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Beating HIV stigma in Uganda with Love to Love Organization

published: December, 30, 2016 Written by // Rob Olver - Editor Categories // African, Caribbean and Black, Social Media, Activism, Arts and Entertainment, Youth, Current Affairs, Mental Health, Features and Interviews, Photography, Health, International , Music, Treatment, Living with HIV, Media, Rob Olver - Editor

"We provide and advocate for the rights of the innocent children who are orphaned and vulnerable and youth who we believe deserve love, care and support." William Matovu of Love to Love Organization tells his story

Beating HIV stigma in Uganda with Love to Love Organization

One of the things that delights me most in my work with is the window it allows me onto a worldwide community that affords me boundless uplift and inspiration. Recently I was privileged to make contact online with William Matovu, a young HIV activist working at Love to Love Organization, which supports orphans and children living with HIV in Uganda.  "We provide and advocate for the rights of the innocent children who are orphaned and vulnerable and youth who we believe des

White is the new black

published: November, 20, 2013 Categories // DJ Relentless, Music, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces

DJ Relentless says "it seems that the new thing in music is the return of the white artist who does black music.”

White is the new black

As we get further into the heart of the music industry's big season, there have been some major developments. I've said it before and I'll say it again….."There is nothing new in music. History is destined to repeat itself." It seems that the new thing in music is the return of the white artist who does black music. Oh, we've seen glimmers of it over the past couple of decades. Artists like Vanilla Ice, Snow, Jeremy Jordan, Jon B, Joradn Hill, Teena Marie, Pink, Rita Ora, Anastacia, Fergie,

I love to dance

published: July, 04, 2013 Categories // Women, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Olivia Kijewski loves to dance. But the lyrics of the music she dances to? “ I struggle between my utmost disapproval of the message, and my burning desire to dance to that beat “ she says.

I love to dance. Ever since I was a child, it has been one of my only true, untainted passions. That is, until I started going to clubs. When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to go out to bars. Not that I really wanted to drink, I couldn’t really care less, I just wanted to dance. I had been dancing alone in my room from the time I first got a stereo (it was a cassette player to give you an idea) and I was ready to do it in the company of other people. The joy that I get from dancing is second t

DJ Relentless talks to Billy Newton-Davis

published: February, 18, 2013 Categories // DJ Relentless, Arts and Entertainment, Events, Features and Interviews, Music, Living with HIV

Four-time Juno winner Billy Newton-Davis headlines the POZ-TO dance party, an event for the HIV+ queer community with DJ Relentless and Lady G., on March 3 at Club 120 in Toronto.

DJ Relentless talks to Billy Newton-Davis

Over the past couple of weeks, I've developed a rapport with Billy Newton-Davis following being introduced by Black Cap’s Executive Director, Shannon Ryan. I have been booking entertainment for my new monthly dance party, POZ-TO (which benefits local AIDS organizations) and I am happy to announce that Mr. Davis has agreed to be our special guest on the March 3rd event, along with Miss High Performance 2011-12, Lady G. It’s the Saturday afternoon after the huge snow storm here in Toronto.

Michael Bublé speaks out

published: February, 10, 2013 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Current Affairs, Music, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Opinion Pieces

He’s one of 10 Grammy-nominated musicians to raise their voices in support of same-sex couples

Michael Bublé speaks out

  Want to see who the other nine are? Go here 

Relentlessly speaking about 2012

published: December, 30, 2012 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Current Affairs, Opinion Pieces

Toronto’s DJ Relentless aka Jade Elektra and his year in review

Relentlessly  speaking about 2012

You know….a man never forgets finding his first chest hair in his whiskey. Especially if it isn't his. And believe it or not, that's how I feel about 2012. While some great things happened during this year, there were quite a few moments I was extremely disappointed with. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am overjoyed that Obama was re-elected, but the process was despicable! Watching the U.S. show the real underbelly of racism and ignorance was just embarrassing. Seeing how divided the country

Relentlessly Speaking About Politics and Music….

published: September, 04, 2012 Categories // DJ Relentless, Current Affairs

Another blog by DJ Relentless:

Relentlessly Speaking About Politics and Music….

Over the years I have become more and more political. And with the US election approaching I am looking forward to the debates this year. Now…you are probably wondering why the guy who does music reviews is talking politics on his music column. Well, there have been some interesting developments in music during the month of August.  First, Mit Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate. Then Mr. Ryan started trying to appeal to the youth vote by talking about the music that he loves. Ry

Donna Summer: The Tributes Continue

published: June, 23, 2012 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Current Affairs, Music, Opinion Pieces, Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker remembers the artist who made a deep impression on so many in our community.

Donna Summer: The Tributes Continue

In this day and age of instant stardom, over-hyped comebacks and tabloid fodder, the loss of a true talent that refused to be a part of the fame game is indeed a great loss. I can’t think of any other artist that managed to slip in and out of the spotlight, on their own terms, without capitalizing on their prior successes or personal struggles. She kept her private life and those she loved from being exploited, relying solely on her passion to share her love of music. Her estimated worth upo

Einstein on The Beach

published: June, 09, 2012 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Performances, Bob Leahy - Publisher

A thoroughly engrossing ride. Bob Leahy reviews the Philip Glass four-act opera, a Luminato showpiece in Toronto this June.

Einstein on The Beach

Let’s face it, some shows will never please everybody. Some shows can be downright divisive, in fact, and Einstein on the Beach, currently playing at Toronto`s Sony Centre as part of the Luminato Festival’s always stellar line-up of both challenging and highly accessible  work, is a prime example.  Look at the reviews this same production garnered in previous stops on this world tour – from The Barbican  in London, for instance, where it touched down last month – and you`ll see crit

Jackie Shane

published: March, 01, 2012 Categories // Activism, Arts and Entertainment

Time for a little queer black history Canadian style to signal the end of black history month 2012

Jackie Shane was a gay black cross-dressing androgynous rhythm and blues singer who rose to fame in the early 1960’s in Montreal and mainly Toronto. Though his rise to fame can be credited to his devout Canadian following, Jackie was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up around music. While Nashville is famous for its roots in country music, there was a growing jazz movement throughout the 1950’s and in his teenage years, he lived with Marion James, Nashville’s Qu

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