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Webinar: preventing suicide among gay and bisexual men, Tuesday May 30th 10:00am PST

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Presented by CATIE and The Network: BC's gbMSM Health Resource.

Webinar: preventing suicide among gay and bisexual men, Tuesday May 30th 10:00am PST

Partners and Collaborators: Register Here! Suicide is the ninth leading cause of death among Canadians, responsible for nearly 4000 deaths each year. While everyone is susceptible to the feelings of hopelessness and despair that precede suicide, gay and bisexual men are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide in their lifetime than heterosexual men. Moreover, the suicide rate among gay and bisexual men in Canada is comparable to the current death toll from HIV/AIDS.  Suicide is preventable.

Why a course on sexual health and dementia

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Megan DePutter: "Well-intended concerns about consent and capacity may lead to withholding information or efforts to restrict or manage sexual behaviour in ways that may be inappropriate."

Why a course on sexual health and dementia

Terrence Higgins Trust has partnered with Alzheimer Scotland to offer a course on Sexual Health and Dementia (for course details see bottom of post) in our new Learning Centre. Sexual health needs might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to supporting people with dementia. But sexual health is important for everyone. Here are a few reasons why we at Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland and Alzheimer Scotland felt it was important to create a course on Sexual Health and Dementia. 1.

Ask the experts: anxiety

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From CATIE: “Being diagnosed with HIV is a huge deal, so why wouldn’t someone with HIV be anxious and scared? Stigma can add to this, and some HIV medications can cause anxiety.” But is HIV always to blame?

Ask the experts: anxiety

This article first appeared in The Positive Side, a publication of CATIE, here.  Une version française est disponible ici.   Interviews by Pauline Anderson and Debbie Koenig “More and more, my heart will start racing and a feeling of panic takes over. And I’ve started to feel anxious about feeling anxious. What do you suggest?” —T. N., Charlettown, PEI AnxietyGabor Maté,  Physician, Vancouver Anxiety manifests itself in any number of ways. It can manifest as panic—feeling

Shane’s 40-year journey to self-acceptance

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Beyond Blue: Christopher Banks introduces the campaign designed to address depression and mental health issues in the LGBT community.

Shane is a handsome, articulate 41-year-old gay man who looks confident in himself and seems to have his life in order.  It wasn’t until appearing in Beyond Blue’s new campaign to raise awareness about depression in LGBT communities that he actually began to believe that himself. In the video of his personal story, he mentions that it was only twelve months ago that he truly began to like himself – that’s the corrosive effect that depression and anxiety has had on his life, beginnin

Depression and anxiety – the ugly sisters

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Viral Load Warrior says he's always suffered from depression but his HIV diagnosis made it worse. Much, much worse. He’s much better now though. Find out why.

I’ve managed depression and anxiety since my late teens.  Throughout my twenties, and early thirties, I became skilled at using various techniques to challenge my negative thinking, coupling this with anti-depressants to kick-start and keep my brain juices flowing in the right direction.  Everything was going swimmingly... Until my HIV diagnosis.   When I was diagnosed with HIV, I started to feel what control I had slipping through my fingers.  HIV provided me with f

One Pill A Day

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Viral Load Warrior reports on the Psychiatric Side-effects of Efavirenz

A short time after my diagnosis, I was sold on the idea of Atripla, the one-pill-a-day treatment for HIV. Atripla contains efavirenz, which is associated with neuropsychiatric side-effects, i.e. side-effects concerning our moods and thoughts. The most common side-effects are decreased concentration, dizziness, insomnia and vivid dreams. Less common side-effects are listed in the package insert as follows: “A small number of patients may experience severe depression, strange thoughts, or angr