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Ottawa AIDS Walk For Life Fundraiser

published: November, 03, 2010 Categories // AIDS Walk for Life, Fundraisers, Events

A late roll-out, the economic downturn, fundraising fatigue, and the recent controversy in Ottawa over criminalization that erupted this summer..

...may have all contributed to this year’s Ottawa AIDS Walk For Life failing to reach its fundraising goal of $100,000.00 by almost 50%! I suppose it could have been worse. Windsor, where high profile criminalization charges have also been levied, did only 21% of their goal! E-mails such as this were not uncommon for Walkers in Ottawa trying to solicit donations: “I wish I could sponsor you again this year” wrote one person, “However; I read that [the organization you support] is objec

A closer clue to understanding why HIV cures have been ineffective

published: November, 03, 2010 Categories // Health, Treatment

My interest lies in learning of the eradication of HIV from the human body or on the purging of contaminated HIV cells. Hence any research that looks at elimination of HIV holds my interest.

 As we know the current anti-HIV medication, do not kill HIV but only block the replication of the virus.   However the onslaught of living with a chronic virus and the ongoing inflammation in the immune system is not easy on the body.  At infection, HIV spreads through the human body after the viral DNA of HIV is incorporated into the genome of human cells. I do not get excited on how many new HART drugs are being churned out by the pharmaceuticals because it does the same

Smoking Cessation- part 3 of 3

published: October, 27, 2010 Categories // Health, Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking has numerous health benefits. Twelve hours after quitting, carbon monoxide levels in your body drop to normal. One year after quitting, your added risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker'

The current data from Canada and US indicates the LGBT population smokes at a higher rate than the general public.  The key facts regarding this disparity include: gay, bisexual and transgender men are 2.0 to 2.5 times more likely to smoke than heterosexual men.  Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women are 1.5 to 2.0 times more likely to smoke than heterosexual women.  Bisexual boys and girls have some of the highest smoking rates when compared with both their heterosexual and h

Today’s Word Is “Validation” (Another Blog by DJ Relentless)

published: October, 26, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

It has always been interesting to me to see how people interact with one another. And after spending a week in Bermuda with a host of characters, the word that came to mind was “validation”.

I had never seen so many people fighting to get attention. Some thought that by doing their own thing that no would notice how needy they were. Others pulled out all the stops to get attention by trying to out do everyone. I mean after all, it was a drag show that brought all these people together. From the locals who thought their self importance was obvious to the visitor who played the “outsider” card, there were no dull moments. But it was great to the seasoned performers who just sat

The Canadian Stage: The Anderson Project

published: October, 25, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Theatre

He did say it so well though that I didn’t realize fully how disengaged I was ....

The latest Robert Lepage  extravanganza at Canstage is a feast for the senses ,as one would expect. It is a multimedia play, brilliantly acted by Yves Jacques in several roles. The difficulty with it for me is that it is much ado about nothing. I didn’t care about any of the characters Jacques played . I had no idea what Lepage was trying to say.  It certainly didn’t sparkle with new ideas. He did say it so well though that I didn’t realize fully how disengaged I was and how va

Are we having fun yet?

Dontcha just hate the question….How did you get AIDS? I

Dontcha just hate the question….How did you get AIDS?  I am surprised every time I hear that question; and I am past believing that its naiveté on the part of the person who asks it.  Why would someone ask such a question? OMG, you have diabetes….how did you get that….Cancer? how did that happen…those questions never get asked; but drop the AIDS bomb and it seems to give a person a pass to ask about a sometimes very personal and private part of our life,  and how does o

Conviction – Great Story, Well Told, Well Acted and Directed = Total Film Experience Satisfaction

published: October, 18, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies

Finally, a film that delivers in every department. This is a riveting and heartwarming true story, artfully told, with excellent, faultless use of flashbacks.

Well done Tony Goldwyn, for this excellent direction. The cast is marvelous. Both Minnie Driver and Juliette Lewis should be given a best supporting actress nod for their roles. Hilary Swank is well cast in the only role at which she excels, poor white trash makes good and Sam Rockwell , playing her ne’er do well brother, matches her performance beautifully. The dialogue is believable throughout. The girl talk is just the way I chat with my galfriends, funny, sassy and irreverent. (Can you b

Amazing One man Art Show at the ROM -Hereafter – Why did Eastwood make this film?

published: October, 17, 2010 Categories // Art, Arts and Entertainment

There weren’t too many people in the film, but those that were seemed fairly young, either Matt Damon or Clint Eastwood fans I guess. I am both.

