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Should gays defend Milo? No.

published: February, 22, 2017 Written by // Michael Bouldin Categories // African, Caribbean and Black, Social Media, Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Women, Performances, International , Living with HIV, Media, Opinion Pieces, Michael Bouldin

Michael Bouldin on Milo: "... sexist, transphobic, racist, pick what you wish from the long catalogue of human cruelties, he will likely embrace it this very instant, already has, or will at some future time of greater convenience."

Should gays defend Milo? No.

The question arises – I suppose – whether Milo should be able to rely on the good offices of Gay, Inc℠ or of the broader velvet mafia in media and culture. We do tend to defend our own, even if only for the reason that they are indeed our own. Do we, more specifically gay white men, do so for conservatives as reliably as for liberals? I propose that this is the wrong question to ask. My guess would be that Milo won’t be afforded the warm embrace of Ellen or Anderson Cooper, let al

Megan returns to and says "It’s good to be back"

published: August, 01, 2016 Written by // Megan DePutter Categories // Activism, Social Media, Health, International , Sexual Health, Opinion Pieces, Megan DePutter

After a long time away, Megan DePutter is back and despite the many changes that have happened, it's a welcome return.

Megan returns to and says

The fact that I’m writing this at 10:00 at night speaks volumes. Because when a job is just a job, you switch it off at the end of the day, go home and forget about it. But my work in HIV isn’t just a job. It’s much, much more than that. And I am so thankful I found my way back here. My last blog post at was shortly after I moved from Guelph, Canada, to Glasgow, Scotland. I wrote my last post sitting at a cafe in the West End of Glasgow, not really sure where this mov

Women working with gay men: Take 2

published: March, 05, 2014 Categories // Gay Men, Women, Research, Health, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

It isn’t always easy. Researcher Amy Willis on challenging sexism when working with gay men

For the last year and a half, I have been working within gay men’s sexual health research. For the most part, I love my job. I respect and value our participants and their raw and honest contributions to the research. I have formed many incredible relationships and bonds with colleagues, collaborators, researchers and community members, many of which will supersede the job I’m currently in. Working in gay men’s sexual health in Toronto, and more specifically, HIV prevention research, h

I love to dance

published: July, 04, 2013 Categories // Women, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Olivia Kijewski loves to dance. But the lyrics of the music she dances to? “ I struggle between my utmost disapproval of the message, and my burning desire to dance to that beat “ she says.

I love to dance. Ever since I was a child, it has been one of my only true, untainted passions. That is, until I started going to clubs. When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to go out to bars. Not that I really wanted to drink, I couldn’t really care less, I just wanted to dance. I had been dancing alone in my room from the time I first got a stereo (it was a cassette player to give you an idea) and I was ready to do it in the company of other people. The joy that I get from dancing is second t

Wonder Woman Gets Pantsed!

published: September, 08, 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Arts and Entertainment

If clothes make the man, what does a pantless, bathing suit wearing female warrior say to you about gender equality?

D.C. Co-Publisher Dan Didio had only recently confirmed that Wonder Woman would stay in the Jim Lee designed costume at the conclusion of J. Michael Straczynski’s  “Odyssey” storyline. When asked if Wonder Woman would be “keeping the pants on”, he answered “Figuratively or Literally? Literally” He then asked who liked the old costume. He said it looked like “mostly men” although one woman yelled “I hate the pants”.Cut to a few months later and D.C. announces a soft-r

The All New Wonder Woman

published: May, 25, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

Ottawa guy Michael Burtch goes all geeky on us. “It’s shaping up to be an exciting couple of months for Wonder Woman fans” he says.

With two issues of Wonder Woman hitting news stands in June, the hardcover collection of Wonder Woman issues 600-606 going on sale the same month, and the first official Wonder Woman sculpture (designed by Don Kramer) of the Amazing Amazon in her new costume going on sale in July, it’s shaping up to be an exciting couple of months for Wonder Woman fans! With the year long ’Odyssey’ storyline drawing to a close, I’m excited to see if Wonder Woman will keep her new costume and direction!