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Stripe Teasers

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Social Media, Gay Men, Mental Health, Photography, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker: "For Spring/Summer 2017 designers have opened up a Pandora’s Box of stripes guaranteed to suit your aesthetic and lifestyle needs."

Stripe Teasers

Stripes are big this season! And not just as a trend. Forget about the typical Spring Nautical influence as well as the Finding Waldo look. For Spring/Summer 2017 designers have opened up a Pandora’s Box of stripes guaranteed to suit your esthetic and lifestyle needs.


Vertical, diagonal or horizontal, subdued to vibrant, solid or patterned and even crafty to techno the options are endless. And the idea of mixing and matching also has been reworked to create a standout look that defies convention. Designers have obviously drawn inspiration from the need to break free from our traditional paradigm and celebrate individualism. Considering how crazy the world is right now what better way to distance oneself than to break free from the pack?



Suiting options run the gamut from subdued sophisticated head to toe looks in fine pinstripes to wider stripes that conjure up a more radical vibe. Teaming up vertical and horizontal components or even solid stripes with patterned panels creates an offbeat look that can still pass as polished when using more somber shades like black, brown or navy.

Opting for brighter shades will stir up attention but if done right can be highly affective in garnering positive praise. To tone down your striped statement, simply team up solid pieces with one striped piece. This also enables you to play with your wardrobe in creating looks that cover you from formal, work or casual with a sense of ease. Favorites from seasons gone by can be integrated into your current wardrobe and sparked up too. The notion of mixing the unusual with the usual is a new concept this season that will breathe new life into them, making those tried and true items all the more treasured.


Casual dressing has a more open-ended approach to defying convention, as there are no carved-in-stone dress codes to adhere to. Colors tend to be more vibrant and carefree in nature. Again, your casual wardrobe can be toyed with to suit the occasion. Accessories also play a key role in adding that extra edge of pizzazz. Footwear, eyewear, headwear and various bag connotations can turn up the volume with minimum effort.

There’s a retro vibe that can be drawn from stripes that goes back to the sixties and seventies. Depending on the color variations stripes can resonate to even earlier decades.

Various anti establishment platforms have been linked to progressive and positive change in the world and so has their take on fashion. Kudos goes to todays free thinking designers for keeping a pulse on the street and reinterpreting it onto the runways. This season's take on stripes can be looked at as a teaser to what is ahead in terms of how we define ourselves and dress. Our innate sense of optimism coincides with this vibe that better days are indeed ahead!