Tomorrow I'll be in Chicago at HealtheVoices17!

Published 18, Apr, 2017
Author // Rob Olver - Editor

#Healthevoices17: a conference for online health advocates.

Tomorrow I'll be in Chicago at HealtheVoices17!

I’m feeling very fortunate and getting pretty excited now because in just two more days I’ll be in Chicago for #HealtheVoices17.

#HealtheVoices17 is a conference for online patient advocates. Bloggers who advocate for the rights of people living with a variety of ailments, of which HIV is just one.

This year, the conference is proud to host more than 100 attendees from 30 different states in the U.S., as well as Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan Some of these bloggers, like me, deal with HIV.

It’s a truly formidable list of attendees, including such blogosphere luminaries as Kevin Maloney, Joshua Middleton, Josh Robbins, Robert Breining, Davina Conner, Aaron Laxton and more – and that’s just on the HIV front!

Not only will I get to meet and maybe even strategize with some of the blogging heavyweights who will be in attendance, but the conference is also packed full of workshop sessions on such things as “Influencing Healthcare Policy: How to be an Effective Advocate” and “Creating Credible, Strong Content – How to Interpret and Share Scientific Data with Your Audiences.” 

It's all stuff that directly addresses what I do here at and elsewhere so if all goes to plan, I’ll come out of this a much better blogger than I was on my way in.

I’m a pensioner and there’s no way I could have attended had I not qualified for a scholarship so I’m feeling very lucky indeed.

I’ll be posting lots over the following days and some of the sessions will be streamed live so watch this space as it all unfolds.

Janssen Global Services LLC is covering my travel expenses to attend #HealtheVoices17. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Rob Olver - Editor

Rob Olver - Editor

Robert W. Olver is a former education worker with an alternative life in experimental music. Currently retired and living in Peterborough, Ontario, he is a gentleman of leisure and the friend of all cats everywhere.

On October 14 2015 Robert  celebrated the first anniversary of his HIV diagnosis. Yes, that’s right. Celebrated.

“It was given to me just after my birthday and just a few days before I was to retire. I felt a bit overwhelmed initially but there’s nothing like a crisis to help you sort out what’s important to you. Let’s just say I found myself needing to revise some of my plans.

A year on, I find much to celebrate and I’ll be blogging to explain just what I mean by that and lots of other things as I navigate this journey".