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HIV It's Different Now

published: November, 15, 2011 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // Activism, As Prevention , Features and Interviews, Health, Living with HIV, John McCullagh

John McCullagh talks to HIV positive activist Denise Becker about a new, innovative “seek and treat” campaign in Vancouver that aims to identify and treat the estimated one in four people who are infected with HIV but don’t know it.

HIV It's Different Now

If you live in Vancouver and you’re an adult who’s ever had sex, the chances are you’ll be offered an HIV test with your next routine medical examination. This four-year, $48 million pilot project funded by the BC government, is a “seek and treat” program whose objective is to identify and treat the estimated one in four people who are infected with HIV but don’t know it. The project, supported by an advertising campaign though social and more conventional media, is purposely cast

Undetectable for all

published: November, 08, 2011 Categories // As Prevention , Treatment, Opinion Pieces

Danny Miller: for the first time in the over thirty years that HIV/AIDS has been an epidemic in the United States, it seems that our government finally has a plan.

This year we saw the release of the first ever National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Now while I feel that the government finally addressing this issue in a public manner is definitely a good move, I do have one question for The White House: WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? Seriously! It's not like we are some third world nation without the resources and the knowledge to have an effective plan. According to our government we are the strongest, richest, smartest, country in the whole world, so it's about time we

The World Health Organization delivers new HIV prevention and treatment guidelines

published: August, 24, 2011 Categories // As Prevention , Treatment Guidelines -including when to start, Health, Treatment

Devan Nambiar unravels the WHO’s latest global recommendations on services for MSM and transgendered people

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued comprehensive recommendations on the prevention and treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgendered people. The guidance emphasizes the very high vulnerability of MSM and transgender people to HIV infection, even in settings where the majority of HIVinfections occur through sex between men and women. In the last 5 years we have seen an increase in HIV infections in MSM across Canada

Statements as Pretension (SASP)

published: July, 22, 2011 Categories // International AIDS Conference , As Prevention

Ken Monteith and what he thinks about the big story to come out of IAS2011 in Rome last week, treatment as prevention.

Statements as Pretension (SASP)

So the big 'news' coming out of the IAS meeting in Rome has been all about Treatment as Prevention. I have some problems with this public health approach that I want to explore with you (or rant into the ether at any rate). I'm not going to pretend that I'm doing something scientific here, or even thorough — I'll leave that for work. I just want to articulate my own concerns. The other thing I don't want anyone to come away thinking is that I am questioning in any way the effectiveness of an

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