today we focus specifically on the section relating to HIV and aging

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