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Gay men and the internet.. What kind of HIV prevention messages work.

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Simon Rosser discusses HIV Online Prevention for Gay men with Brian Finch of Positive Lite at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2011 Research Conference.

Gay men and the internet..  What kind of HIV prevention messages work.

Explicit or not? Simon Rosser discusses online HIV prevention programming with Brian Finch of at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) Research Conference in Toronto, 2011.

Learning to be Positive

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Our stories are worth their weight in gold. Our new writer Nicholas Wise from Louisville, Kentucky writes about his own journey - from coming out gay while in the Marines to finding out he was HIV-positive to coming out to his mother,

Learning to be Positive

My name is Nicholas Wise.  I was asked to write about my story and how I got here.  I am a 34 year old HIV+ gay man living in Louisville, Kentucky.  I live with the struggles of HIV every day, yet I play an active part in bringing awareness of HIV/AIDS to everyone I come into contact with. To understand why I do what I do, you must first understand what I had to overcome. I am open, honest, and proud of my HIV status.  However, this hasn’t always been the case.  Pri


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Positively Dating on what happens when his best friend wants to become more than best friends, AND when Positively Dating wants to be more than best friends with his own good friend. (I know – it’s complicated.)


Courage is something that did not come in my genetic make-up. Don’t get me wrong; when push comes to shove I can become quite protective and stand-up for myself. I did manage to defend myself when attacked by two pre-teen muggers – round-house kicks and all. I am still proud of that moment! I am the type of person that still gets embarrassed walking in sex shops and I know it’s completely ridiculous but most times I even have my condoms delivered in a little brown box via If

The Long Road Home from Relapse

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Mark S. King: Explaining my relapse is beyond me, beyond logic, and yet here I sit, trying to understand and explain. It maddens me, the choices I have made, and reminds me that the disease most capable of killing me isn’t HIV, it is drug addiction.

The Long Road Home from Relapse

Florida highways have lovely rest stops.You would expect that from the Turnpike, where toll booths charge a premium every so often, but the manicured picnic areas continue even as you drive further north and onto I-75. I’m on a cement bench in a concession area, chomping down corn chips and a Mountain Dew, away from the dog walkers and the families gathered at picnic tables, when I notice that my jeans are gathered sloppily around my waistline, cinched so much tighter than before. How much

Homo-erotic underwear ads

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It’s not news that men’s underwear manufacturers use homo-eroticism to sell their product But does anyone do it better than C-in2, at least on the basis of the video we’re featuring today?

Homo-erotic underwear ads

The ad has a prisoners on the run theme – or something.  Prisoners  - pumped up, hugely attractive prisoners  - in skimpy designer underwear have been used before in C-IN2 brand vidoes.   I won’t show their previous video production , because frankly I find it both silly and disturbing.  The curious can find it here, though. Does the new one work?  I think it does. We only get glimpses of the product, and that’s clearly a strategic choice, because we e

Leaving in a hurry.

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Matters come to a head and he has to leave home. Part Four of Scott Foleys’s tale of an immigrant from the Caribbean seeking refugee status in Canada

In part three of Scott’s story, which you can read here he tells how, at eighteen, his family found out about his relationship with his boyfriend Joe and permanently grounded him as a result.. His grandfather is so mad that he attempts to strangle him. Scott: Is this really happening? I thought that I might be dreaming but a sharp stinging feeling in my throat woke me to reality. Although a couple days had passed I still felt my grandpa’s hands around my neck, shaking and choking me

An Interview with Jack Mackenroth

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Jack Mackenroth does a lot of interviews. Really, he does a fucking a lot. The handsome, well muscled Project Runway Season 4 contestant graciously gave some of his time and answered a few of our questions:

An Interview with Jack Mackenroth

This article first appeared on in October 2011, and is republished here with their permission. Brad Crelia, co-publisher and editor for, was the interviewer.  Brad Crelia: You really seem to be a jack of all trades, what’s your biggest passion in life? Jack Mackenroth: HAHAHA–so true!!  My passion IS life. I love so many things I do. I LOVE HIV education and helping others infected or affected by HIV. That will be a life long endeavour. But I also love

How aging might be the final frontier for making queer lives livable

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What does it mean for society at large and for queer communities in particular as a whole generation of gay men all age together? John McCullagh reports from the Opening the Closet on Aging conference held last week in Toronto.

