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¡QuE viva la vida! (Long Live Life!)

published: August, 03, 2017 Written by // Félix Garmendía Categories // Aging, Social Media, Activism, Gay Men, General Health, Mental Health, Health, International , Living with HIV, Media, Félix Garmendía

New York guy Félix Garmendía: "It’s not just another day, it is also one precious day less. I am going to make it count!"

¡QuE viva la vida!  (Long Live Life!)

I am finding it difficult to write at this moment in my life. Every time I try to do so, my mind goes blank. The reality is that for the first time in a long time, I am scared. I have noticed that there’s a feeling of sadness pervading my mood these days. The loss of friends by natural causes and by life choices, my elderly mother’s issues and the deterioration in my mobility all contribute to this feeling of malaise. I am having dreams that are very vivid and intense, where I am still