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POZcast focuses on HIV, Fatherhood and Fertility

Wednesday, 21 June 2017 Written by // Ontario HIV Treatment Network - Research Categories // OHTN OHTN/, Social Media, Research, Health, Living with HIV, Media, Ontario HIV Treatment Network

From Universities without Walls, a series of informative discussions hosted by James Watson.

POZcast focuses on HIV, Fatherhood and Fertility

Tune in to hear how HIV-positive men and their healthcare providers are talking about fatherhood, and why some men are rethinking their decisions around parenting. James Watson talks to Dr. Mark Yudin, from the University of Toronto, and Logan Kennedy from Women’s College Hospital, about new fertility options, access to stigma-free parenting environments, and why fertility researchers are turning their attention to men. He also talks to Charlie, a Peer Research Associate, who opens up about how his HIV diagnosis impacted his dreams of becoming a father.

Listen to the OHTN/Universities without Walls pozcast, "HIV, Fatherhood And Fertility."