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Lose some or gain some... embracing my new life

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 Author // Billy Santo Categories // Social Media, Activism, Gay Men, Youth, Billy Santo, International , Living with HIV, Media, Opinion Pieces

From the Philippines, Billy Santo says, "I am simply satisfied with what I have at the moment and where I am right now."

Lose some or gain some... embracing my new life

Many things have been lost since I was diagnosed and disclosed myself with HIV but seeing where I am right now, I can truly say that I have lost some things, but these are those that I actually never needed - like fake friends, unsatisfying lifestyle, discontented relationships, unwanted affairs and that extreme feeling of loneliness and the guilt of engaging into so many bad habits that led me to be more and more lost.

Now, I have gained some things that I never could have imagined.. Loving myself even more, valuing life to its fullest, helping without reservations, being with people who treat me as more than family, and being contented, simple and happy even though I have not the richest of possessions and need to be on top of everything. To be accepted and understood and be treated equally even though some are still clueless of my condition.

I am simply satisfied with what I have at the moment and where I am right now, with the things I do, people I meet, and things I say, if not to inspire but to open peoples' minds as well. And even if there is more to what I am getting I would not deprive myself into attaining the blessings here after for embracing my new life.

It may not always be smooth sailing, there are moments when I still question my integrity and steadfastness but hey -- that is all part of the journey and that makes it even.more worthwhile.

I am Billy and I am happy and free  - even with HIV.

About the Author

Billy Santo

Billy Santo

I am 25 Years old and live in Quezon City in the Philippines. I was diagnosed with HIV in May 2015. I have never written about it before but want people living with HIV to share my experiences, learn how I have faced my challenges and follow a path to a long and healthy life.