How aging might be the final frontier for making queer lives livable

Last week, the Senior Pride Network (SPN) held its fourth conference on aging within the LGBTQ community at The 519 Community Centre in Toronto. The SPN is an association of individuals, organizations and community groups that share an interest in and a commitment to expanding positive and appropriate programs and services for older queer people. The conference was well-attended. Although seniors were in the majority, a surprising number of the delegates were far from their retirement years.

The Work Week Of An Activist

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Michael Burtch’s busy schedule of activism and volunteerism continues during World AIDS Awareness Week.

My busy month of work and volunteer commitments has continued with World AIDS Day events mostly monopolizing my time. Last Saturday I hosted another successful edition of The Magnet Party, kicking off World AIDS Awareness Week with the help of my co-worker David Mills, Ottawa University’s Patrick O'Byrne, and Centretown Pub. Then on Monday I co-facilitated a two hour workshop with Frédérique Chabot about the basics behind HIV for over 25 people at the AIDS Committee of Ottawa . On Th

A Caribbean Story – Part Three

published: November, 29, 2011 Categories // Gay Men, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Scott Foley, applying for refugee status in Canada, recounts his tentative exploration of the gay scene as a timid eighteen year-old – and what happens when he gets found out by his family!

A Caribbean Story – Part Three

Read part two of Scot Foley’s story here. Since that situation with my priest and my decision to accept my sexuality, I decided to carefully look for other gay guys to connect with. There must be other guys like me I thought. How do I meet other guys without risking my safety and revealing my identity?  The internet! I didn’t have access to a computer at home so I went to an internet café and sat in the back where it was empty and started prowling the internet for gay sites. I foun

Feature Interview: Bob Leahy talks sex with Todd Klinck

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In this candid interview, full of insights in to what makes him tick, Todd shares what it’s like being a young pro dom, making porn, running a pansexual playground with trans legend Mandy Goodhandy and much more.

Feature Interview: Bob Leahy talks sex with Todd Klinck

Todd Klinck is a well known figure in the Toronto alternative club scene, known too for his past work as a young dom in the sex trade, with a nightclub in the burbs featuring shemale strippers, for making porn with a kink twist, for being edgy and out - and outspoken, but he’s much more than that.  Here’s the Wikepedia version of Todd Klinck’s life Todd Klinck (born November 15, 1974 in Windsor, Ontario) is a Canadian writer, nightclub owner and pornography producer. Klinck moved t

Cleaning up on Black Friday

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Funny American guy Danny Miller, against his better judgment, goes to Target on Black Friday to buy a Christmas Tree and lights cheap. Did he make it? Read on.

So the holiday season has begun here in the States. Thanksgiving, (the last Thursday of November) is the kick off and the following day is perhaps the most ridiculous of all the days of the holiday season. It is the first official day of Christmas shopping, It is lovingly referred to as Black Friday. All the stores open at ungodly early hours and the masses turn out in droves to partake in all the super sized sales. Not having worked in retail and having an extreme loathing for shopping.

The Reluctant Activist. (A small man with a huge heart)

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The second in our UK man Denis Robinson’s series on unsung heroes of the HIV community

I first met Spike fourteen years ago. And although he wasn’t the first person I met who told me he was positive, he was the first person I met who told everyone he was positive.  I remember thinking it was a very brave thing to live as an OUT poz man.  For Spike, though, it wasn’t about bravery.  It was and is about integrity. We caught up recently so I could ask him some questions for this series of articles on HIV Heroes. Spike was diagnosed in May 1987.  At that tim

Just the facts – the Lambda Study

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Bob Leahy reports on a large scale study of gay mens’ sexual health in two large Ontario cities, which delivers the numbers everybody wants to know.

Just the facts – the Lambda Study

Lambda kind of slipped under our radar when it was released this past April.  Perhaps while it’s all about sex, its less sexy than some out there.  But for hard facts about things like HIV incidence, who knows their status and who doesn’t, how often men are getting tested, how often they practice safer sex – the nuts and bolts on which informed HIV prevention discussions and campaigns are built on – this is the real deal. So this is interesting stuff, and also very useful. F

A Caribbean Story, Part Two

published: November, 21, 2011 Categories // Gay Men, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Scott Foley, a new immigrant seeking refugee status in Canada, continues the story of his childhood and awakening sexuality.

A Caribbean Story, Part Two

In Part One, Scott described his early years, leading up to disclosing to those around him, at age six, that he thought Kevin Costner attractive. Scott: That Kevin Costner episode left me totally confused. Why was I punished? Was it because I said he was cute? And what’s a fag anyway? I was only six and didn’t know the answers to those questions. I continued doing what I enjoyed which was playing with my cousin Michelle. One day we were running around the front yard where my uncle Jim wa

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