Hereafter – Why did Eastwood make this film? I saw Hereafter yesterday at a 6:10 show. There weren’t too many people in the film, but those that were seemed fairly young, either Matt Damon or Clint Eastwood fans I guess. I am both. Yet I was at a loss to figure out where this film was going; what genre it was meant to be. I expected a film that was frightening, about ghosts coming back to haunt people or a “meaning of life “ theme. Instead the film just meandered around a bit of everyt

You will meet a tall dark stranger -Woody (aka Wooden) Allen’s New movie

published: October, 15, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies

My shortest movie review ever! "You will meet a tall dark stranger" trailer included.

When did Woody Allen stop being funny and become just plain maudlin ? This new film is so bad that I saw it this afternoon and have forgotten it already. Which is what you should do, forget it. ,,,,,,Dame Velveeta Peron

If you're HIV positive and smoke- Part 2 of 3

published: October, 13, 2010 Categories // Health, Smoking Cessation

“Men who have sex with men are disproportionately more likely to smoke cigarettes than their heterosexual counterparts. The rate is an estimated 55.9 percent higher among MSM”( The Smoking in LGBT communities has always been higher then hetero

“Smoking aggravates health issues, making dental problems, gum disease and mouth cancer more common. In addition, people with HIV who smoke get lung cancer, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), pneumonia and other lung infections more often than smokers who do not have HIV. Finally, smoking weakens your immune system, undermining the effects of your HIV medications.” (The “Men who have sex with men are disproportionately more likely to smoke cigarettes than

The (Anti)Social Network Review

published: October, 10, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies

True confessions: I am not on facebook, Linkedin , MSN messenger, or whatever.

I do use e-mail and the internet but mainly for work and very short messages. Okay, okay, I do have my name on the dating site in case my prince charming comes along. So, the Social Network was an interesting film about a social and historical phenomenon that, g for me,  might as well be about the creation of the printing press . It was fascinating though  learning about how it works and the way it was created. I found the acting superb, especially the Zukerberg character. Even Just

Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime Rally, Ottawa

published: October, 06, 2010 Categories // Community Events, Activism, Events

For the second time in less than two years, I hit Parliament Hill to help rally attention around the fact that Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR) is flawed

It fails to get medicines to people in developing countries that need them. Despite 80% of Canadians being in favor of Bill C-393 being adapted to streamline CAMR and make the process more effective, brand name pharmaceutical companies are using their considerable wealth to lead their own campaign of misinformation to derail the bill, and protect their own self interests, at the cost of human lives. Do you want to get involved and support Bill C-393 getting passed? Visit http://www.aidslaw.c

Trigger- Good Canadian Movie, Or Now I Have to eat my words

published: October, 03, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

I went to see Trigger last night, the new Bruce McDonald offering. Already, my friends reading this are aghast, since they never ask me to go to Canadian movies.

My stock answer is “Good” “Canadian” and “movies” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Yes, including Egoyan and Cronenberg. Trigger was good. It was a quiet, thoughtful story of two people, in this case women friends, who had been through hell together, parted, and reunited ten years later. Molly Parker, of unknown sexual orientation in the film, and the late Tracey Wright of the lesbian persuasion,(she could have persuaded me ), are pitch perfect. There is no female hysteria, “

Relentlessly Speaking About Music.....with DJ Relentless

published: September, 30, 2010 Categories // DJ Relentless, Arts and Entertainment, Music

Thank you, God for allowing change in my life. Thank you for always keeping me on the creative path and music in my heart. And speaking of’s a few tracks that I recently listened to

Rating System: No * means horrible * means you better get used to it** means there is something to like about it *** means I like it alot**** means I love it Okay...I’m not sure what I have done to the universe that has made my computer problems its main source of enjoyment, but I apologize. I wish to live in harmony and at one with all living things. I just got back from New York City where I had a couple of gigs and did some shopping. On that trip and every trip that I take to the cit

Ben Affleck Really Goes to Town

published: September, 29, 2010 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies

In “The Town”Ben Affleck has written a modern mix of “On the Waterfront” and a down scale “ Thomas Crown Affair.”.There is so much to like about this movie.

Well, like Ben Affleck, for instance. He is a real cutie patutie and he can act. He is so comfortable on home turf, down and out Boston, and he does effortlessly. The story is realistic even if the love story is a bit of a stretch. We really want to go with it so let’s not quibble about small details. The acting is believable; the story never lags. You won’t learn the meaning of life while watching this (the answer is great sex, good food, laughing with friends, shoes and cats) but you wi

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